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I've just looked at your brilliant website to check on some information about St Mary's.......... DH

What a great site. M.

Seeing your excellent coverage of Sunday’s opening of the Memorial Garden, I was again reminded of what an excellent, ongoing service you are providing to the community through!  We visit the site every day as it is set as our home page, and we always enjoy the content. P 

.....can I say how I have enjoyed browsing the Felmersham pages over the years. I think your good quality photos really enhance the site - quite a while back, you had a nice montage of various ivy leaves, which I thought was particularly effective. I think your site is also attractive because it is updated, always appears fresh, and has a lot of useful information. JL

I have just spent some time looking at your Felmersham website. I live in Podington and I found you when I was looking for wind turbines. Congratulations on one of the best village sites I have seen........ DT
I think your web site is the best example of a village site I have seen. Congratulations.
email from Welwyn Garden City.
Music on
Please consider removing the background music from your wonderfully constructed and well thought out site. I'm sure it drives many away. MIDI features on every site design annoyances list I have ever read. Mark.
Thanks for your advice, I will remove it!
For those who have never heard MIDI Music
click here!

Wow - great site !!!!!!!
Thanks for all the hard work it must have involved / still involves! It will be most useful for showing my various online friends abroad exactly what my village in rural Bedfordshire looks like! Thanks again

My wife and I visited Felmersham June, 2002. A picturesque village to be certain.  You have captured the essence of the village well.  I am happy to have the history. We have pictures of me in front of the "Felmersham sign," from the bridge, and the church [two views]. My gggrandfather's mother was a ROOTHAM.  I found one gravesite of a Rootham at the church, but have not connected that person to my ggggrandmother. I hope someone does Riseley and Keysoe also.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!  from Canada


Just a note to say how impressed I am with your Felmersham web site. It took me only seconds the other day to find some information that I was looking for. ie. when the village skips were coming but in the process I uncovered all sorts of other interesting info. en route.

This site is an exemplar.  How the devil do you do it?  It deserves more visitors.  Try the genealogy lists to publicise.  The music gets a little tedious. Best wishes,

Well done with the Web page - it is brilliant - after those early discussions in Clive's house - it just needed someone like you to get it up and running - the links are great - and the hard work you must have put in should be appreciated by all.  Thanks on behalf of so many people in the villages who have and have not seen it. Like the wink at the end!    Cheers - Di

Just spent a very interesting hour going over the site. Congratulations on a splendid job.  It seems ages since we met in Clive's house to discuss getting a site started.  We've learned a lot since then.  I've been involved with the Cowper and Newton Museum site here in Olney. ( Glad to see that Felmersham still seems to be prospering.  Great 360 panoramic view from the Church tower.  Sad to read about Kath's death.  Now that I've found my way, I'll keep up to date with the Ouse News. Hope you are all well. Bill 
360 panoramic view was taken by Keith Rose.)

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