A Radwell

The photograph shows Marjorie Rootham helping with the farm's threshing circa 1929.
The corrugated iron roofed barn was installed in 1928.
The Rootham Family - Radwell Farmers 1908 to 2006

College Farm House - 2005

On 8 July 1908 Amy Florence Peck (the elder daughter of William Lenton Peck a farmer of Radwell Moor End House) married Reginald Joseph Rootham (the son of Joseph Rootham a builder of The Green, Harold). Their wedding was the first to be held in Radwell Chapel, even though it had been built a hundred or so years earlier. Also in 1908 an agreement was drawn up between Trinity College, Cambridge and Reginald and Joseph Rootham for the transfer of tenancy of College Farm, Radwell from the Peck family to the newly married Reginald and his father Joe. Reg and Amy had two daughters, Marjorie Gwendolyn born in 1911 and Edna born 1915.



The family eventually bought College Farm and also Underwood Farm. Amy died in 1951 aged 67 and Marjorie took over the running of the farm when her father died in 1962 aged 80 . Marjorie died in 2006, aged 95 years, having lived at College Farm all her life. For details of her life see the Obituary page.

College Farm House, Radwell - 1890
Before the addition of the front porch extension.

Left to Right:
Mr Wiggins, Mr Nicholson, Mr Marriott senior, Mr Marriott and seated Mrs Marriott with Willie on her knee and Edward (in the sailor suit). Polly Taylor holding the hand of Nellie and
Amy Florence Peck and Mr and Mrs ?


The wedding of Amy Florence Peck to Reginald Joseph Rootham 8 July 1908.
Photo taken outside Moor End House, Radwell (the home of the Marriotts and the Pecks).

During the 1970's and 80's the house
fell into disrepair, was vandalised and
finally demolished.
Photo: David G Smith
Reg and Amy Rootham at Skegness 1929 Marjorie Rootham Marjorie and her father
The photographs below give an indication as to how the land was farmed at College Farm from the 1920's to the 1940's.
Harvesting oats with a horse drawn binder circa 1930. An additional horse has been added to assist with the heavy work.
Marjorie and Edna carrying beans - 1929 Marjorie and Edna helping in the rick-yard - 1929
Carrying the harvest. Marjorie with her father, half hidden. 1940's
Photo taken in Moor End Road.
In the background, Rose Tree Cottage.
Father and daughter with the farm horses.

Marjorie's grand parents William Lenton Peck senior
and his wife, Eliza outside College Farm in the 1920's.

Marjorie's uncle, William Lenton Peck junior, late 1920's or 30's.

William Lenton Peck senior farmed College Farm before the Roothams, he also farmed at Moor End Farm. He died in 1948 aged 90 years. His son, William Lenton Peck junior, died the following year (1949) aged 54. The out-buildings shown in the photograph were pulled down in the 1970s and replaced with the detached properties known as "Dibden" and "Fairways". Four other post sixties houses were built on the land between the out-buildings and Rose Tree Cottage. Both the Roothams and the Pecks worshiped at Radwell Chapel.

Information and Photographs (unless otherwise stated) by kind permission of Janet Barbour

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