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Campanologists Required!
Revd Tom writes: "Over the past few years the eight bells of St. Mary’s have fallen silent. Indeed it is only on the hour that we are reminded that we have any bells in the tower at all. However with the Queens Diamond Jubilee in sight, the Church is looking to recruit bell ringers to help us ring the bells for some services and special village occasions, like the Jubilee. Are you interested?

If you are, then come along to St. Mary’s on the 15th of October (2-4pm) when we’ll be opening the tower for people to come and have a look around and see what’s involved! All persons, of any age or ability who might be interested are very welcome. In the meantime if you want to find out more contact Revd Tom Sander 781 773 or turn up to on a Practice night."
Bell Ringing Practice starts on Wednesday 5th October and continues on the 1st Wednesday of every month at 19.30-2100. ALL WELCOME!

Vote for Helen
Helen Perry has entered the photograph below in an ActionAid Charity competition. It is entitled The Modernisation of the Church of England. Helen asks that you vote for her picture.
In order to vote please go to:

Felmersham Burglary
Residents are asked to be vigilant, and to report any suspicious activity in back gardens, after a burglary took place in Marriotts Close, in Felmersham. The offence took place between the 15th of November and the 8th of December.

The offender had gained access to an enclosed rear garden. Tools had been left out in the garden, which the offender used to force open a ground floor window. It is not yet known if any property has been taken.

A Chance to Open your Garden
Are you interested in opening your garden for one afternoon next year in order to raise funds for the Bedfordshire branch of the Red Cross?
If you are interested then please contact Jane Wells 782462. The organisers would like to know if there is any sort of interest, within the parish, by Monday 12th December.

Remembrance Sunday

The parish remembered the fallen in the two World Wars by holding a short Remembrance Service at the War Memorial followed by a Service of Remembrance in church.
This year 11 members of the Youth Club read out the 22 names of those who, from this parish, gave their lives in both World Wars. This was followed by the planting of the crosses around the memorial by the Youth Club. A wreath was laid by Annette Franklin, the Youth Club Leader.

Jane Templeman created a display in the church which told the stories of two parishioners who served in the First World War, John Betts and Joseph Payne....
....born just a cart ride apart .... young boys, lived almost next-door ....
....knew each other, played together....
....grew up, and went their separate ways...
....both joined up to fight in the
                          "war to end all wars"....
....both lost, killed in action,
                         John in 1917, Joe in 1918 ....
....reunited in Commemoration at Tyne Cot ....

13th Autumn Show
Maggie Spoor writes: "We had an all-time record number of entries at 366, an amazing achievement for a small village, and I wish to thank everyone who took the time to enter. Our judges have said again how impressed they were with the quantity and quality of the entries. Also huge thanks to everyone who helped set up the show and clear away at the end, and the WI for beavering away in the Committee Room serving teas during the afternoon." Thanks to Maggie for all her hard work in creating a very successful Show and to both parish art groups for displaying their very talented artwork.
Autumn Show Results

Maggie is on the left talking to visitors
Bride Natalie arrives for her wedding

Natalie Keech arrives at St Marys for her marriage to Marc Beddall. In the background is her father David. The Rev David Mason conducted the service.

Police Reorganisation
Bedfordshire Police have drawn up ambitious plans to improve the service provided by the  Force while also saving taxpayers’ money.
From October 2011 the Force, and the Police Authority will deliver a more streamlined process to improve both operational capacity and capability. This means that more officers will be available to deal with incidents reported to the police by the public. The changes will see the number of police officers dedicated to local policing double from 92 to 185. This means a larger number of officers will be available to tackle local crime, anti-social behaviour and other community concerns while PCSOs will carry out more patrols.
There will no longer be any geographic boundaries or divisions separating communities.
Response times will be speeded up.
A greater number of incidents will be resolved over the telephone to reduce demand on frontline staff.
A new three digit non-emergency number will be introduce in the autumn, after which time all you will need to dial is 101 for non-urgent situations.
The changes have been made to promote greater access to police services and deliver a more effective response.

