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Aspects of Felmersham and Radwell
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Boats used for harvesting rush moored on the River Ouse at Radwell >>

  Image Gallery Index An archive of images published on the front page of
  Photographic Competitions has held the following Photographic Competitions:
           The Parish in Winter 2012 
| The Parish in Spring 2012 | The Parish in Autumn 2013
           "My Felmersham, My Radwell" 2014
  Garden in the Gutter Life in the gutter of Marriotts Close
  Local Rush Industry Harvesting rushes from the River Ouse is a traditional industry. Today there is still a small rush industry supplying hand crafted traditional rush products to discerning customers.
  Images '93 A personal snap shot of life in Felmersham and Radwell in 1993 through the lens of a camera.
  Pinchmill Players Theatre Pinchmill Players Theatre group was active in the parish from 1976 to 1993. An account is given of the
history of the group together with production photographs taken by Peter Hartop.
  Some Thoughts on
            Church Inscriptions
The story of the people recorded on the memorials and headstone in St Mary's Church and Churchyard
  Then and Now Photographs of Felmersham and Radwell taken years ago compared with photos taken recently.
  A Radwell Farming Family The Rootham family - 20th Century Radwell farmers.
  Photos in Focus If you live in Felmersham or Radwell, then publish your favourite photographs on this page.
  Pinchmill Islands Details of Pinchmill Islands together with a few facts on Pinch mill or Pynche Mylne
  History in an old Oak Tree During the storm of January 2007 an old parish oak blew down. This is a glimpse a small part of the tree's history.
  Celtic Grave Goods During gravel working in circa 1942 some significant Celtic grave goods were found near Felmersham. They were, in all probability, placed in the grave of an important Celtic chief who lived over 2000 years ago........
  Felmersham Doors A montage of doors in Felmersham. Just for fun!
  River Ouse This page shows the extent to which the River Ouse dominates the Parish of Felmersham and Radwell with photographs of some interesting features.
  Historic Farm Buildings In Felmersham there is a good selection of farm buildings most of which are in good order.
The purpose of this page is to generate a wider appreciation of these historic buildings.
  Felmersham Gardens In June 2009 eleven Felmersham gardens were opened to the public and 2,200 was raised and shared between the Church Restoration Fund and the Parkinson's Disease Society. The images are of the eleven gardens.
  Wood Carvings in the Park Wood Carvings in Harrold/Odell Country Park
  Petsoe Manor Wind Turbine Images taken during the building of the Wind Turbine Farm at Petsoe End
  Flower Festival 2010 In June 2010 a Flower Festival was held in St Marys Church, Felmersham. The theme of festival was Dance.
  An Autumn Show Each year, in September, Felmersham and Radwell hold an Autumn Show. This is a photographic record of the 12th Annual Show.
  A Felmersham Evacuee Derek Simpson recalls his time in Felmersham as an evacuee. During the Second World War, Derek was evacuated to Felmersham from a school in Eastbourne. He arrived with his brother, his school mates and their teacher.
  Photographic Competitions Parish in Winter 2012
Parish in Spring 2012
Parish in Autumn 2013
My Felmersham 2014
Archaeology in Trinity Close Since 1980 skeletons have been found in Trinity Close and the general consensus is that that they are Anglo-Saxon burials. In 2018 further "Anglo-Saxon" skeletons were found during building work and also evidence of medieval occupation were revealed.

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