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Sergeant Edward's promotion confirmed
On the 8th January Acting Special Sergeant Robert Edwards attended his Sergeant's Promotion Board and has been informed he was successful. Therefore Robert is now a Substantive Special Sergeant with Bedfordshire Police.
Congratulations Robert - Webmaster
Congratulations to Robert Edwards
Special Sgt Robert Edwards has won the "safe community award" category in  the 2010 Pride in Bedford Awards. Robert would like to thank everybody who supported and voted for him. He writes "It is a great honour to receive this award for the hard work and long hours I have put in to helping 'Police' our neighbourhood. Thank you to who ever nominated me!"
Mary Watson - An obituary
Notes from the Parish Council meeting 3rd November
Cllr Maggie Spoor writes:
6 Parish Councillors, the Clerk, Acting Special Sergeant Edwards and one member of the public attended this meeting. Apologies from David Cook and Councillor Brandon.
The Mayor of Bedford Borough, Dave Hodgson, was welcomed to the meeting. He spoke at length about the problems the Borough faces coping with a substantial debt inherited from the County Council when the unitary authority was created. This is on top of Government budget cuts. His strategies to cope with these include cost cutting and efficiencies at Borough Hall, plus some good old fashioned lateral thinking which should save the Borough thousands of pounds.
The Chairman, Peter Hartop, tackled the Mayor on a lack of action following the Mayor’s visit to the Parish in September. The Parish has received very poor service regarding road repairs, road sweeping and drain clearance to name a few. The Mayor promised to look into these complaints.
The Mayor then left the meeting.

Highways - The Parish Council had applied to purchase a new street lamp for outside the church using the money available from Councillor Brandon. This has been approved. The application to purchase ‘gates’ for the village entrance was not approved. The Clerk has been informed that the weight restriction sign for Memorial Lane is ‘in hand’.
We were notified of local road closures – Sharnbrook Kennel Hill and Mill Road will be closed on 6th and 7th December from 9.00 am to 3.30 pm. Odell Road, Harrold will be closed for two days between 15th November and 31st December.

Planning - The Boundary Commission has made its final recommendations regarding boundary changes. Felmersham will be part of Sharnbrook ward, along with Knotting and Souldrop and Milton Ernest parishes.
Radwell matters - A planning restraint on The Retreat means it should be closed from the 31st October to 1st April each year. Numerous complaints received regarding traffic going to the stables using Moor End.
Finance - Eight new Neighbourhood Watch signs, showing the Smart Water logo, have been purchased. Another dog bin has also been purchased and will be installed on the verge between Radwell and Felmersham, once the underground services have been located.
Date of next meeting - Tuesday 4th January 2011 in Pinchmill Hall.  November 2010.
Derek Simpson from NZ writes

.......... I was evacuated to Felmersham in 1940 from Eastbourne Sussex. I have fond memories of the village and the life of the times back then. My foster mother was Mrs Edna Betts of Victoria Cottage, a lovely lady, who lost her husband in WW1, she had no children and I think it was a wonderful thing she did in giving a very good home to two brothers aged 11 and 6. The village baker was I believe the brother in law to my foster mother, and as you can see the village name was blacked out on the side of the Vauxhall Van. I am the basket carrier .........
Derek Simpson
Napier. New Zealand.
More at "Where are you now"

Derek attached the photograph described above and it will be published in "Bygone Felmersham and Radwell, a pictorial view of the parish" available 2011. Also in the book will be a photograph (by kind permission of Frank Summerlin) of the wedding of Edna and John Betts and details of how John Betts died in the First World War.

Minor Changes to Bus Time Table

On Mondays to Saturdays the current 18.40 departure from Bedford shifts to 18.50 and there is an additional evening bus leaving the bus station at 19.50. Both of these call at the railway station to connect out of the 18.00 and 19.00 trains from St Pancras. In the other direction the 20.06 from Felmersham to Bedford ceases to run (but the 20.22 remains).
On Saturdays the current 07.52 to Bedford moves to 07.47 to match the Monday to Friday timing.

