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Good turnout for Boxing Day Walk
An estimated 50 walkers turned out for the annual P3 Boxing Day Walk, many of whom were children. The 3.7 mile route took walkers through Castle Close, which is now owned by Sharnbrook Parish Council and was officially opened as a wildlife and heritage site in 2008.
It was good to see many new faces, with a special welcome being extended to two Italian visitors. 26/12/09
Leicestershire Wedding
On Saturday 19 September 2009 David Foot of Felmersham married Brooke Curtis at Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire.
More Photos  
Photo: Hilary Foot
JayJays Mobile Grocery Store
JayJays will be in Felmersham every Wednesday from 11.30 to 12.00pm commencing 4 November. The mobile store will be parked by the river in Hunts Lane. Orders taken and delivered. Phone: 07813 677495 28/10/09

Richard Mark Holbourn - An Obituary

Fly Tippers Strike

Walkers taking an early Sunday morning stroll along Pavenham Road were confronted with this load of rubbish dumped at the access points to the bridleways. Just what is the mind set of the people who do this type of fly tipping? 5/10/09

Protect your Property
With the recent increase in local crime it may be prudent to protect your property. David Folbigg, a street coordinator with our local Neighbourhood Watch group, emails details of Smartwater. Smartwater is a special liquid that is used to protect your valuables and property from criminals. Click here to download the leaflet. St Mary's church has used it to protect parts of the building and furnishings.
Burglary at Felmersham

A Burglary took place in The Old Road, Felmersham, between 12:25 and 12:29 in the morning of 28 September. An offender removed the window, from the conservatory, but was disturbed by the occupant. He made off, to an accomplice who was parked in the drive, in a dark coloured vehicle. The male was dressed in black. 29/9/09

Discovery theft at Radwell
A house in Moor End Road, Radwell was broken into over night or early in the morning 27/28 September while the owners were asleep and stole their Discovery with keys and handbags with credit cards in etc... 28/9/09
At the Parish Council - September meeting
The Mayor of Bedford was due to address the meeting however due to his recent death his talk was cancelled. It was reported that there would be an election for a new mayor on 15 October.
Parishioners Talk Time: Discussion centred around dog mess between Memorial Lane and the concrete road. A further reminder about this issue will be published in Ouse News. Speeding through the parish is still a mater of concern and the Council intend to make this issue a priority over the coming months.
Bridleway No. 31 and Footpath No.8 are to remain closed at the foot bridge leading to Odell mill until repairs to the bridge are completed in mid February 2010.
Neighbourhood Watch: New signs will replace the old Homewatch signs and there will be a campaign to renew interest in the scheme.
Radwell: A new sign for Moor End Road and a discussion on local accommodation.
Guiding celebrates 100 years and the local Brownie group received permission to place two flower boxes, one in Felmersham and the other in Radwell, to celebrate the event.
As a result of North Beds schools receiving trust status the Village Hall records have been research to establish the status of the Village Hall. Chairman of the Parish Council, Cllr Peter Hartop, made a statement to the meeting and a proposal to establish a liaising sub committee was carried. 5/9/09

Carlo Curley in Concert
On Saturday 12 September Carlo Curley, the well known international concert organist, gave an organ recital in St Mary's church. The church was full and the audience could watch the back projected image of Carlo on a high definition screen. Carlo has a large following and many of his fans were at the concert.
Photo by Keith Hearnshaw was taken near the south aisle and shows Carlo sitting at the organ with his projected image on the large screen.  Sept 09

Vote for Felmersham and Radwell Youth Club
Felmersham and Radwell Youth Club will officially open its doors on Friday 18th September and the club has been fortunate to have received a very generous grant from FRCT and the Parish Council.
A grant has also been applied for through the Criminal Justice System and it has been placed on a public voting site, allowing the community to vote on their favoured cause. So PLEASE can you vote for Felmersham and Radwell Youth Club. Please vote now.