Coffee Morning Success

The Coffee Morning morning held in St Mary's Church on Saturday 13 August raised £408.10 towards the cost of producing Ouse News. Ouse News is the monthly news letter delivered free to every household in the parish. The organisers wish to express their thanks to all those who helped and supported the event.

"Farewell Old Friend"

One of the horse chestnut trees in the churchyard has reach the end of its life. The fork in the trunk, where the two large boughs join, was weakened by severe rot to such an extent that the tree was considered a danger to the public. So unfortunately it had to be cut down. On the brighter side the two replacement hornbeam trees will now flourish.
See Felmersham History in a Tree

At the Parish Council
Notes taken at the Parish Council meeting held on 5 July.
Highways: The hedge is still overhanging the road opposite Harrowdene Farm. Blocked road drains are a problem apparently they are only cleared every 3 years! White road markings need repainting. Borough Council propose to top dress the road from Felmersham Bridge to Dropshort. Speeding through the parish is still a problem.
Radwell matters: Safety - Weeds under causeway are blocking the view for traffic. Radwell children need a play area, a 20mph speed limit would make it safer for children. The "Big Society" has been at work in Radwell, villagers have cleared the vegetation around the bus shelter.
Borough Councillor Doug McMurdo reported that Sharnbrook is to get a Zebra Crossing. An unspecified sum of money will be available to the Parish Council to spend as it chooses. The Borough Council are completing the purchase of land in readiness for the Western Bypass.

Crimes for Beat 733 committed between 31 May & 5 July 2011

Rev Tom Sander ordained at St Albans Cathedral

Rev Tom Sander standing outside St Peters Church,
Sharnbrook after conducting Evensong.

On Sunday 3 July Tom Sander was ordained a deacon at St Albans Abbey Cathedral and later in the day he conducted Evensong at St Peters Church, Sharnbrook. He was supported by many of his friends from Cambridge and all over the country who had travelled both to St Albans and Sharnbrook to wish him well. Refreshments were served after the service to give Tom the opportunity to meet parishioners.
While undertaking training in the rural ministry he will be living in Sharnbrook where he will be assisting Rev. Evens with his work in the Benefice of Sharnbrook, Felmersham and Knotting with Souldrop.

Gill Burr

Gill (Gladys) Burr passed away on 21 June 2011. She was 91 years old. Gill's Obituary
Anoushka's Upside Down Garden
Pat and Peter Hartop's daughter Anoushka Feiler has designed a concept garden for the forthcoming Hampton Court Show 5-10th July 2011. Her garden `Excuse me while I kiss the sky' is an upside down garden.

Anoushka and film crew in Peter and Pat's garden

On Thursday 9 June a BBC production Unit visited Felmersham to interview Anoushka and film Peter constructing the mirrored boundary to the garden. The filming took 8 hours for a 4 minute feature to be screened on BBC2 on Monday 4th July. Interruptions from clouds, aircraft, lawn mowers, school buses and motorbikes probably prolonged the action although they did not need much excuse to enjoy Pat's lunch and cream teas. Filming will be completed on Sunday 3rd July at Hampden Court Palace when hopefully all 23 mirrored sections of the garden will have been erected.
So far the flat pack construction kit has had only 2 prototype sections erected and when complete will be 12 metres in diameter and feature 58 sq metres of mirror. Add a special sky effect circular floor for a visitor walkway and many hundreds of Agapanthus plants and the ground level will be complete. Then the upside down crew move in to suspend hundreds of hostas, ferns, other unspecified blue flowers and gardening implements on a 6 meter diameter circular steel rig above the centre.

Stepping into the garden, you will greeted by a sea of Agapanthus `Blue Heaven'. Then as you look up you will see a lush green tapestry of feathery ferns and architectural hostas hanging upside down. Visitors to the garden will be given hand held mirror trays to view the garden in case looking up gets a little too much.
It is hoped that the inverted garden will encourage blue sky thinking by getting visitors to see things from a different perspective. The sky is represented at all the 'limits' of this garden, with its mirrored boundary set at 45° and the oculus in the middle of the planted ceiling tapestry allowing you to catch glimpses of the actual sky wherever you look.