On Sundays the first bus from Bedford (09.00) and the last bus to Bedford (20.12) cease to run. The remainder of the Sunday southbound services run 15 minutes later than previously, now at 10.27 and two hourly to 18.27.
Stephen Hill, Oct 2010. Link to M50 Time Table
The Wedding of Catherine Mills and Russell Greaves


The wedding of Catherine Mills and Russell Greaves took place on Saturday 30 October at St Mary's Church, Felmersham. The reception was held at Sharnbrook Hotel.
Left: Catherine and Russell
Below left: May Mills with her daughter Emma (bridesmaid).
Below Right: Catherine with her father Laurie Mills arriving at the church.

Click on photographs to enlarge.


Brownies Celebrate 30 Years
Carol Stork Writes:
At a recent meeting of 1st Felmersham and Radwell Brownies, the pack celebrated a significant birthday. September marked the 30th Anniversary of the pack and the girls celebrated the occasion in traditional style with a fantastic cake and by designing brightly coloured birthday party hats.
Felmersham resident, Marjorie Evers, helped to set up
the pack all those years ago and was on hand to cut the cake with one of today’s Brownies.

Crime Stats for September  Click here

Parish Challenge
Janet Cook Writes:

Several members of the Village Hall Committee have spent a very busy weekend cleaning and painting the Committee Room and toilets. During our foray through the cupboards we discovered this one of 3 certificates. Our challenge to the community now is to resurrect that community spirit. Any ideas?
We don't know if Calor are still running this scheme.

Dumbstruck Theatre Group Production

On Wednesday 6 October the Dumbstruck Theatre Group visited Felmersham and performed Oscar Wilde's "A Picture of Dorian Gray". Carol Stork writes the following review:
t’s not everyday that theatre comes to our doorstep in Felmersham and so it was too good an opportunity to miss when the Dumbstruck theatre group dropped in on Pinchmill Hall to perform ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ last Wednesday. It was such a shame that the event had been promoted so late in the day, which meant that there was only about a dozen of us in the audience. But this created a very intimate, ‘theatre in the round’ atmosphere – and we were treated to an excellent adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s novel. The carefully chosen props, lighting and occasional sound were all used to good effect – and the performances were impressive and absorbing. Fingers crossed that their trial run of village performances proves to be a success and that they will be back to entertain us next year.

Harvest Festival Raised £125
The Harvest Festival Service at St Mary's Church raised £125 which will go towards the Bishop's Harvest for the Hungry Appeal. This year the Appeal is supporting families in Eastern Uganda whose homes were devastated by floods in 2007 and they are now struggling to cope with a changing climate.
The Churchwardens wish to thank all those, including the Preschool, who helped support the Appeal by giving produce etc. the sale of which raised the £125.
Stephen Richard Miasek 1951 - 2010
An obituary

Autumn Show - Local Builder Wins Sponge Competition
Local builder Kevin Lovell won first prize in the Victoria Sponge Class at the Felmersham and Radwell Autumn Show. This fiercely competitive section attracted eleven entrants many of whom will be be accomplished sponge makers. So what is Kevin's secrete? Kevin was not saying but it could be all in the mixing.

Below: Matilda Boswell and Caroline Cooper both gained four first prizes to become joint holders of the Felmersham and Radwell Autumn Show Plate.
Bonnet Memorial for Transported Women
Janet Cook writes: Ouse Valley Quilters have been making bonnets, yes, bonnets in memory of the 25,000 plus women who were transported to Van Diemens Land (Tasmania) for such capital offences as stealing a kettle.
At the time stealing a kettle was regarded as a very good reason for sending a woman half way round the world in a sailing ship and serving 7 years in a prison at the other end. The fact that woman might have had small children was ignored, although babes in arms were allowed the luxury of travelling with their mother........
Photo: Janet Cook.
Click photo to enlarge.
The organiser/brain behind this scheme, Christina Henri, has arranged for 13,000 of these bonnets to be displayed at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham from 19 to 22 August where 4,000 quilts from all over the world will be on display. Every bonnet carries the name, date and ship on which the woman was transported, as well as a decoration of hearts and roses or other flowers. Every bonnet already has a permanent home in Tasmania, in one of the "Female Factories" which were set up to receive, house and train the women.
Janet has taught at the Festival every year since it started 5 years ago. She has also exhibited there. August 2010
The Duke steams through Radwell

Duke of Gloucester
Photograph by Paul Davis

Click photo to enlarge
including additional
historical details.