Parish Crime Figures
Crime figures for Radwell and Felmersham from January to August 2009. Click Here

Felmersham Forum
Over the past 2 months the following topics were discussed:
BT Cables, Speeding in the Parish, Dropshort, Planning Applications, Need for a foot path in the High Road (south end).
Link to Felmersham Forum has a policy of not publishing details of planning applications or making comments on them. There is a link on the Parish Council page where planning applications can be accessed.
More BT Cables Stolen
On Thursday 20 August another village was without phones. This time Harold had the Main BT cables pulled out with a vehicle and stolen during the night, and it was two days before the phone lines were restored.
If anybody sees vehicles parked by BT boxes along the village roads it would be helpful to record the registration numbers and phone the information in.
We need to catch these people before we also loose our phones for a few days as well as the phone bills going up!
Robert Edwards SC1616 24/8/09

Keep Alert for Copper Thieves

An amount of cable was stolen from Park Road, in Melchbourne, on Wednesday the 19th of August, between midnight, and 10:30 in the morning. Over 500 metres of copper telecommunications cable was taken from the ground. This is part of a series of telecommunication cable thefts, around villages in the North Bedfordshire. These thefts appear to take place overnight, and require a vehicle to pull the cable from the ground.

A dark coloured, P registered, Jeep, or 4 by 4, vehicle may be involved in this series of crimes. Bedfordshire Police ask local residents and businesses to be vigilant, and to report anything suspicious immediately. If you have any information about this crime, please call the Police Control Centre on (01234) 841212 quote crime reference, J,/,3,4,1,2,6,/,2009 or email your message to Or call Crime stoppers in confidence on (0800)555111.

Keep security in mind while you are away this summer and for more information on reducing crime visit: to find out more.

Tracking Down Past Residents
Paul and Glenda Davis are trying to identify distant family members (connected via Mark’s marriage) who they believe, at on time, lived in Felmersham.
They are Simon & Rachel Pierce-Roberts, and their children are Rhea & Steven. The name Guin (or similar may also be connected, perhaps the married name of Rhea?). Email Paul if you have any knowledge of their whereabouts.

The Sun's new website
For information on the Sun go to

 Felmersham Wedding
Lara-Kate Bridgman Shaw and Benjamin Jones were married at St Mary's Church, Felmersham on Saturday 25 July 2009.
More photos
French and Italian Dictionaries:
Suitable for someone about to do A-level French or someone learning Italian. Free. Telephone 781160.

Would you like a piano? Free to a good home - you collect!
Telephone: 781722

"You aint seen nothing!" Take a look (if you dare)
Local Company Biogen on YouTube

Local company Biogen operates on the Bedfordia site at Milton Ernest. Biogen generates just over 1 mega watt of power and produces 30,000 tons of bio-fertilizer per year from food waste and animal manure. Take a look on YouTube


Felmersham Artist Mel Scott goes Online
Mel's paintings are all about light and colour whether they are set in his native South Africa or in Europe where he now lives.
Mel studied art at school and lost touch with painting as his business career took over. It is only over the last five or six years that his love of painting has been reawakened.
He has successfully exhibited  in the UK, Sweden and South Africa.  24/6/09
Link to Mel's web site
Moor End Cottage broken into

On Saturday afternoon 20th June a cottage in Moor End Radwell was broken into between 1400-1500hrs (approx).
A red car small in size fairly newish, possibly a Fiat was seen. This vehicle has been seen in the area this week, the male in his mid 20s has been knocking on people's doors asking for work, mainly gardening. If you have seen this male or the car we urgently need to know as we do not yet have the registration number.
The description of the male and the car is very similar to a male known to the Police for Burglary!
Please if anybody has people cold calling on them call the police. This parish is a NO COLD CALLING AREA and anybody doing this can be arrested. People who cold call are checking to see if you are at home and how good your security is. If any one has CCTV as I have please can they check there records to see if they have this man on camera.
As I get more information I will up date you all.
SC1616 Edwards.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind?
Another sighting
Arthur Ransome and his connection with Felmersham
Arthur Ransome, the author of Swallows and Amazons, visited Felmersham several times and Peter Roche (01842 812191) asks if anybody remembers his visits. Peter writes:
In the early fifties Arthur and his Russian wife Evgenia used to sail the waters around Mersea Island in Essex where they became friendly with the Milburn family of Peter, Mary and their daughter Philipa, who lived at The Grange in Felmersham, Bedfordshire.

Arthur and Evgenia became regular visitors to The Grange in the early fifties, Arthur fishing the local gravel pits. Phillipa’s abiding memory of their visits was of Evginia’s disgusting pike soup that she made from Arthur’s catch.