Christian Aid Record
A record sum of £500 was raised in Felmersham and Radwell during Christian Aid Week. Peter Rankin wishes to thank all those who played their part in raising this record sum.

Crime Stats for Felmersham and Radwell (Beat 733)
committed between 30/4/2011 and 2/6/2011

Felmersham Toddlers
Toddlers will be reopening on 13 May.
Click for details.

Evacuee Grace visits parish

Grace Jessup (nee Jago) made her first visit to Felmersham and Radwell since being evacuated to the parish, from Eastbourne, during the second world war. At the age of seven, Grace was privately evacuated to Dropshort Cottage, the home of Joe and Hilda Farmer. She later moved to the middle of a terrace of 3 cottages in Moor End (which no longer exists). The cottages were opposite Moor End Farm House which also no longer exists.

 Grace recalls that her stay in the parish was very pleasant and she was treated with great kindness. Immediately before all the evacuees returned home they all attended church and sang "God be with you". Grace says that the parish has changed beyond her recognition.
Photograph: l to r. Grace Jessup with Peter and Ann Stringer.

Robert receives a Commendation

Acting Special Inspector Robert Edwards was commended at Bedfordshire Police's Annual Chief Constable's Commendation Ceremony. He received the award for his involvement in solving a series of local burglaries which eventually led to the arrest of the burglar. Robert is shown at the awards ceremony sitting next the the Chief Constable.
March Postings on Felmersham Forum

Link to local French classes
Bulky Waste Collection
Radwell: Saturday 14 May, near the bus shelter, 3pm to 5pm.
Felmersham: Sunday 15 May, Marriotts Close, 1pm to 3pm
New Yellow Lines in Sharnbrook

Be warned! The parking officers will from time to time visit Sharnbrook and identify offenders parking in restricted areas. In the past you would find a ticket under the windscreen wiper. Now it is often done by a mobile camera and you receive a fixed penalty notice in the post. It is not the police function to book offenders, it is now the responsibility of the Borough Council.
Parish Council Notes

Notes by Maggie Spoor of the annual meeting held on 1st March
The Chairman, Peter Hartop, reminded us that this Parish Council will end with the election on the 5th May. He expressed frustration that many things discussed at the same meeting last year were still outstanding . In particular he mentioned road sweeping, gulley/drain clearing, overgrown hedges, the heavily eroded slipway and broken culvert next to the Jubilee Lawn and a disappointing lack of action from the Borough Enforcement Officer.
Peter concluded by thanking the Clerk and fellow Parish Councillors for their help and support over the year. We also heard reports from the Clerk (Financial report), P3 (Parish Paths Partnership) and the Village Hall Committee.
Comments from the floor were made on: the state of the verges, mud left on the road; red and white boards by Dropshort, village “gates” and speeding.
Highways - a large pothole by Harrowdene Farmhouse had been repaired but another had now appeared. A request had been made for the drains be cleared and the roads swept. The Director of Environment had written addressing the many issues raised by this Council. Parking tickets had been issued to vehicles parked near the school.

Planning - a representative of Britannia Parks advised the Council on their plans for The Retreat at Radwell.
The next meeting of the new Parish Council will be on Tuesday 10th May at 7.30 pm in Pinchmill Hall. Please contact Borough Hall (267422) if you are interested in standing for election to the Parish Council. Nominations close on 4th April.
Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga classes running locally during term-time at the Harrold United Reformed Church (also known as the Chapel).
Monday 0930-1030; Thursday 2000-2130; Friday 0930-2130
with other classes at Grendon, Cranfield and Bodyflight Health Club, and one-to-one sessions by arrangement.
Contact Linda Wheatley by email:
or by phone: 01234 721342
Green Hedge Surfing