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Paul Davis writes: A vintage steam train passed through Radwell just after 8:00 pm on Monday, July 26th. The locomotive was the famous “Duke of Gloucester” number 7100 which, so I am informed, is used frequently to haul steam train excursions.
Earlier in the day it had been seen in places as far apart as Bromsgrove and Birmingham. Although it was running over 40 minutes late, all the bridges in this area were crowded with steam train enthusiasts, armed with cameras, video-camcorders and sound recorders.
Excitement reached fever-pitch on the “Steetly Bridge” when the whistle could be heard from the Souldrop crossing, well before it could be seen! Never let it be said that life in Felmersham & Radwell lacks excitement!!
Watch the "Duke" on YouTube  July 2010.

Youth Club Success at Village Fete
Annette Franklin writes: The youth club had 5 stalls - Sweet Stall, Face Painting, Paintball, Coconut Shy and Tombola which were run by the children.
On the day we raised £323.50. After taking out the expenditure we made a fantastic amount of £183.61 which we donated 25% to the Village Hall. The amount raised is being used to provide an end of year Fun and Awards Evening for the children.
I would like to thank everyone who both helped and attended the Fete. On such a hot day it was a wonderful turnout.
Special Constable Promoted
Congratulations to Robert Edwards, our local Special Constable, who has been promoted to the rank of Sergeant with immediate effect. Robert will initially be an acting Sergeant and hopes that more people will come forward to train as Specials especially in rural areas.
He will still be operating in the rural area but in addition will help train new officers in the town centre on foot beat.
 June 2010
Changes in Councillor's Responsibilities

Cllr Peter Hartop writes: Following the Parish Council AGM in May the following councillors have changed responsibilities:
Peter Hartop: Chairman, Planning, Tree Warden
David Cook: Grass Cutting
Geoff Hulatt: Town Lot Charity Trustee

Borough Council Consultation on Draft Plan
Bedford Borough Council has just started a six week public consultation on its Allocations and Designations Plan. The draft plan makes specific site allocations and land designations to meet the Borough’s development requirements up to 2021. To view the Felmersham Draft Plan Click Here.
For advice on how to comment go to: and where it says The Draft Plan, Maps, Sustainability Appraisal and Background Documents, follow the links.
Comments can be returned online (web address above) or
by completing a response sheet (available online) and returning it, by 13th July 2010, to:
Paul Rowland
Assistant Director, Planning and Housing
Bedford Borough Council
Bedford, MK40 1SD
Minor changes to bus times from 7 June
On Mondays to Fridays only there are three changes to our bus times to Bedford. The 07.52 runs 5 minutes earlier at 07.47, the 17.02 is put back to 17.12 and the 18.12 to 18.17. These buses still run at the original times on Saturdays.

On Mondays to Saturdays there is an additional bus into Bedford at 20.24 (the 20.09 also still runs unchanged).

There are no changes to the service from Bedford, or to the Sunday service.
Stephen Hill. 1 June 2010
Cherrie walks the London Moonwalk
Cherrie Dawson walked the 26.2 mile London Moonwalk Marathon on 15 May to raise funds for breast cancer charities. She is shown here, on the left, in Hyde Park after finishing the walk. With her are daughter-in-law Victoria from Oslo (centre) and Berit, also from Oslo. They did the walk in 6h 40m, it was Cherrie's 3rd Moonwalk, Victoria's second and Berit's first.

Cherrie writes "We thoroughly enjoyed the walk it was a lovely night and it is great to see London in the early hours of the morning with a lot less traffic. The Walk is to raise money for Breast Cancer and a lot of people walk with just a decorated Bra on their upper body, that is some men as well as woman. You can choose whether to do a half Marathon or a full - Victoria and I chose the full and completed in 6 hours 40 min., which for 26.2 miles is not bad going* as sometimes it is rather crowded - we look forward to competing again next year." (*That's an average walking speed of 3.9mph!)
New Neighbourhood Watch Area Co-ordinator
Dave Girling is the new Neighbourhood Watch Area Co-ordinator for Felmersham and he is looking for a Street Co-ordinator for the Tithe Barn and Upper High Road area.

