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Parish Council. Edited notes by Cllr Maggie Spoor

Attending the meeting held on the 7th November: 7 Parish Councillors, the Clerk (Mrs Payne), 8 parishioners, Borough Councillors Attenborough, Brandon and Ellis and County Councillor Gershon.

Councillor Nicky Attenborough, Conservative candidate for the Mayoral election in May 2007 attended the meeting at the invitation of the Parish Council (the present Mayor, Councillor Branston, having attended an earlier meeting). Councillor Attenborough spoke of her plans if elected and answered questions on a range of current issues and concerns.

Matters Arising: The Felmersham & Radwell Community Trust had been unsuccessful in their bid to purchase the land next to the river slipway.
Bollards have been installed by the County Council on the Jubilee Lawn to prevent cars parking on the grass.

Highways: The Parish Council are concerned about residents who let their vegetation overhang the highway and will be monitoring the situation and taking the necessary action. Sunken manholes have been reported to Anglia Water, gullies have been cleared. 

Bollards outside Pinchmill School

Parish Partnership money 2006/07 will be used to renew the footpath on The Green, next to Felmersham bus shelter. Request received for curbing by Harrowdene Farm as verge is being eroded. The bollards in The Old Road outside the School are eyesores - could they be changed? Possible water leak on the Carlton Road to be investigated. Councillors to give some thought to how the Parish Partnership money for 2007/08 is to be spent.

Other issues: Quotes for renewal of the grass cutting contract to be sought. Quotes had been received for removing the tree stumps next to Felmersham bus shelter. However the Council has learnt that the trees are the responsibility of the County Council. They have agreed to remove the stumps. Work can then begin on restoring the area.

Parish Plan Report: 40 people attended this meeting including 5 Parish Councillors. Six Action Groups have been set up to implement the Parish Plan. The Community Action Group has already written to the Parish Council requesting waste bins at the new bus stops and for the lamp standards in the conservation area to be changed to a more attractive style.

Finance: The Budget for 2007/08 was presented and discussed. The Council voted to set the precept at £12,500 for the year 2007/08. This is one of the lowest in the County and equates to an average of £44 per household per year.

Date of next meeting: Tuesday 2nd January 2007 at 7.30 pm in Pinchmill Hall Committee Room. 6/12/06
Hourly M50 Bus Service

Felmersham and Radwell now have an hourly bus service Monday to Saturday and a two hourly Sunday service. The Mercury M50 hourly service from Bedford to Kettering (and return) has been routed through Milton Ernest, Radwell, Felmersham and Sharnbrook. The two hourly Sunday service terminates at Rushden.
View Timetable (48KB pdf file)

House Break-in
A house in Felmersham Road, Radwell was broken into and money stolen. 9/11/06.
Marjorie Gwendolyn Rootham 1911 - 2006
An obituary 6/10/06
Felmersham Green

The Parish Council has received a quotation for the removal of tree stumps next to Felmersham bus shelter and reducing the height of the two lopped trees. However it has transpired that the trees are the responsibility of the County Council so the Parish Council will ask BCC to do the work. Part of the highway partnership allocation for Felmersham will be spent on improvements to the bus shelter area. 9/11/06

Janet Receives Award

Congratulations to Janet Welsh of Felmersham who has received a Pride in Bedford community award. She was an overall Bedford Borough winner and received The Pat Olney Arts and Sports Award from the Mayor of Bedford. The photo shows her receiving the award from the Mayor assisted by Cllr Pat Olney.
Janet encourages amateur soloists and musicians and gives them the opportunity to sing in the many concerts she directs. Over the years she has helped raise considerable sums of money for charity and at the same time has given enjoyment to audiences and singers alike. Janet has also recently received a High Sheriff's Award and the Winifred Fowler's Award.
Photo: Bedford News.  14/10/06

Coffee Morning Success

The very successful coffee morning held on 29 September 2006  raised £448.62 for the Macmillan Cancer Relief Fund. Margaret Coomber emailed to say:  "Thank you to everyone who attended, made donations and helped". Photo: M. Coomber 30/9/06

Felmersham an Radwell Autumn Show and Fair

Sunny weather, a good attendance and the new format of holding the Autumn Show and Fair on the same day, all contributed towards a very successful event. Organisers had arranged for a varied programme of events and displays which maintained interest throughout the afternoon.