 Illustration © 2002 Mario Becroft.

* The Flag appeared at the top of the front cover on some of
Arthur Ransom's books
Arthur gave the flag* to the Milburn family somewhere around 1954. The flag was then given to Brian Field - better known as The Maldon Knotman because of his ties with The International Guild of Knot Tiers, he was a past President - by Phillipa Milburn (as she then was), but no date for this is recorded. Sadly Brian died in 2003.
When Brian left the flag in my care he made three conditions; that it should be well cared for; that it should not disappear into somebody’s private archive; and that it should be displayed in a place accessible to the public.
I believe that by placing the flag here in The Museum Of The Broads I have fulfilled Brian’s wishes. I also believe Arthur Ransome (Barnacle Bill as he was known to the Pirates) would have approved and applauded the flag’s return to its rightful home.
If you have any knowledge of Arthur Ransom's visits to Felmersham, please give Peter a call on 01842 812191
Parish Council AGM
At the AGM of the Parish Council, Cllr. Peter Hartop was elected chairman and Marjorie Pipe vice-chairman. The Council discussed a request from the Borough for any suggested future capital expenditure projects. Several suggestions were made including raising the road to the south of Radwell bridge in order to eliminate the blind spot.
The installation of the new equipment in the playing field will commence on the 20 May.
A new notice board is to be purchased for Felmersham. 10/5/09
Muntjac in Felmersham Churchyard
A few days ago this Muntjac was foraging in Felmersham churchyard, today it lies dead, possibly killed in a motoring accident.

Life in the wild is tough!  6/5/09
Watch the Video of the Muntjac foraging in the churchyard



Do you have spare time on your hands to help with excellent Cricket Teas?
(We will reimburse you for the cost of ingredients)
If so, we would love to hear from you:
Ring Cherry Howkins on: 01234 824732

Recycle Talk
Michelle Marley (Recycling Education Officer for BCC) gave an interesting and enlightening illustrated talk to Felmersham and Radwell WI. The full list of recyclables for the Orange bin are listed below which now includes yoghurt pots, cling film, cooking foil, clothes and even old shoes! 19/3/09
Sunday Brunchers raise £900

Was it really a full year since we last tried to reduce the population of North Bedfordshire with the greatest “heart attack on a plate” in the whole of the county?
We clearly failed in 2008 because all the regulars were back again for more – along with a few new faces.
Originally designed to be a Valentine’s Brunch (and still held on the weekend closest to February 14th) we are now playing down that theme somewhat. Some recent ad hoc research suggested that Neil Blakemore’s sausages were having too much of a detrimental effect on too many people’s love handles – I think the term “love levers” has now been coined!
One gang of walkers made it over the hill from Felmersham through what are left of the snowdrifts - to what they thought was going to be a token little fry up! (See Photographs)
This was their first visit to The PFCC Brunch and they assured us it certainly won’t be their last. The collective noun for hikers has now been officially approved as a “cholesterol of ramblers”.
As always, the cooking and serving teams were working off their own weight as nearly 140 full breakfasts were delivered (mostly on time, but always hot and fresh) during three wonderfully convivial and relaxed hours to raise over £900 net contribution towards Club funds.
But we didn’t miss out – we did our brunches full justice once everybody else had gone.
It wouldn’t be fair to single out any one individual as this event is always such a massive team effort, not only on the day itself but in the weeks leading up to it.
So, many thanks to all involved and that includes all the Brunchers who give us their company, support and money every year. See you all in February 2010.
If you are interested in becoming a VP of the Cricket Club, taking an active role in helping with social events - or even playing Cricket, please contact our Secretary Ruth Barratt on 781876.   Tony Lockwood – Publicity Officer 13/3/09
Second burglary in Village
A second empty house has been burgled in Felmersham in recent weeks. For more details go to Special Constable Robert Edward's Notes.
Long Service Award for Robert
A very special Special Constable has been honoured for 19 years of long service, good conduct and hard work.

Robert Edwards of Radwell, aged 42, was recognised for his commitment to the community at an awards ceremony at which he received the Long Service Medal from Assistant Chief Constable Kath Govier. (see photograph)

Robert joined Bedfordshire Police as a Special Constable in 1989. Based at first in Bedford, he spent his early years patrolling the town centre on Friday and Saturday nights but as soon as he was approved for independent patrol quickly decided his heart lay in the countryside and he took up the challenge of rural policing.

