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Partial eclipse of the sun at Radwell on 4 January 2011.
Photograph: Linda Rance

 Hungry Starlings
Photograph by Gordon Lang
Jan. 2011

This fish seat in
Harrold Country Park is in
memory of Phyllis Gershon.
Carved by Carrie Yuen
Jan. 2011

Linda Hoyle was recently confirmed by the Bishop of Bedford at St Albans Abbey. She is pictured in the Abbey with supporters from St Marys Church.

"Fair maid of February"

Snowdrops in Felmersham Churchyard. Feb. 2011

Green Hedge Surfing - the latest canoeing craze. Canoeists preparing to participate in this challenging outdoor activity.

Found in Felmersham

Cornbrash, also known as Bedford Limestone.
circa 165 million years old.
More on Cornbrash.

Church End, 1903

This postcard is featured in Bygone Felmersham and Radwell to be published on 20 March 2011
By permission of BLARS

New Local History Book
Bygone Felmersham and Radwell - A pictorial view of the parish. More details

A Starling
Photographed by Gordon Lang

Fungus growing on a rotten piece of timber near
Bakers Lane

Felmersham Gateway
There have been a number of postings on Felmersham Forum
regarding this new gate at the entrance to the village.

New retaining wall
A stone retaining wall has been built at the end of an outflow pipe which runs beneath
Jubilee Lawn.

Horses cooling down in the River Ouse near Felmersham bridge.

On Saturday 9 April 2011 Stuart Copperwheat married Stephanie Lincoln at St Marys Church, Felmersham

Colin Payne (seated) and Morris Lovell on a Fordson tractor harvesting wheat in one of the fields near the river at Felmersham, c1952.
Photo: Colin Payne/Beds Times

Felmersham church and churchyard in the early morning spring sunshine.

The parish flies the flag to celebrate the marriage of William and Catherine.

Early morning dew highlights the field spider's webs. Photograph taken from the "three fields" bridleway.

These two frogs were "legless" only a few weeks ago!

Photograph: Gordon Lang

Cow parsley, also known locally as keck, flowering in the former cricket field.

Pavenham Golf Course viewed from "The Ashes".

Sharnbrook Fire Engine c1930
Inset: On display in Bedford Museum

A  BBC production team filming Peter Hartop constructing part of Anoushka's Upside Down Garden in Peter's back garden.

Gordon Lang took this photograph of a paraglider landing in a meadow near Ouse Manor, Sharnbrook.

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