The Classic Car Display included pre-war cars from Alvis, Austin, Lanchester, Vauxhall and Wolseley and post-war examples of Austin-Healey, Aston Martin, Cobra, Jaguar, Lotus, Mercedes, Morris, Porsche, Triumph, Turner and Vauxhall. Up to twenty cars were on display.
The Felmersham and Radwell Art Club mounted an exhibition of over 30 pictures in various media all exhibits were by local people. The standard was very high.
The Autumn Show attracted a good number of entries and again was very successful. Photo: Peter Stephenson. 19/9/06

Classic Car Run in Europe
Ian and Margaret Coomber entered this 1955 Aston Martin DB2/4 for a classic car run in Europe. Unfortunately the car developed problems so they returned home and instead took their 1967 Austin Healey 3000. They motored over 2000 miles visiting race circuits and hill climb venues en route. They arrived home the day before the Autumn Show and exhibited both cars. Photo: Ian Coomber. 6/9/06

North Wales Wedding

On 15th July 2006
Jeremy Stephenson
of Felmersham
Stephanie Gifford
St Peris Church
Nant Peris, Llanberis
North Wales

Photo: Di Stephenson

Dropshort Cottages to be replaced
Dropshort cottages are to be pulled down and replaced by a four bedroom detached property with garage.
Two parishioners objected on the grounds that the stone built cottages were historically important.
The Parish Council objected on the grounds that it would be better to build two dwellings on the site suitable for small families or young people.
The 4 cottages were built in 1827 as social housing for the poor of the parish. They were known as workhouses because those who lived in them were expected, if able, to pay for their keep by carrying out some form of work. These cottages are part of the social history of the parish. 7/7/06
At the Parish Council Meeting 4 July
Councillors discussed a letter from concerned parishioners about the development of Felmersham Village Green (ie bus shelter area). Their main concerns were, the removal of existing tree stumps, ensuring the planting of mature growth trees, reduction in height of the two remaining trees and the area to be professionally landscaped using appropriate materials. The council agreed to take the necessary actions in order to address the concerns.
The cost of street lighting had risen by 75%
The honorary local auditor, Patrick Doyle, was thanked for his work and the council will show their appreciation by presenting a gift.
The council has taken delivery of a dog bin for Radwell.
Long grass was making the road intersection dangerous for motorists. Local road bridges are to be inspected for signs of weakness. In order to prevent cars from parking on Jubilee Lawn the council is to seek permission to install square oak bollards on the boundary. Bedford has not yet decided to move to a two tier system of education.


Arrow Head Found in Radwell
Whilst creating a pond in the back garden a Radwell resident discovered what is believed to be an arrow head. (See picture on the right.)
We know from the archaeological dig in Radwell gravel pits that early man settle in the parish during the Bronze Age (2000 BC to circa 700 BC). So it is likely that the arrow head is from this period. If however it is earlier than Bronze Age, then this is the first evidence of Stone Age occupation in the parish.   26/6/06

Cornish Wedding
On Saturday 17 June at the Church of St Pol de Leon, Paul, Cornwall, Anoushka Hartop formerly of Felmersham married Hugo Feiler of Cornwall.
The reception was held at Porth-en-Alls, Prussia Cove with a midsummer theme. 24/6/06 Photo Peter Hartop
Triathlon Route Through Parish
Approximately 200 riders taking part in the Bedford Sprint series Triathlon passed through Felmersham on Sunday 2 July 2006. The race involves a 400m pool swim, 25km scenic bike ride and 5km park run.

The photograph shows two riders turning into Pavenham Road from Grange Road.


Toothache? No problem!