Several people have ask if I have a photo of the latest Canoeing craze. On the right is an exclusive photo of this challenging outdoor activity. Click onto the photo to see a larger image.
Felmersham has new Street Lamp

Felmersham and Radwell Parish Council have used Cllr Jim Brandon's allocated funding to purchased a new street lamp. It replaces the old 60s style urban lamp outside St Marys Church. The new lamp is more appropriate for a rural setting next to the medieval church. The new lamp bulbs are energy efficient and cheaper to replace.
Parish Council meeting
At a meeting held on 4 January the Parish Council voted to keep the parish precept at £12.500 for the financial year 2011 to 2012.
The chairman of the Council,
Cllr Peter Hartop, reported that a letter had been received from Cllr Michael Thomas stating that he wished to resign from the Parish Council. The chairman thanked Michael for his 12 years of service to the parish and the Council will send a letter of appreciation.
The Council are waiting for a quote to fit village gates at the entrances to the village. The new lamp, to be erected outside the church, is delayed due to late delivery of the lantern. The Council are still waiting for the restriction road sign to be fitted in Memorial Lane.
The next meeting: Tuesday 1 March 2011.

Crime Stats December 2010
Link to parish crime stats

Local Scientist on Breakfast TV

Paul Davis (of Felmersham) and his team have developed wound healing technology which was featured on BBC Breakfast TV on Friday 7 January as part of Breakfast's "Pioneers" series.
They analysed the biochemistry of honey and found a way to utilise some of the ingredients (in a completely pure form) to deliver a new healing principle based on oxygen and iodine. The new products, called Oxyzyme and Iodozyme, give faster healing and can heal wounds that have remained static for years. Click here to view the TV clip.

Hybrid Air Vehicle
I swim regularly and one of the swimming regulars also appeared on BBC's Breakfast "Pioneers" during the same week. It was filmed at Cardington and he is the Canadian speaking at the end of the clip. Webmaster.

Click here to view TV Clip

Robert Edwards promoted to Inspector
Robert Edwards was recognised by Bedfordshire Police on Friday for his excellent leadership skills within the Special Constabulary and has been made up to the rank of 'Acting Special Inspector' with immediate effect.
Robert will be in charge of two Sergeants with a team of officers at Bedford but points out he will still be Policing in our parish of Felmersham and Radwell.
"We are implementing an idea where Special Constables adopt villages to look after" he says, and a number of parishes are all ready covered where officers are 'active' and an example of this recently took place in Wymington. Here a young boy went missing/disappeared into open countryside in failing light saying that he was going to commit suicide. The situation was becoming increasingly critical with no sign of resolution until Special Constable John Aldred who was known to the boy, negotiated with him by phone, until he was persuaded to surrender himself into safe hands. SC Aldred has been congratulated and thanked for his highly professional work.
Don Parker - An Obituary

Vanessa is New Headteacher
Andrew Evans, Chairman of the Governors, Pinchmill Lower School writes: "Vanessa Coleman has successfully completed her NPQH award meaning that she is able to become a headteacher. From January 1st, she will therefore be the substantive head at Pinchmill Lower School and not have the "acting" role she has held for over a year. The governors have been informed but I am sure parents in the villages would also like to know."

Jessie Turner - An Obituary
Jessie passed away on 6 December 2011, she was 92 years old. Her funeral was held at St Marys Church on 13 December followed by cremation. An Obituary

Burglary at Radwell

A burglary took place in Moor End Road, in Radwell. The offence took place between 11:00 a.m. on the 2nd and 3:30 p.m. on the 4th of December. The offender has gained entry to the rear garden and forced open a wooden framed ground floor window.
A messy search took place, but it is not yet known if any property has been taken.
and in Felmersham....
A garden theft took place in Marriotts Close, in Felmersham. The offence took place between 4:30 p.m. on the 2nd and 8:30 a.m. on the 3rd of December. The offender has gained access to the rear garden and removed a gas canister. No attempt was made to enter the house.

