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The Village of Radwell

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A heron fishing near Radwell bridge >>>  

The parish of Felmersham and Radwell is almost encircled by the river Ouse as it winds its way through the north Bedfordshire countryside. Access to Radwell from the south is over a six arched stone bridge built in 1766 and is one of several stone bridges in the north of the county including Felmersham.

Whilst the bridge carries all the local traffic with no weight restriction it does have a blind spot, which means care has to be taken when crossing. Several times a year the Ouse valley and local approach roads flood, cutting off access to Radwell from the south.

 Upper Ouse Valley viewed from Hall Farm, Radwell

Radwell Bridge first built 1766


Cottages in Moor End Road

Radwell has a triangular-shaped village Green bordered with thatched cottages and the former Swan pub, now a private dwelling.
There are 82 dwellings in Radwell making it a relatively small village and it is often referred to as a hamlet. The properties are a mixture of Victorian houses and older stone and brick cottages interspersed with modern bungalows and houses.

The former Radwell Chapel built in 1807

Radwell has always been a small community but even so it did have a church. In 1608 it is recorded that during a walk round the parish bounds by the vicar and villagers one of the landmarks mentioned was St James Chapel (Radwell). Nothing remains of the building which was near Hall Farm.

During the C19 non-conformist revival a Methodist Chapel was built in Radwell in 1807, it still stands in Moor End but was converted to a modern looking house circa 1980.

Evidence of an Iron Age settlement has been found at Radwell together with evidence of a Roman-British farmstead, so like its neighbour Felmersham, it is likely that there has been continuous occupation of Radwell from the Iron Age to the present time.

Radwell has a riding stable known as Moor End Stables and there are several walks in the area and a circular walk centred on Radwell. For more info and images go to Radwell Circular Walk

The former swan public house >>>

Radwell Cottage

Former Farm House

Radwell Cottage

Farm House Cottages on Radwell Green Post Box and Notice Board

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