Dave writes:
It is an interesting and worthwhile way to help the community. The coordinator's role is not exacting and it is a good way to get to know fellow villagers and to keep in touch with village life. The main activities are maintaining a first point of contact with the police and attending the occasional meeting.

If you are interested then contact Dave on 781955. The Area Co-ordinator for Radwell is Paul Keeble 782134. To find out who is your Street Co-ordinator click here.

Wake Boarding at Radwell
For some people the floods at Radwell can provide an exciting experience. Wake Boarding 1. Wake Boarding 2.
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Lambs Stolen from Felmersham Field
Three lambs and a galvanised sheep feeder were stolen from a field in Felmersham between 11.00am on the 14 March and 11.00am on 15 March.
A black Toyota was seen cruising around the location, on the 10th of March. Nothing currently connects the vehicle to the incident. Bedfordshire Police ask rural business owners to be vigilant, and to report any suspicious vehicles, or visitors, to the Police Control Centre.

Brownies Face Closure
Unless the Felmersham and Radwell Brownies can find somebody prepared to come forward and train for an adult leadership qualification the unit faces closure. Pat Keeble, the current leader, plans to retire at the end of the year so she urgently requests suitable people to consider volunteering for this rewarding work.  For more details please contact Pat on 782134.
Alan Stevens - An Obituary
Daytime Felmersham Burglary
A house was burgled midway up Pavenham Road on Friday 5 March between 12 and 12.30pm. The thieves were unable to gain access at the front of the house, so they climbed over the garage to the rear, and after several attempts they eventually gained access through the kitchen window. Jewellery, cameras and two passports were stolen, fortunately no money or cards were found. If anybody saw any person(s) acting suspiciously at about the time of the burglary they should contact the police. We must all be on our guard after such a brazen burglary. 6/3/10

Suspicious Incidents
The following suspicious incidents have been reported At Pavenham on the 22 February two white males turned up in a small white van (index similar to J 1 5 1 J W O), and were asking for scrap metal. The caller did have metal but wanted to keep it. The males got very abusive when confronted, and threatened the caller.

A second similar incident took place in Colmworth also on 22 February. One male had a black beard, and was wearing a hi vis jacket, in his late 20's or early 30's. The other had a ginger beard, and was in his early 40's. If you have any information about this incident or other suspicious incidents or crimes, please call the Police Control Centre on (01234) 841212, and quote ref. no. URN 205 22/02/10 for the Pavenham incident.
Audrey Middlemas
- An Obituary

P3 Group walk in Milton Keynes

Felmersham and Radwell P3 Group organised their March walk (open to all parishioners) in Milton Keynes. The group assembled at Willen lake and headed south following the course of the River Ouzel to Walton Lake then across to the Grand Union Canal, following the towpath north to Woughton, across the Green and returning to Willen Lake. We were all surprised to find ourselves, for most of the walk, in open fields with only the sound of the distant traffic to remind us that we were surrounded by a city.
A large reed bed, an unbelievable large village green, the site of a medieval village and fish ponds, sheep grazing in medieval ridge and furrow fields, a small gauge passenger train and an assault course were just some of the highlights of the walk. Thanks to Peter and Pat Hartop for introducing us to one of their favourite walks in MK. Photo: Peter Hartop
Parish Council Notes
The Borough has proposed to the Boundary Commissioners an increase in the number of Borough Councillors from 36 to 40. As a result Felmersham and Radwell parish would be part of a ward which will also include Milton Ernest, Sharnbrook, Knotting and Souldrop. The total electorate for the proposed new ward is 3,300 of whom 607 live in this parish.

A tender has been accepted for removing the roof moss and other work on Felmersham bus shelter. The retaining wall on Jubilee lawn will be repaired by the Borough. A proposal to recommend that a sign is positioned at the top of Memorial Lane advising drivers of long vehicles of the restricted width at the T junction at the bottom of the lane was agreed. A direction sign to the Village Hall could also be included. Salt bins are empty.