Rev David Mason Retires

After almost 14 years as Vicar of our parish David has retired.  His last service was the Carol Service held on Sunday the 18 December. He was presented with a portrait and some John Lewis' vouchers and thanked for his service to the parish. We wish David and his wife Ann a very happy and restful retirement.

Neighbourhood Watch Advice
Dave Girling writes: At a Neighbourhood Watch meeting on 24th November at the Kempston police headquarters the following simple advice was given :-

Before Christmas a well lit Christmas tree with the presents stacked underneath in an empty house with the curtains open is a very pleasing and seasonal view to the neighbours but an invite to a burglar.

After Christmas a pile of empty cardboard boxes beside the recycling bin allows a burglar to browse and choose their Christmas presents before they choose which house to break into.

So please enjoy Christmas but don't make it easy for burglars.

New Bottle Bank

A new Bottle Bank for recycling glass has been installed at Milton Ernest Garden Centre.

Parish Council Notes
The notes for the November 2011 meeting of the Parish Council are now available online.
Click here for notes.  

Essex Wedding
Kathryn Margaret Spoor married Andrew Stuart Moss on Saturday 5th November 2011.
The ceremony took place in the Norman keep at Hedingham Castle, Essex. Photo: Mike Spoor

Attempted Burglary

Residents are asked to be vigilant and to review the security of all doors and windows, after an attempted burglary took place in The Green, in Radwell, on Sunday the 16th of October.
The offence took place between 11:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. and the offender gained access to the side of the house. The door has been damaged, but no entry was gained.

Revised Bus Times

Stephen Hill writes: Bus times on our route 50 are slightly revised from Monday 10th October. The new timetable aims to overcome punctuality problems that have arisen since the route was lengthened on the Rushden to Kettering section in May.

The 08.12 to Bedford, previously reduced to schooldays only, is now withdrawn completely. Otherwise the service pattern and frequency are unchanged, but most buses to Bedford will be 5 minutes earlier than before and most return journeys also leave Bedford 5 minutes earlier, except that the 16.11 to Bedford and 16.52 departure from Bedford drop back to 16.23 and 17.12 respectively

The timetable will be on the Stagecoach website, Kettering route 49 / 50 from Sunday 9 October.

Link to Bus Timetable

Crimes for Beat 733

Crimes committed between 1/8/2011 and 31/8/2011

Bus Service Time Table Revisions
The extensive revisions to bus services across Bedford Borough do not affect Felmersham's principle service, route 50 which continues to work to the timetable introduced on 24 July. Our correspondent, however, omitted to note an important enhancement, namely that the first bus of the day to Bedford at 06.32 now runs on Saturdays as well as during the week.
The solitary service on route 136 at 20.22 to Bedford is withdrawn, so the last bus to Bedford is now the 50 at 19.24.
Felmersham is additionally served by an entirely new route 29 operated by Grant Palmer from Pavenham to St Neots. These buses serve the northbound stop on the High Road at 09.06, 11.06 and 13.26 reaching St Neots at 10.00, 12.10 and 14.05 respectively. Return journeys leave St Neots at 10.05 and 12.15 reaching Felmersham at 10.44 and 13.09 respectively. There is also a return journey at 14.10 reaching Felmersham at 15.04, but note that on schooldays this terminates at Sharnbrook and does not serve Felmersham.
House Burglary

Residents in Felmersham are asked to be vigilant and to review the security of all doors and windows, after a burglary took place in Church End, at the weekend. The offence took place between 8:30 p.m. on the 15th and 5:30 a.m. on the 16th of July. There are no signs of a forced entry to the house. A plasma TV and some money have been taken from the home.
Felmersham Wedding

The Wedding of Lauren Doyle to Harry Ferdinando at
St Marys Church, Felmersham on 16 July 2011

Anoushka's Garden Receives an Award
On the last day of the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, Anoushka Feiler's conceptual garden "Excuse me while I kiss the sky" won People's Choice receiving most public votes in the small garden category. Anoushka was presented by the RHS with an engraved crystal vase and a framed notice to mark the occasion.