Robert has worked from Riseley Police Station since it was opened in 1999 and now deals with a wide range of offences including thefts from farms, road traffic collisions, and speed limit enforcement in the villages. He is trained in the use of the laser speed gun and his training also allows him to drive a marked patrol car. Robert has also been responsible for tackling drink driving and arrested three drivers for this offence in the last month alone, one of who was three times over the legal limit.

Special Constabulary Chief Officer Nigel Green MBE says Robert has really embedded himself into his local community and really reflects the work of the Special Constabulary. Robert regularly reports on policing in the parish. 5/3/09
Gritting Concerns
Concern is being expressed on
Felmersham Forum on the lack of gritting on local roads.
Phyllis Gershon

Phyllis Gershon of Grange Road Felmersham has died. She was a county councillor for Harrold and a governor of Sharnbrook Upper School.
She was admitted to hospital after suffering a heart attack and died at Bedford Hospital South Wing on 21 January 2009.
An Obituary  11/2/09
Anthony (Tony) Matthew fforde of Carlton has died. He was the husband of Pam fforde, St Mary's church organist.
funeral was held at St Mary's Church on Tuesday 3rd February followed by burial. 22/1/09
Emma marries at Sunningdale Park
Emma, younger daughter of Laurence and May Mills, was married to Steve Bullen on 3rd January, 2009, at Northcote House, Sunningdale Park, Berks. Seventy guests attended the Civil Ceremony which was followed by a Wedding Breakfast. A further forty guests arrived for an evening celebration and disco, and a very happy day ended at 1am. The bride and groom are now travelling in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. The photo shows Emma with her father. 16/1/09
P3 January Walk
Carol Stork writes: As a slight departure from the usual monthly walks around the parish – in light of possible wintry weather and conditions underfoot – we are planning to walk around Stanwick Lakes, near Higham Ferrers. The walk will take place on 10th January and we will meet in the car park at Stanwick Lakes at 10:30am – earlier than usual owing to the shorter days.
There is a Visitor Centre with a cafe at the Lakes, so walkers can enjoy a hot drink or a snack. To get to the Lakes, follow the A6 to the roundabout with the A45, turn right towards Thrapston/Peterborough and at the roundabout at the end of the stretch of dual carriageway, turn left into the Lakes. (Car parking charges may apply at the winter rate of £2.) 26/12/09

George Brown  

George has left the area to live with his sister near Kings Lynn. George was born in the parish and spent most of his life living in either Felmersham or Radwell. For the last 18 or so years he has been living in Bedford. Never-the-less he did not lose touch with his home parish and still attended St Marys Church every Sunday carrying out the duties of verger.

George Brown
Church verger for 43 years

In recognition of his long service to the church and the community George was presented with a framed photograph of the church, a photo album and £200.  7/15/09

David Pickin - An Obituary
Bogus Callers
Click Here
Latest Crime Stats for the Parish

Click Here
Dorothy Francis Payne - An Obituary

The Last Tommy
by Katie Longstaff
Harry Patch the last survivor,
Of the First World War,
Infected by lice, fighting for lives,
Life in the trenches was poor.

Shell shock was the worst of all,
Nervous, deaf, no power,
You couldn't move anything,
For at least a couple of hours.

Sleeping in trenches was pretty rough,
All to drink was rum,
Sleeping in rain, wind, and mud,
This was definitely no fun.

Fix bayonets onto your rifle,
Going over the top of the hill,
They pick you off one by one,
The deadly snipers kill.

Remember now Harry Patch,
And all he had to endure,
Remember ALL the unsung heroes,
Of the First World War.
Poem written by Katie and read by her at both memorial services on Remembrance Sunday
Church Gates Refurbished
Tom Seamark has refurbished the lych-gates at St Mary's Church, Felmersham. Tom has managed to use almost all of the existing oak timber thus preserving the gates that were originally made and fitted in 1917.
Tom is a traditional craftsman who built the church's new toilet and cupboards. 24/10/09
Arson Incident
An incident of arson took place in Carlton Road, Felmersham, Bedford, at 8:55 in the evening, on the 27th of October.

Offenders placed a lighted firework, through the letterbox of the property, and this caused damage to the carpet in the hallway. No one was home at the time of the incident.