Concern was expressed about through traffic in the two villages. With the expansion of the Sharnbrook Science Park, new housing and congestion in the centre of Sharnbrook at peak periods it was considered that this will lead to an increase in traffic through the parish. A letter will be sent to the Borough expressing concern and suggesting that the rejected proposal to build a new road from the Science Park to the A6 be reconsidered. Permission will be sort to plant a tree on Radwell Green with the intention of illuminating it over Christmas and the new year. The Parish Precept was set at £12,500, the same as last year. Webmaster - 13/1/10

New Year Resolutions
Tony Lockwood, publicity officer for Pavenham and Felmersham C C, shares his
new year resolutions.

Dennis Turner - An Obituary

Protect with Smartwater

Protect your property with Smartwater. Neighbourhood Watch are selling Smartwater for £20 which comes with a lifetime registration, if you order from the site it will cost £45 and you have to re-register at a cost each year.
You can contact Neighbourhood Watch on 01234 275165 or email
Fieldfare seen in Felmersham garden
Paul Davis writes: This is the first time our garden has been visited by fieldfares in the 27 years we have lived here, presumably as a consequence of the early snow and the presence on the tree of a large number of bright yellow sweet apples that we had left for the birds. (Fieldfares are often seen in orchards). They are close relatives of the thrush and most of those that we see in Britain are migrants from Scandinavia. I have read that the number of breeding pairs in the UK is less than 5 but the winter population of migrants is around 720,000.
Their arrival has proved controversial with the local blackbird population, with many raucous disputes, but they are increasing in confidence and proving to be more than a match for any blackbird. This is certainly a very pleasant side effect of a cold and snowy spell of weather. 31/12/09

Homeless Bob visits Felmersham

Homeless Bob is a Rushden charity to help the homeless and to make people aware of homelessness. Our photo shows "Bob" and his friend in the porch of Felmersham church. They are walking from Rushden to London and back over the Christmas holiday period and they are sleeping rough to drawing attention to the plight of the homeless. In freezing temperatures they will be sleeping out for 17days! More on Homeless Bob.

Doris Aitken - An Obituary

Brownie Christmas Tree

Felmersham and Radwell Brownies and St Marys Church entered the above Christmas tree in the Annual Christmas Tree Festival at St Peters Church, Sharnbrook.
Photo: Pat Keeble

BT Infinity Roll-out
Andrew Facey writes
....... I am not sure if you are aware but BT are rolling out BT Infinity. (But not to Felmersham or Sharnbrook yet) However you can vote to get the area upgraded by using the following link:
So far only 8 houses (now 43) out of 1,510 have cast a vote to get BT Infinity. I don't know if this will do any good. But I would have thought if enough people show an interest then may be BT will look into it.
Anything to get a little better than the useless 1.5Mbps speeds currently experienced....... October 2010

Landrover Stolen  

The Land Rover pictured above, Registration No. HY51 ZWA, was stolen on the 27 September between 2045 and 2230 from a driveway in The Old Road.
If anyone has any information regarding the theft, seen anything suspicious along The Old Road please contact, Caroline Cooper 07513 045002.
Caroline also wishes to alert people in the village that the theft has taken place.

Vehicle Crime Felmersham Road Radwell
A vehicle crime took place in Felmersham Road, Radwell, Bedford, between the 12th and 13th September. Offenders drilled a small hole in the fuel tank of the vehicle, drained all the fuel and made off.

The Fastest Train in the World
500km/hr, Japanese? Of course!
Click here
Burglary Warning for Rural Areas

Following a series of burglaries in villages north of Bedford, Bedfordshire Police are warning householders in rural areas to ensure they protect their homes by taking simple, routine security measures.
In the past two weeks there have been six burglaries in Oakley as well as thefts from an outbuilding and from a vehicle. Properties in Lincroft, Station Rd and Farsands have been targeted with small hand portable items being stolen as well as a pedal cycle. The latest offence reported was in Ruffs Furze on Tuesday 14 September. Great Barford has also been suffering from a number of burglaries recently with two on Tuesday 14 September in Green End Rd. There have also been burglaries in Clapham.
Police are investigating these and increasing their patrols in the area but are also advising residents to ensure their homes and property are secured.
PC Spicer, Crime Reduction Officer, says “The frustrating fact for us is that taking some simple routine security measures can prevent a lot of this type of crime. Many of these burglaries have occurred because doors were unlocked or tools left in the garden or an insecure shed or garage were used to break in. Just a few routine measures will make householders much less vulnerable.”  Sept 2010
New Doors for Village Hall

Photograph: Janet Cook
Janet Cook writes: At last the new doors are on the Village Hall. No more worrying about the lock! We've repaired it so many times and even replaced it with a number pad, but this is the answer to our problems.

