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 Fallen Heroes of WW1 The names of those who were born or lived in Felmersham parish and died in the 1914 - 1918 War, plus those who returned.
 Heroes of WW2 Details of the Wells brothers who were killed in the Second World War, plus those who served and returned safely.
 Congratulations! Your opportunity to congratulate a friend or relative who has given birth or got married etc. 
People Remembered - Obituaries Index
  Obituaries 2001 Sheila Ann Juffs;  Norman Wildman;  Edna Alice Ashpole née Hall;  John Britton; Kathleen M Lovell
David James Henry Knowles
  Obituaries 2002 John Taylor;  George Bruce Galliver;  Margaret Alleway;  Win Hawken; Emily Dodd
  Obituaries 2003 Richard (Dick) Aitken;  James (Jim) Rafferty;  Iris Capps;  Stella Swift; W. E. (Ron) Draycott
Frederick Francis Swailes;  Fleur Mae Tobutt
  Obituaries 2004 Kathleen Booker;  Frederick Turner, Rose Rhoda Swailes, Michael John Burbidge
  Obituaries 2005 Frederick John (Jack) Hulatt, Rev George (Gerry) Sidebottom, Felise (Phil) Helen Kingerlee, Peter Campbell
Maddocks, Hilary Lander Gunn, Ivy Helen (Nel) Longstaff
  Obituaries 2006 Daphne Joan Everest, Peter Francis, Marjorie Gwendolyn Rootham, Nina Britton
  Obituaries 2007 June Payne, Edith (Edie) Brown, Mary Ditmus, David Rhodes
  Obituaries 2008 Dorothy Galliver, Rita Kathleen Hope, Joyce Franklin, Janet Eyre
  Obituaries 2009 Richard Mark Holbourn, Anthony Matthew fforde, Phyllis Gershon, Kath Morrissey, Geertruida Geziena Boyce (Truus), Dorothy Frances Payne, David Bruce Pickin, Sheina Helen Burbidge,
Audrey Middlemas, Dennis William Turner
  Obituaries 2010 Alan Stevens, Stephen Richard Miasek, Constance Betty Turner (Nee Desborough), Mary  Ward,
Doris Aitken, Don Parker
  Obituaries 2011 Greta Draycott, Nancy Read, Terry John Dennehy, Gill (Gladys) Burr,
Jessie Turner, Colin Payne
  Obituaries 2012 Lawrence Arthur Wright, Ronald James Smith, Michael Templeman, Dale Gideon, Pamela Agnes Longstaff, Iain Henderson Sutherland
  Obituaries 2013 Bert Cockins, Josephine Elizabeth Mary (Jo) Morris, Richard Gilbert (Dick) Watson, Rachael Burke, Phyllis Welsh
  Obituaries 2014 John Francis Myerscough, Joyce Parker, Frederick (Freddie) Edward Stevens,
Lesley Walker, Michael Thomas

  Obituaries 2015

Lorraine Shrimpton,

  Obituaries 2022

Michael Benson

  Obituaries 2023

Geoff Hulatt

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