"As a change from pulling pints a landlord chose to pull his own tooth out. Steve Miasek, boss of The Sun at Felmersham, decided to take action on Thursday afternoon after getting fed up with pain from a loose tooth. Stunned customers looked on as he fetched a vice grip and went to work on the offending molar wrenching it out by the root. Not surprisingly Steve was later unavailable for comment." B.O.S. 25/6/06

The "Bedfordshire on Sunday" photo shows Steve's tooth held in a pair of mole (molar) grips.

Thanks to the Mystery Mower

I would like to thank the mystery mower who recently mowed the boundary path around the cricket pitch. I have hated my walks recently as the pollen and seeds got in my eyes and ears and I had to ask to go up to Three Fields, which wasn’t popular with my family. Now, thanks to the mystery benefactor, it’s wonderful again.
Jess (the dog) Coomber 26/6/06

Nave Altar for St Mary's

A nave altar has been given to St Mary's church by the Felmersham and Radwell Community Trust in memory of Margaret Alleway (1926 -2002). Margaret left a bequest to the parish and the Trust has chosen to record their appreciation of her generosity by presenting the nave altar to her memory.
Over the last few years a temporary nave altar has been used in order to assess reaction to this innovative idea. The response has been favourable so this portable altar has been installed which can easily be moved for non-communion services. 10/6/06

Stolen 4WD
A vehicle was stolen from Church End on Friday night 12 May 2006. Another car was damaged.
Back door delivery? No problem!

Photo: P Turvey

Tree Felling Concerns
At a recent Parish Council meeting concerns were expressed by residents who lived near to the area where four trees have been sawn down. The Parish Council removed the trees because a tree report had indicated various degrees of decay which may have resulted in branch shedding, thus creating a danger to the public.

The residents were upset that four trees had been removed instead of the worst two and that there had not been proper consultation. Concerns were also expressed about heave and it was claimed that the tree stumps had created a trip hazard. Residents gardens had also suffered from the effects of saw dust debris. The chairman stated that complete removal of the stumps would interfere with the underground services.

On a positive note the Council agreed to look at suggestions from the public as to how the area can be best improved. 3/5/06


Tree Work on Felmersham Green
Four partly rotten horse chestnut trees have been felled next to the bus shelter and the remaining two have been pollarded.
Dropshort Cottages Under Threat
An application has been received by the Borough Planning Department for the Dropshort cottages to be pulled down and replaced by a single dwelling. Several Parishioners and Parish Councillors have expressed their concerns over the proposed destruction of the cottages
and representations are being made by the Parish Council.
The 4 cottages were built in 1827 as social housing for the poor of the parish. They were known as workhouses because those who lived in them were expected, if able, to pay for their keep by carrying out some form of work. These cottages are seen as part of the social history of the parish. 3/5/06
Crime in the Parish

PC Rob Smith, Beat manager for Radwell and Felmersham, presented his annual report to the Parish Council. In the 12 month period up to the 31 March 2006 there were sixteen recorded crimes in Felmersham and five in Radwell. For full report go to Neighbourhood Watch. 3/5/06

Vestry Elects New Churchwarden
At the annual Vestry Meeting Jane Wells was elected new Churchwarden and Paul Keeble was re-elected. In his annual report the Vicar thanked Sally Carr, the retiring churchwarden, for her support over the past five years. 30/4/06
Gratuity Award
Were you born in North Beds?
Have you lived in North Beds for the last 5 years?
Are you of pensionable age?

If the answer is “yes” to all these questions and you have little beyond state allowances then you may qualify for a small quarterly gratuity. Contact:
The Clerk
St Johns Hospital Trust
1 Hookhams Lane
MK41 0JT
Tel: 01234 771517
Or if you know of anybody who may qualify then give them the above details.

More Swans Hit Killer Cable 
Two more swans recently met their fate when they crashed into overhead cables opposite the New Road junction between Milton Ernest and Radwell.
The photograph shows a previous incident because on this occasion the dead swans had been taken away before a photograph could be taken.

