Images of the
 Festival Weekend 2001

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Festival 2001
Some of the lasting images of the Festival Weekend held on Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July 2001. The weather was good and the events were well supported.  

Pinchmill school children country dancing (KR)

Watching the band and children dancing (KR)

Sharnbrook marching band (KR)

Tea in Church End (KR)

Felmersham Dads and Junior football teams. Dads won 6-1 (KS)

Teas served at the village show (KS)


Display of roses entered in the village show (KS)

Radwell Dads and Junior football teams. Dads won 4-1(KS)

Janet Cook demonstrating the art of patchwork (KS)
Studying the entries in the Show (KR)

Barn Dance barbecue (KR)
Children enjoying the Barn Dance (KR)

Blowing up the balloons (KR)

The colourful balloon release (KS)

Bouncy Castle (KR)

Photographs by

  • Keith Rose (KR)

  • Ken Shrimpton (KS)

Please note that the quality of the photographs have been reduced in order to minimise download time.

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