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Felmersham to Odell

Leave Felmersham, south of the river, on the Carlton road. After about half a mile, at the bottom of a dip in the road, a path on the right leads towards the river. At the river turn left along the river bank for approx. 1 mile, over a small footbridge, turn right and cross over the river bridge to Odell Mill (a private house) follow signs to Odell. Visit the The Bell, an attractive pub, for lunch or a pint.

Above: Odell church
Left: Odell Bell and cottages

Felmersham to Sharnbrook
From Felmersham church cross the river bridge and turn right along the river bank. The walk turns North towards the nature reserve then right parallel with a drainage ditch. Cross the ditch on the footbridge and follow the hedge bounding the Reserve. (There is an entrance to the Reserve on the left along here).

At the gate at the far end of the hedge there are several options.

Take the centre path leading to Sharnbrook. The path to the right follows an attractive route crossing the river over several footbridges at Pinchmill Islands, and then loops back to Felmersham.

Above: Sharnbrook church
Left: Sharnbrook High Street

The path to the left follows the Reserve boundary and also loops back to Felmersham, with an option of returning through the Nature Reserve.

Radwell to Pavenham Golf Course and circular return
Take the path opposite the Radwell Swan public house and follow the river. At the Golf Course turn right and keep the hedge on your right. At the top of the field turn left and after a few yards turn right. At the road turn right and head towards Felmersham. After a sharp right and sharp left bend in the road, walk a further 100 yards and take the bridleway on your right over three field to the Felmersham/Radwell road. At the road turn right and head for Radwell. Pavenham Panoramic View from Pavenham golf course

Above: Pavenham war memorial
Left: Pavenham skyline 
Other Radwell walks
A bridleway from the top of Moor End, Radwell, leads to the outskirts of Sharnbrook via Stoke Mill.
Brown Woods, Oakley Hill, Near Clapham
Owned by Bedford Borough Council, people are welcome to visit the wood at any time. Parking is also permitted at drivers risk.

Permissive Access, Felmersham
You are welcome to walk around the area of grass land to enjoy the local wild life and views across the Ouse Valley. The area is being managed under the Countryside Stewardship Scheme.
Walk along Church End, Felmersham past Memorial Lane, the School and Village Hall, the Playing Field and Swansholme until you reach a bridleway on your right. Walk up the bridleway (Baker's Lane) until you reach the gated entrance to the Permissive Access on the left.

Two Circular Walks produced by the P3 Group

Two Circular Walk leaflets have been prepared by Felmersham and Radwell P3 Group and they are available as down-loads or from local pubs and St Marys Church, Felmersham.

The first leaflet describes a 7.5 mile circular walk in Felmersham parish, which can be modified to form two separate walks of about 4 miles each.

The second describes a circular walk visiting the three churches of Felmersham, Sharnbrook and Odell and is about 6 miles long. Go to
Walk Leaflets - Downloads

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Daisy Bank Picnic Area

Situated 1 mile from Felmersham on the Carlton Road it is an ideal spot to walk to from Felmersham have a packed drink and return. The road is not especially busy and there is a good view to the north across the Ouse Valley to Odell. Parking is also permitted at drivers risk.

Circular Walk: Harold-Odell Country Park
Circular walk No. 7 is published by Bedfordshire Leisure Services and is available from the Tourist Information Office, St Paul's Square, Bedford. The circular walk can be joined at Felmersham church.
Ouse Valley Way

The River Great Ouse flows from its source near Brackley to the sea at King's Lynn, running through Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk.
A network of footpaths along this magnificent river from 'source to sea' has been way marked - making this route one of the longest river valley walks in Britain. The 150 mile route has been split into 20 shorter walks, which are between 4 and 13 miles long.
Click here for the Ouse Valley Way walk in the Felmersham area.
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