On the previous Monday, before the show opened to the public, the garden was assessed by a panel of experts and awarded an RHS Silver Gilt Medal.

Julia Jarman Opens Summer Fete

Children's author Julia Jarman opened the PSA/Village Hall Summer Fete. Having rained all morning until 1.30 pm the weather changed and the sun shone on the Summer Fete.

There was a wide variety of stalls, games and entertainment. Funds raised will go towards the cost of a screen and a new projector for the hall.

Blackbird with a white feathers

Seen in the webmaster's garden this young blackbird with white feathers above its beak. Is this unusual? Could it come from a family where one member is an albino?

Karaoke at the Sun
The Sun is starting a monthly karaoke night the last Friday of every month, the first 3 dates being 29th July, 26th Aug, 30th Sept. The emphasis is on the best performance, not the best singer!
A bottle of finest fizz to the winner, along with £25.00 donated to the winners favourite charity. A good laugh and a good cause all in one evening, hope to see you there!

Bus Time Table Update
From Monday 25 July there are changes to bus times on route M50. The 08.12 to Bedford will now run on schooldays only, but otherwise the service pattern is unchanged. In the majority of cases the buses run 2 minutes later in both directions, but some mid-afternoon and evening journeys are retimed up to 15 minutes later.
The Sunday timetable is unchanged.

Simon escorts the Queen on Royal Visit


Simon Greenish from Felmersham with the Queen and Prince Philip when they visited Bletchley Park on
15 July 2011.

Simon is Director
of Bletchley Park.

Car Crash

This crashed car was photographed near the bend on the Odell road between Sharnbrook roundabout and Felmersham turn.  17 June 2011
WI celebrate 90th Anniversary

Felmersham and Radwell WI celebrated their 90th anniversary on 21 June with a dinner at the Sharnbrook Hotel.
Photo: Derek Williamson.

Crime Stats for Felmersham and Radwell (Beat 733) committed between 31/3/2011 and 3/5/2011

Thomas Sander joins the Sharnbrook  Benefice
Thomas Sander will be joining the Joint Benefice of Sharnbrook, Felmersham and Knotting with Souldrop on the 4 July, after his ordination as a Deacon on 3 July in St Albans Abbey Cathedral.
Tom is 23 years old and grew up in Eyeworth, Beds and moved to Hitchin where he attended Hitchin Boys School. He read theology at University  after which he spent a year as a parish assistant in Canterbury. He trained for the ministry at Westcott House Theological College, Cambridge.
He enjoys cycling, swimming, playing the piano and the organ, ringing bells and car mechanics.
He will be with the Benefice for 3 years during which time he will be working in all three parishes including Felmersham and Radwell.
Lock up your Garages

Residents in Felmersham and Radwell are asked to be vigilant and review the security of all outbuildings after a garage burglary took place in Carlton Road. The offence took place between the 17th and the 23rd of April.
The side door to the garage has been forced open. It is not known if any property has been taken.
Outbuildings, sheds and garages can be especially, vulnerable to criminals, and are often not the best place, to store high value items.
Always lock shed and garages, and help keep sheds secure with a good quality padlock, and hasp. If possible anchor down items, like bikes and lawn mowers. Consider an alarm and make sure your security lighting is covering your shed and garage.
Peter Francis

Peter Francis, a Senior Vice President of Pavenham & Felmersham Cricket Club, passed away on 14th of April.
Ian McKenzie, Chairman of Pavenham & Felmersham Cricket Club writes: Pete was a long standing supporter of the Cricket Club and I am sure many of you will have your own memories of Pete - whether as Landlord of The Cock and/or on tour home and abroad.
The Funeral will take place at Bedford Crematorium at 3:15pm on Wednesday April 27th and afterwards at The Kent Arms in Bedford.
New retaining wall for Jubilee Lawn
A stone retaining wall has been built at the end of an outflow pipe which runs beneath Jubilee Lawn.
Felmersham Wedding
On Saturday 9 April 2011 Stuart Copperwheat married Stephanie Lincoln at St Marys Church, Felmersham