Bedfordshire Police ask local residents to be vigilant, and to report anything suspicious immediately. 29/10/09

Felmersham Forum
The Forum Group is open to all people living in Felmersham and Radwell and it currently has 68 members! If you are not a member then why not take a look. Click Here.
Clive Just, the moderator, encourages people to send in anything which may be of interest to others in the parish, whether it's an observation, a comment or even a question, and hopefully someone will know the answer! It is also the Group to join for an oil price discount! 11/10/09


There will be a short wreath laying service, conducted by Rev, David Mason, at the War Memorial at approximately 11.45am on Sunday 8th November, following the morning Remembrance Service at 10.15.
If you wish to contribute towards the cost of the poppy wreath, please contact me on 781082 or send your donation to 6 Marriotts Close, Felmersham, Beds, MK43 7HD.
Geoffrey Hulatt - Honorary Organiser

Attempted Burglary in Radwell

An attempted Burglary took place in Radwell between 10:00pm on the 13th, and 11:30am on the 14th of October.
A brick was thrown through the central pane of a window, and the window catch was moved. It is believed the offender had unsuccessfully tried to gained access. 15/10/09


Garage Burgled

An attempted Burglary took place in Grange Road, over the night of the 7/8 October. The offender tried to force a ground floor window but the owner was woken and turned on a light. This may have disturbed the offender and although the frame was damaged, the house was not entered, and no property was taken.
A Garage burglary took place in Marriotts Close on Wednesday 7 October at approx. 6.30am. The offender forced open the garage door and stole 2 power saws, and a grey camouflage coloured, 90 cc Quad bike. These items were later recovered from a vehicle that had also been stolen from the parish. Two men were arrested. 9/10/09

Stolen BMW found

With reference to the theft of the BMW X5 from Felmersham the vehicle was picked up by the Police on the move.
The Driver has been arrested, charged and released on bail.
The BMW has been returned to its owner today.
SC1616 Edwards 02/10/2009
Third vehicle stolen this week!

A Black BMW X3 was stolen tonight (29 September) from Felmersham at approx 19.30 hrs. This is the third vehicle to be Stolen from this parish in a week.
We need the help of the parish to keep your eyes open and report any body and vehicles which are not normally seen in the area. Please make sure your doors are locked and Keys to Vehicles are locked away at night together with hand bags etc... Robert Edwards SC1616 29/9/09.

Autumn Show Results -
Click Here

Telecom Cable Stolen

360 metres of Telcom cable was stolen from a country lane, between Melchbourne and Swineshead, overnight on the 21st to the 22nd of September. This amount of cable would require a vehicle to pull the cable from the ground. This is the second time cable has been stolen from this location.

Bedfordshire Police ask local residents to be vigilant, and to report anything suspicious immediately.

Purse Stolen from Car
A vehicle crime took place in Church End, Felmersham, on Monday the 21st of September, between 2:45, and 3:00 in the afternoon. The vehicle was a Black, 56 registered, Renault and was left, locked, near the church.

The offender smashed a side window in the vehicle, and removed a purse from the back seat. The owner was in the church grounds at the time, and witnessed a large white coloured Van, driving down the hill at speed, towards the river. 22/9/09
Helen is a Winner
Helen Rose won this year's trophy at the 11th Annual Autumn Show with 4 first, 6 second and 2 third prizes. The show was once again well supported. An occasion like this provides an excellent opportunity to socialise and meet other members of our community. Congratulations to Maggie Spoor and all her helpers for an excellent and well organised show. Teas were provided by the WI. Sept 09.
JayJays Mobile Grocery Store
As from 17th August Jayjays mobile grocery store will visit the parish at the following times:
       11am Mondays and
       1pm Thursdays (Radwell Road)
       11.30 to 12pm Mondays (Hunts Lane)
Visits will last approx 50 minutes.
For more info visit
Sarah and Shaun's Wedding
Sarah Evans and Shaun Stevens were married at St Mary's Church, Felmersham on Saturday 22 August.
Photo: Maggie Spoor. More Photos..........
Cranfield Wedding
James Gani (formerly of Felmersham) and Katrina Leigh were married on 6th June 2009 at St Peter and St Paul's church Cranfield.
Keeping Cricket Alive!
Ruth Barratt, secretary of the Pavenham and Felmersham Cricket Club, has filed this mid season report. John Gough's photograph shows ..................

