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  Felmersham and Radwell
Viewed from the air the principal feature of Felmersham and Radwell is the River Ouse which embraces the parish in one of several large horseshoe curves as it winds its way through the North Bedfordshire countryside. It accounts for approximately 70% of the parish boundary and historically has played an important role in the development of both Felmersham and Radwell.

he river rises in Northamptonshire, five miles west of Brackley, and passes through Buckinghamshire before arriving in Bedfordshire. In the north of the county the river follows a meandering course before finally arriving at Bedford, A distance of only seven miles from Felmersham by road but twenty-three miles by river!

On each side of the river are the vast flood plains upon which, in earlier times when the river was much wider, gravel beds were deposited. As the river receded it left behind gravelled terraces covered by fertile ground upon which lush grass meadows and agricultural crops flourish.

12. Radwell Lake formerly a gravel pit

13. Sharnbrook Mill Theatre

14. Sharnbrook Weir

15. The Falcon, Bletsoe

7. Felmersham Reach

10. Pinchmill Islands

11. Sharnbrook Viaduct

3. Ouse Valley looking towards Odell

4. Perch Islands

5.Felmersham Bridge

6. Felmersham Bridge

1. Odell Mill

2. River at Odell


16. Rush Harvesting


20. The Ashes

19. Ouse Valley View - Radwell

18. Radwell bridge

17. Radwell bridge
More details on the River Ouse in Felmersham and Radwell can be found in
Felmersham - The History of a Riverside Parish.

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