The Village Hall Committee wish to thank Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation who gave a grant of £2000 towards the cost of the new doors.
        September 2010
Bedford Borough Mayor visits Felmersham

The Mayor talking to cllr. Peter Hartop, chairman
of the Parish Council.

The Mayor of Bedford, Dave Hodgson, held a surgery in Felmersham on Friday 3 September, about 10 people attended. The mayor listened to parishioners concerns about, pot holes, lack of white lines, introducing a 20 mph speed limit in the parish, lack of proper road sweeping, poor drain clearance, cars parked on yellow lines outside Sharnbrook Coop, closure of sporting facilities, cutting back of hedges and incineration of waste. September 2010

The Mayor meets children from Lincroft Middle School who show him the results of their parish survey. The Mayor issued an invitation to the children and their parents to visit the Mayor's Parlour.

Felmersham and Radwell Village Hall AGM
The Annual General Meeting of the Village Hall Committee took place on Monday 23 August.

Felmersham Fete Prize
The winner of the Lucky Entry Programme was No 71, and we have not been able to locate the holder of that programme. If nobody comes forward to claim the prize the money will go into Village Hall funds.

Keech Cottage Cakes
Congratulations to Emily Randall and Elissa McNamara who raised £50 for Keech Cottage Children's Hospice by selling their homemade cakes.
Emily and Elissa would like to say how generous everyone was with their donations and to thank them. August 2010

New Brownie Leader

After leading the Felmersham and Radwell Brownies for many years, Pat Keeble is retiring. As from September Pip Worthington (phone number 07872069116) will take over from Pat. Initially Pat will be present at all the meetings until Pip qualifies as a warranted guider.
I am certain that over the many years that Pat has organised the local Brownie group parents and girls will be grateful for the service that Pat has given to the Brownies. On their behalf I would like to say to Pat "a very big thank you, and have a happy retirement". Ken Shrimpton.

Tom Graduates with a Masters Degree
Tom McVey recently graduated from Bristol University with a  Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering (First Class). (MEng). Photograph shows Tom, on graduation day, with his father and mother, John and Jane.
Photo: John McVey. July 2010
Notes from the Parish Council meeting - 6th July
Cllr M Spoor writes: 6 Parish Councillors, the Clerk and Acting Special Sergeant Edwards attended this meeting. Apologies from Mike Thomas and Councillor Brandon.
The Council congratulated Acting Special Sergeant Edwards on his recent promotion. AS/Sgt. Edwards reported that a speed check in Felmersham that morning had resulted in several verbal warnings. There has been a spate of burglaries in Sharnbrook. Neighbourhood Watch were planning an open meeting on Saturday 11th September for parishioners when the use of Smart Water to mark valuables would be demonstrated. A similar, very successful presentation had been held in Harrold. It was agreed that the Parish Council would pay for the hire of the village hall. AS/Sgt. Edwards expressed concern about the Daisy Bank picnic site. The site needs cleaning up to return it to its proper use. Youths congregating on Felmersham playing field had been spoken to and car numbers taken. Sharnbrook High Street is to be closed for 6 – 8 weeks from 29th July.
Highways - The slipway and wall need further surveying before they can be repaired. Marjorie Pipe reported that the Borough have started to repair potholes around the parish. Owners of overhanging hedges will be written to. The Environment Agency has been contacted regarding a replacement flood gauge. A weight restriction sign for Memorial Lane should be in place in the next two months.
Radwell - There had been complaints about loud music from The Retreat.
Village Hall - is to get a new front door. The lack of bills for utilities was causing the Committee some problems.
Finance - a new dog bin is to be purchased and placed along the Radwell Road and a new litter bin placed in the children’s play area.
Correspondence - Bedford Borough Mayor, Dave Hodgson, is scheduled to visit Felmersham Parish Council on 2nd November 2010.
Date of the next meeting: 7th September 2010 at 7.30pm in Pinchmill Hall.