Felmersham and Radwell P3 Walk
We meet for the monthly P3 walk on Sunday 12 July starting at Felmersham bus shelter at 2pm.
Man remanded in Custody
The Man bailed for burglary has been rearrested for allegedly re-offending. He has pleaded guilty to the Radwell Burglary and has been remanded pending further charges.
Another suspected burglar was arrested in Harrold in an ongoing campaign to stamp out crime in the rural villages. Please report any suspicious behaviour to the police.
SC Edwards. 6/7/09
Man Charged with Burglary

A man was recently arrested and charged with six burglaries in the rural area including the burglary in Radwell.
The items which where stolen from Radwell where recovered from a shop in Bedford. SC Robert Edwards would like to thank the members of this parish for providing witness statements which resulted in the arrest.
The suspect has been bailed.
The other man arrested earlier in May is in prison awaiting trial. SC1616 Edwards 27/06/09

Dropshort cottages pulled down


Dropshort cottages, near Felmersham Road, Radwell were built in 1827 as the parish workhouse. Fifty years later the stone built cottages were sold and used to house farm workers however in recent years they became derelict. More details can be found in Felmersham - The History of a Riverside Parish.
Two Tier School Consultation

Parish Cllr Peter Hartop writes: I think your local web readership may be interested in the Bedford Borough Council's public consultation on its plans for a 2 tier education system for Bedford schools. The relevant document entitled Bedford Schools for the Future are available to read online at

Man Arrested
A man was recently arrested in connection with the alleged burglaries in our parish.

Kath Morrissey and Truus Boyce
See obituaries.

Beef in a Box
Oliver Hudson is locally rearing both Red Poll cattle and Shetland sheep. The animals are locally slaughtered,
professionally butchered and the joints are sold by Oliver. More details can be found on his web site. 15/5/09

Pavenham and Felmersham Cricket Club
Report on the Vice Presidents' Luncheon (26 April 09)
Sunday; Sunny Day; Friends; Neighbours; Good Food; Great Company = Pavenham & Felmersham CC VP’s Annual Lunch.
To live a life that others crave is a rare privilege and now, in its third year, this occasion continues to embody the sense of community which revolves around out two villages.
The Secret Soup Recipe of Michel “Le Roo-barb” Wagstaff once again made its mark on the tablecloth followed by the most traditional of roast beef dinners which was a masterpiece of logistical planning.
Reared in Pavenham by the Beazleys; gently and expertly cooked in Bletsoe by Brendan (along with the gravy) and lovingly transported back by Neil Blakemore in
time to serve 100 diners, this was a much travelled beast. The team of carvers (Messrs Beazley, Robinson and Roff) excelled in delivering to the plate.

The Apple Cake and/or Chocolate Squidgy Cake that followed, along with
the cheese and biscuits were enthusiastically consumed by all.
Wine and beer sales were as lively as last year (and no surprise there with the well selected quality on offer) and the Club would like to pass especial thanks on to everyone for their generosity in the raffle even though the Credit Crunch climate meant we were unable to offer prizes as significant as previously.
Thank you to all who came and we hope you all enjoyed the occasion enough to make an early booking for 2010!
But finally, on the saddest of notes, no village event has been complete for years without the attendance of Fred Young and this, sadly, was his last.
We shall all miss you, Fred, not just as a Cricket Club Vice President, but as a constant presence at and supporter of everything and everybody that this community has been, still is and always will be.
Thank you for all you were to so many people in North Bedfordshire.
Ruth Barratt 14/5/09
Attempted theft of vehicle
On Wednesday the 6th May an attempted theft of a Transit van occurred around lunch time from a local farm. The thieves made off in Blue Rover, possibly an old 620. A similar vehicle has been seen around the parish before. Have you see this vehicle? Currently the registration number is not known.
Click Here information
Any body with any information which might help the police, please call Riseley Police Station on 01234 842865 and leave a message on the machine if we are on Patrol! For crime in progress dial 999.  SC1616 Edwards 9/5/09
For more information on other recent parish crimes Click Here
New Churchwarden
Richard Phipps was elected, and Jane Wells re-elected as churchwardens for the parish of Felmersham and Radwell at the Annual Parish Vestry meeting held on 27 April. Paul Keeble, the retiring churchwarden, was thanked for his much valued contribution to the church and parish.

