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Heron on the bank of a frozen lake at Felmersham Nature Reserve. Photo Paul Davis 1/10

In Felmersham Churchyard:
An early 20th C. copy of the
8th C. St Martin's cross on the Scottish Island of Iona. 2/10

Bracket Fungi
It fell from a horse-chestnut tree in Felmersham churchyard.
It is approx'ly 20 ins long. 2/10

The Weighing of Souls
A fragment of a doom painting
in Felmersham Church. 2/10

Egyptian Geese
Photographed by Mel Scott near the river at Felmersham.
Mel says they are a common sight in South Africa. In the UK they are a feral species found mostly in the east of England.

Where's our Baaareakfast?

Photograph: Gordon Lang.
Feb 2010

Greater Spotted Woodpecker
Photographed by Peter Hartop
in his garden. Mar 2010

Bridleway bridge near Odell.
Closure extended until August 2010. Mar 2010

Felmersham and Radwell P3 Group walking in Milton Keynes.
Photo: Peter Hartop Mar 2010

Kevin Lovell puts the finishing touches into renovating Felmersham bus shelter. 3/10

A flock of swans grazing in a Felmersham Field.
Photo: Mel Scott Mar 2010

Wooden carving of a tortoise.
Harrold/Odell Country Park
Mar 2010

Easter Garden.
St Marys Church
April 2010

"Spring is in the air"
Two ladybirds mating.
Photo by Liz Conibere Apl 2010

"Angel of the Lake"
Cormorant Photographed
by Paul Davis. April 2010

Wood Carving at the entrance to Harrold and Odell Country Park. More Country Park Carvings.
 April 2010


Wild Goose Chase
Felmersham Nature Reserve.
Photo: Mel Scott. April 2010

An aerial view of Felmersham Church and the Tithe Barn taken by Pat Jones flying in an autogyro piloted by her son, Martin. May 2010

The nacelle of number 4 turbine is delivered to the Petsoe Manor Windfarm. Work has started on the erection of 7 wind turbines at Petsoe Manor near Emberton......
More images and details.
May 2010

....The height of each turbine is 406ft to the blade tip and will deliver 2MW of power at a wind speed ≥ 10m/sec. May 2010

An aerial view of a wind turbine
under construction at
Petsoe Manor, near Emberton,
North Bucks. May 2010

A second aerial view of the wind turbine at Petsoe Manor. Both

Kelly Edwards, formerly of Felmersham, and Stuart Rabson
were married at St Mary's Church, Felmersham on Saturday 22 May. Photo: Nicholas Edwards

Carrie Yuen (chainsaw artist) carving a working model of a 10ft sculpture for a customer in Kings Lynn. 2 June 2010

1950 Bentley Mk VI Foursome Drophead Coupe by Park Ward
This is one of a dozen or more cars that will be on show at the Felmersham Village Fete on Saturday 26 June at 2pm in the Playing Field.
Photo: Ian Coomber June 2010

Labyrinth Spider waiting in a silken like funnel web
It derives its name from the labyrinth of tunnels beneath the web, where the egg sac, is hidden. Photo taken by Paul Davis in Felmersham Nature Reserve. June 2010

The Highland Dance
as represented in flowers at the
Felmersham Flower Festival in St Marys Church

1932 Lanchester
This classic coupe was on display at Felmersham and Radwell Village Fete along with 15 other classic cars. June 2010

A Midwife Toad
Louise Lang rescued this fully grown toad from the dog's water bowl! It is very tiny but they make a lot of noise at night. Photo: Gordon Lang. June 2010


July sunrise from
Felmersham bridge

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