Flower Festival and
Ouse Valley Singers/Muse and Music Concert

After deduction of expenses the Flower Festival raised £580.74 which together with half the door receipts from the concert given by the Ouse Valley Singers and Muse and Music enabled the church to send a cheque for £700 to Keech Cottage Children's Hospice. St Marys Church wishes to thank all those who helped or supported these two events. July 2010


Pinchmill Pre-School is "Outstanding"
Pinchmill Pre-School was recently inspected by Ofsted and was considered to be "Outstanding" for the second consecutive inspection.
(Well done the Pre-School - Webmaster)

Felmersham and Radwell Crime Stats, date issued July 2010
Village Fete Dot Winner

Ian & Margaret Coomber write: The winner was Chris Poulter and he was very pleased to receive the prize of one of Janet Cook's best homemade Victoria sponge cakes.
The answer was 36 and Chris got 35.
Thanks to everyone who brought cars along and contributed to a very worthy classic car display, all but two of which are resident in the village.

Crime Alert

Robert Edwards writes: "While our parish remains quiet on the crime front, please beware there have been a number of burglaries both dwellings and other premises over the past week or so in Sharnbrook and Odell. A car was also stolen from a burglary in Odell and later found in Northants.
In response to this increase in crime we will be increasing the level of policing in these 2 villages. Please report any suspicious vehicles and persons immediately to the Control Room at Kempston HQ on 01234 841212 and advise me please on 07747 664455 or email any police related matters to my police Blackberry at which I carry with me at all times. Thank you."
Sergeant Special Constable 1616
Robert Edwards
Update!! There have been more Burglaries and theft of Motor vehicles x3 since Tuesday! Friday 28 June 2010
Pavenham and Felmersham Cricket Club
Cricket Club Fixture List 2010
An open letter from Tony Lockwood April 2010 

Youth Club
- New web page

Christian Aid Collection
Peter Rankin writes: Many thanks to all who gave to Christian Aid, the total raised was £482.53 plus another £76 from gift aid.

Parish Council Notes
Download notes from the Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council held on 4th May 2010. Click Here
Written by Cllr Maggie Spoor
The next collection of bulky waste will be on 25th and 26th September.

Date of next Parish Council meeting: 6th July 2010 at 7.30 pm in Pinchmill Committee Room. June 2010

The Vanishing Number Plate
Dave Girling the Felmersham Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator writes: "There is a growing tendency in the area for thieves to steal car number plates and then use them in "drive-aways" at garages without paying for fuel or using them for more serious crimes. The plates are often only used whilst crimes are committed.

If you find your vehicle has a number plate missing (or even 2) then treat it as a serious matter and report it immediately to the police so the vehicle number is circulated.

There is also a planned initiative concerning plate fixings that can only be broken rather than just unscrewed, but I do not have the full details." Paul Keeble the Radwell Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator also wishes to alert Radwell people to this crime. May 2010
 Kelly and Stuart's Wedding
Kelly Edwards, formerly of Felmersham, and Stuart Rabson were married at St Mary's Church, Felmersham on Saturday 22 May 2010.

Above: The couple taking their vows with the Rev David Mason officiating.

Right: The brides father, Bruce Edwards, escorts his daughter at the start of the service.

Photos: Nicholas Edwards

Your local friendly squash club now have a web site.

