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  Felmersham Forum

If you live in the parish of Felmersham and Radwell then here is an opportunity to post your
comments or suggestions or take part in discussion or email groups.

To visit the Felmersham Forum group click onto:
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How to Join the Felmersham Forum

1. Click here to join
Click onto 

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3. If you are not a member of Yahoo! Click onto "Create Account"
4. Complete the details and follow instructions
5. You are now a member of the Group
6. Click onto Go to Felmersham Forum and sign in if necessary.

 To find out about the Oil Group, Click Here.

Felmersham Forum Group and the Heating Oil Group are completely independent of, and have no connection with, The webmaster is therefore not responsible for any messages published on these two sites.

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Page Last updated: 10 August 2014