St Marys Church Annual Meeting 11 April 2011
At the annual vestry meeting Jane Wells and Ken Shrimpton were elected churchwardens for the year. Jane and Richard Phipps were thanked for their work over the past years.
At the AGM of the PCC the Rev David Mason thanked all those who had helped in any way to run the church. In particular he thanked Peter Rankin, the PCC secretary and Clive Just, Ouse News editor, both of whom are handing over their duties to others.
The treasurer reported that for the year 2010/2011 the church General Fund ran a deficit of £1,690. This is in addition to last year's deficit of £639. The treasurer stated that running a deficit cannot continue indefinitely and he urged people to give regularly to the church. The rev Robert Evens chaired the meeting.


Crimes for Beat 733 committed between
28/2/2011 and 1/4/2011

Incident Date & Time Location
New Village Gateway
A village gateway has been installed at the south entrance to the village. The purpose of the gateway, together with the 30 mph sign and the red road marking, is to have a calming effect on through traffic. The wooden gateway has received a great deal of criticism on Felmersham Forum. It does however make a pleasing background for the roadside daffodils!


Radwell residents have been asked to participate in this event again to help raise money for a worthwhile cause.
If you are proud of your patio, want to show off your shrubs or flaunt your flowers to visitors on a sunny (hopefully! ) Sunday afternoon in July then please join in. It doesn’t matter how large or small your garden is…..

If you are interested in taking part then please contact Jane Bell by 25th Feb. Leedon House , Moor End. Road tel: 782718
or email:

Terrence Dennehy (1944 - 2011)
Terry's Funeral Service was on Tuesday 15 March at St Marys Church. Terry's Obituary

Annual Parochial Church Meeting
This important meeting is on 11 April at 7.30pm. It is your opportunity to discuss the life of the Parish and to plan for the future.
The Church Electoral Roll is being revised, application forms are in church.
Minor changes to bus times
The 16.02 to Bedford will run 10 minutes later (at 16.12) on Mondays to Fridays from 28 February. It remains at 16.02 on Saturdays. The return journey is put back 10 minutes, leaving the bus station at 16.40 on Mondays to Saturdays.
On Sundays from 27 February, three of our five Sunday buses will operate the full route between Bedford and Kettering instead of just between Bedford and Rushden.

Clive to retire as editor

Clive Just is to retire from the position of Ouse News editor. Clive has been editing Ouse News for 18 years which is an outstanding achievement. The whole community will wish to thank Clive for his editorship and also Roz for her help with distribution. Thank you Clive and Roz.

Memorial seat to Phyllis Gershon
A new seat has been installed in Harrold Country Park in memory of Phyllis Gershon.

Countryfile photograph of the month
Gordon Lang's photograph of a frosty Felmersham Reach and church has been selected as the photograph of the month by the BBC weekly programme, Countryfile.
It is published in the February issue of the Countryfile magazine, page 110.
Congratulations Gordon.
Be aware! Thieves are active in the parish

A blue Mazda parked in the The High Road was broken into over the night of the 16 and 17 December. The convertible's roof had been cut and the stereo stolen. There was also a break-in to a VW Golf in Tithe Barn at some time during the same night. The side window was smashed but nothing was taken from the vehicle. The face plate of the stereo was in the house.
A shed was broken into in the Church End/High Road area between Sunday 12 and Friday 17 December, gardening tools etc were stolen. The theft has been reported to the police.

Felmersham and Radwell Brownie Pack
Unfortunately due to unavoidable circumstances the Felmersham and Radwell Brownie pack is currently not meeting. It is hoped that the weekly meetings will resume at a later date.
Local History Book 
The History of a Riverside Parish

Full Details
 Available from

at Milton Ernest Garden Centre
Open 7 days a week. Plenty of free parking
If you live in Felmersham and Radwell and you would like to share a photograph with others then why not post it on the "Photos in Focus" page? The photograph can be of any subject and, if possible, of local interest.
More Details.........
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