For enquiries and joining information, please contact Chris Dodd - Membership Secretary. Email

Neighbourhood Watch Sponsored Walk
Lynne Arch of Neighbourhood Watch writes:
"As you are probably aware Neighbourhood Watch is a charity and currently we have no funding as the Police and Borough funding has now ceased.
In order to try and raise money for NW I am asking if people can find time to get sponsorship to walk round the mile circular route of Bedford Priory Park on June 19th 11am – 4pm. Sponsor forms are available on the website .
If people can't do the walk and instead they would like to sponsor my dog Monty, they can contact me:
at the office on Bedford 275165
or email me on
I have injured my foot and can’t walk long distances, I will walk round twice but Monty had said he will willingly do the walking for me."
This event is being held at the end of National Neighbourhood Watch week which runs from 14th – 20th June.  20 May 10

Ground Source Heating comes to Felmersham

Our correspondent reports:
As an experiment, Pilgrim Housing Association are converting a number of their properties to Ground Source Heating, and this property in Grange Road is one of them. One household in Felmersham is already using this ultra green form of sustainable energy, albeit a zig zag network of pipes lying horizontally below the ground whereas the Grange Road system is a vertical array, hence the "oil rig". Seems Felmersham is at the cutting edge of energy conservation - the rest of us just use Danny Mariner's excellent oil purchasing network!
Update: The drill reached a maximum depth of a staggering 87 metres. They encountered clay on the way which slowed things down as it tends to flow back into the bore hole. Operations have now moved to another house in Grange Road.
Find out more about
Ground to Water Heat Pumps


Bridge Closure
The bridleway bridge over the River Ouse at Odell mill will remain closed until mid August. The prolonged closure is a major inconvenience to walkers who use it to extend their walk in Harrold Country Park and locals who walk from Felmersham to the Country Park for a cuppa. Mar 2010


Annual Parish Meeting Report
The meeting was well attended with the village hall committee room almost full. The meeting was chaired by Cllr Peter Hartop, chairman of the Parish Council. In the formal part of the meeting, four reports were presented: Chairman's Report, Financial Report, P3 Report and the Village Hall Report. A general discussion then followed.
Radwell residents expressed concern over young children playing in Moor End Road. "They are playing with skate boards and scooters and show little or no concern for their own safety." Whilst local residents are aware of the dangers, visitors are not. It was feared there would be a serious traffic accident. One suggestion was to make the slip road by the green a pedestrian priority area.
Speeding traffic through both villages and in Moor End was also a big issue. Many suggestions were made and the chairman said he favoured a 20mph speed limit. There appeared to be very little likelihood of anything being done because when speed checks were made car speeds were below the 30mph speed limit. Unfortunately the speed checks were made near a corner and during a school holiday.
Flood water has appeared between Felmersham and Radwell where there had previously been none. It was suggested that a drainage culvert may have been damaged during recent pipe laying between the two villages. It was feared that the standing water may cause the hedges and trees to wither. Borough Council to be advised.
Felmersham Forum was seen as a great benefit to the parish enabling parishioners to make their voiced heard.
A parishioner suggested that we should all consider using our excellent bus service otherwise the time table could be revised. Use it or loose it! During flooding at Radwell a temporary bus stop was needed. From Milton Ernest buses should head towards Radwell and turn right into New Road dropping Radwell passengers at or near the New Road junction.
Observations suggested that street cleaning and drain clearing may have been carried out only twice a year when in fact the Borough was contracted to do it four times a year. The Parish Council will investigate this and also the possibility of employing somebody to clean the parish. 3/3/10
Alan Stevens - Service of Thanksgiving
A Service of Thanksgiving for the life of Alan was held at St Marys Church, Felmersham on Monday 25 January 2010.

Alan's family wish to  thank all those who sent the many very kind messages of support which they have received.
Bedfordshire Police Facebook
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Messy Church
Come and play
at St Peters ‘Messy Church’
Every Monday 11.45 until 1.45pm
Lunch for you and your carer.
Toys to play with
Simple craft activity

More details from:
               Jane Wells 782462 or Richard Phipps 781789

Sheina Burbidge - An Obituary

Parent and Toddler Group

With effect from January 2010 the Parent and Toddler Group will meet on Fridays and not Thursdays, the meeting times remain the same. More details is now on Twitter
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Local History Book 
The History of a Riverside Parish

Full Details
 Available from

at Milton Ernest Garden Centre
Open 7 days a week. Plenty of free parking
If you live in Felmersham and Radwell and you would like to share a photograph with others then why not post it on the "Photos in Focus" page? The photograph can be of any subject and, if possible, of local interest.
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