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Pinchmill School Association productions

1976 Old Time Music Hall
1977 Pyjama Bottoms
1978 Old Time Music Hall

Pinchmill Players Theatre productions

1979 Cinderella
1979 Around the World in
        80 Minutes
1980 See How They Run
1980 Razzle Dazzle 'Em
1981 Old Time Music Hall
1982 Not Now Darling
1982 The Golden Garter
1983 Cabaret and Dance
1984 Sing-A-Century
1984 Move Over Mrs
1984 Tarts & Tramps
1985 Mother Goose
1986 Outside Edge
1986 Oliver
1987 Take Four
1987 Cabaret & Dance
1988 When We Are Married
1989 Babes in the Wood
1990 Old Tyme Music Hall
1990 Hobson's Choice
1991 Mind Your Own
1992 The Wizard of Oz
1993 Out of Focus

Pinchmill Players
revival production

2000 Round and Round the
        (played in the round)
A Short History

The theatre group started life as a fund raiser for Pinchmill School Association and the group's first show was an Old Time Music Hall in October 1976. The production team were Gordon Lang "for the original thought", Ken

  Productions were
held in the autumn
and spring half terms
thus enabling the group
to hire the hall, committee room

Shrimpton "for the courage to turn that thought into reality", Robert (Bob) Shore "source of inspiration", choreographer and headmaster of Pinchmill Lower School, Betty Taylor and Keith Minton.

This show surprised and delighted the parish, it was a great success. Two other Pinchmill School Association productions followed: in 1977 Pyjama Bottoms, a variety show, and in 1978 another Old Time Music Hall. Also in 1978 the group became independent of the school and Pinchmill Players Theatre was born. Show business had arrived in Felmersham!

The aim of Pinchmill Players was "to provide entertainment for the parish by the parish".  Consequently membership was restricted to parishioners, although occasionally people from outside the parish appeared as guests or were invited to join due to a local connection.


and school classrooms for seven full days.

During the week of the production a wall-to-wall stage was constructed at the west end of the hall using purpose-built staging. A proscenium arch was erected complete with full curtains, drawn by cords. The wings were curtained and teasers hung above the stage. Full stage lighting was hired and erected from lighting bars above the stage and in the auditorium. When staging plays a boxed set was constructed using the groups own flats and the set was appropriately dressed. Raised seating was installed in the auditorium and the committee room converted into a bar.

A lot of hard work and attention to detail was given to the stage set and whenever the curtain was raised at the beginning of a production the set was always applauded. The wardrobe was extensive and quality costumes were hired. As for the acting abilities - PPT always played to a full house!

 Take a look at Page 2:- Cinderella  and  Oliver!
Standing Left: Pat Hartop, Laurie Mills, Maggie Spoor, Ken Shrimpton
George Airton, Martin Reynolds, John Mackenzie and Carole Murton.
Seated L to R: Louise Lang, Betty Taylor and Lorraine Shrimpton.
L to R: Louise Lang, Carole Murton, Betty Taylor and Maggie Spoor
When we are Married
J B Priestly
Directed by
Lorraine Shrimpton

February 1988

Ken Shrimpton
Stage Crew
Standing L to R: Bill Pearce (Lighting),
Peter Hartop (Stage Manager), Dale Gideon
Seated L to R: Ann Carpenter, Peggie Frankham

Other members of the production team:
John Taylor (House Manager), Frank Sochacka,
Mo Postle, Julie MacDonald, Michael Whipp,
Leigh Bevan, Ann Airton (Publicity)

Elizabeth Stevens and
Colin Minton

Bar Staff
David Pickin, Doug Mears (Head Barman)
Ian Stewart, Jill Mears
Men L. to R: Laurie Mills, Jeff Stokley,
George Airton, Peter Maddox, David Skingsley.
Ladies Standing L. to R: Beverly Airton,
Pauline Wildman, Charlotte Bar-Hall.
Sitting: Betty Taylor, Pat Hartop, Jane Rhodes.
Not Now Darling
by Ray Cooney and John Chapman
April 1982
Photos: Peter Hartop
Directed by: Carole Murton
Produced by: Peter Hartop
 Not Now Darling
The Set
A private 4th floor salon of an exclusive firm of furriers.
Production Team
Men L. to R: Bill Pearce (Lighting), Ray Murton (Set)
Geoff Hulatt (Assistant), Adrian Hoodless (Stage Manager)
Ladies L. to R: Sue Webster (Costumes)
Anne Airton (Make Up) Linda Darbon (Properties)
Ken Shrimpton, not shown (Assistant)

Pictured above are the dancers who performed the Space Dance, the opening futuristic sequence of the 1984 production of "Sing-a-Century". Ultraviolet light was used to light the dancers. Photo: Beds Times.

Dancers (Left to Right):
Back row - Emma Stevens, Charlotte Haynes, Louise Lang, Donna Hulatt.
Front row - Julie Mackenzie and Sally Lowe.

Produced by: Ken Shrimpton, Choreography - Carole Murton
Musical Director - Janet Welsh


 < Cutting from the Beds Times of the first production in 1976.

Cutting and photo supplied by Gordon Lang

Take a look at Page 2:- Cinderella  and  Oliver!
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