Changes to mobile library dates
The Mobile Library will still visit fortnightly and at the same times (Felmersham 13.50 to 14.10, Radwell 14.20 to 1430) but the dates will change after the visit on Thursday 2nd April. The next visit will be the following week, Thursday 9th April and then every two weeks from then on. Edith Caldwell 19/3/09
Link to library page.

Art Club Page Update
The Art club's page has been updated with their latest artwork. There is a diversity of subjects and media reflecting the varied talents and skills of the group. from the group. Link to page. 19/3/09
Footbridge on the Move
A footbridge across a large drainage ditch on the foot path to Odell has been swept off course by the recent floodwater. The P3 Group have reported the problem.  Photo: Paula Turvey

P3 Annual Report
Carol Stork presented the P3 report to the Annual Parish Meeting on Tuesday 3 March 2009. Read Carol's report.

New Playing Field Equipment

Click onto image for enlarged view.
The Village Hall and Playing Field committee propose to install new equipment in Felmersham playing field. The selection of equipment and layout is designed to appeal to children of all ages. The cost of £60,000 has been met by grants from the Parish Council, the Borough Council, WREN (Waste Recycling Environmental Limited) and the Margaret Alleway Trust.
Notes from Special Constable Edwards of Radwell
Notes from PC Edwards are now published on the Neighbourhood Watch page. These notes will be regularly updated. Click here for the latest notes. 24/02/09

New Diocesan Bishop
The tenth Bishop of St Albans is to be the Rt Revd Dr Alan Smith, the Bishop of Shrewsbury.
The Rt Revd Richard Inwood, Bishop of Bedford said: “I am absolutely delighted that Bishop Alan is to be the next Bishop of St. Albans. I have known him for a number of years, and I am sure he will bring a vision for God’s mission and a real dynamism to the Diocese. His experience in rural, urban, and multicultural ministry make him an excellent ‘fit’ for us here, and I look forward enormously to working with him.”

See the bishop designate on YouTube 18/1/09

Notes taken at the January Parish Council Meeting
by Cllr Maggie Spoor 
There had been no response from Charles Wells to the Parish Council’s letter regarding the Swan at Radwell.
During Parishioner’s Talk Time, Special Constable Robert Edwards reported that during an exercise he had accumulated four pages of registration numbers of vehicles speeding through Radwell. Once he is finally authorised he will be imposing the speed limit and issuing fixed penalty notices.
Highways. The burst water main in Radwell was causing a major hazard during the freezing conditions. The Clerk immediately contacted County Councillor Wootton to make sure the road was well gritted. The shrubs along Hunts Lane had been cut back, but the ditch was still very overgrown. The Council will contact County Highways Dept. Concern was expressed about a school bus which has a route along Carlton Road. This road is not gritted during icy conditions.
Radwell Matters. Mrs Keeble thanked the Council on behalf of Radwell residents for the replacement street light lamps. They made a big difference.
Finance. All payments and receipts are contained in the Minutes.
A grant of £3,000 was approved for the Village Hall and Playing Field Committee towards the cost of renewing the play equipment. The Committee had also applied for a Borough Rural Affairs grant, to WREN (Waste Recycling Environmental Limited), and to the Felmersham and Radwell Community Trust.
The Parish precept for 2009/10 was maintained at the current £12,500.
Correspondence. The Annual Parish Spring Clean will be on Saturday 28th March.
The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on 3rd March 2009 in Pinchmill Hall. Please note that this is the Annual Parish Meeting and will commence at 7.00 pm to be followed by the Parish Council meeting.


New Toilets for St Marys

A new toilet and kitchen facility will be installed in St Mary's church over the the coming months with completion on Friday 27 March 2009.
The new facilities are being built in the vestry and provision for a vestry area will be made at the rear of the church. At the same time the cracks in the lintels above the turret stair case will also be repaired. During the work the church will remain closed except for services.
The new facilities will be a welcome relief for people attending weddings and funerals and will enable events to be organised that appeal to a wider constituency. One of the first of these will be the visit of Carlo Curley in September.
Disabled toilet facilities are now a desired requirement for all public buildings and over the years English Heritage grants have been conditional on toilets eventually being installed. 6/1/09
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