They take off from the river and appear to be preparing to land when they are confronted with the cable. They are unable to gain sufficient height to clear the cable and fatally crash into it.
In the early evening of Thursday 9 March there were two power supply  interruptions within a time frame of a few seconds. This was almost certainly caused by the swans. It could also explain why they did not see the cable markers - because they were landing at dusk. 10/3/06

Notes taken at the March Parish Council meeting
1. Four trees are to be felled next to the bus shelter because they are considered to be unsafe. The remaining trees will be trimmed.
2. Repair work on the causeway (elevated walk-way) between Felmersham bridge and the nature reserve will commence shortly. Whilst the work is in progress the causeway will be closed.
3. A complaint had been received on the vandalised state of the Marriotts Close street sign. The council is seeking to have it replaced.
4. Several parishioners in Radwell have complained about dog fouling. A proposal to install a dog bin in Moor End Road was carried.
5. A parish litter pick will be held on Saturday 18 March. (See below for details.)
6. A request has been made for the road to be named between Felmersham bridge and Tollgate.
7. The Council discussed the draft proposal to build 3 new houses in the Old Road linked to providing 6 acres of land to be set aside for use as a playing field, car park and access to a riverside footpath. 5/3/06

Parish Council AGM held on 7 March.
The following reports were presented: Chairman's report, Financial report, Village Hall report, Village Plan report, P3 report (See P3 page) and School Governors report. It is hoped that copies of these reports will shortly be available on

Winter news from Dave and Rita Hope - Click Here

Art Club
Details of Felmersham and Radwell Art Club have been published on
Click here to view the Art Club page

Daphne Everest - An Obituary.

Ivy Helen (Nel) Longstaff - An obituary.

Quarter Peal
Felmersham ringers will ring a quarter peel (approx. 40 mins) on Sunday 29 January at 3.30pm in memory of Eddy Jeffries (Bromham) who taught many of the older Felmersham ringers the art of bell ringing. 23/1/05

Christmas Lights
The festive spirit has arrived in Felmersham! The photographs show homes in Trinity Close and Marriotts Close. Many other homes in the parish are decorated with Christmas lights which help to lift our spirits on the long dark evenings. 10/12/06

Waste Recycling Centre

A revised state-of-the-art Waste Recycling Centre will be opening at Barkers Lane, Bedford on Monday 11th December 2006. The new centre will be twice its original size, with low level waste containers so that customers do not have to climb steps to dispose of their waste. The new design and layout of the site will considerably reduce traffic congestion and improve customer waiting times.
Felmersham and Radwell Remember

Parishioners from the Parish of Felmersham and Radwell remembered those who died in the two World Wars on Remembrance Sunday. A service was held in the parish church followed by a wreath laying ceremony at the War Memorial. Thirty adults and 6 children attended the ceremony which was conducted by the Rev David Mason. Jeff Hulatt laid the wreath and read the names of the fallen, followed by a two minute silence. The Last Post and Reveille was played on the trumpet by Nigel Doggett. The photo shows Jeff adjusting the wreath. 12/11/06

Nicky Attenborough  
Borough Cllr Nicky Attenborough, the conservative candidate for Mayor, attended the November Parish Council meeting. During her presentation to the meeting she made the following points regarding the rural communities.
If she were elected Mayor she would ensure an equitable representation of the rural community on the executive. There would be a rural portfolio holder on the executive. Ensure that there was equity, in terms of
services, between the town and the rural areas. Rural communities should not pay for services that the town already receives. An improved police presence within the rural areas.
Mayor Branston had made a presentation at a previous meeting.
Rev David Mason
Congratulations to the Rev. David Mason RD who has been appointed to the position of Rural Dean for the Deanery of Sharnbrook. Under the bishop, David will have the special care and inspection of the clergy within the Sharnbrook Deanery. He will also become chairman of the Deanery Synod. He replaces the Rev Dr Ian McIntosh of Milton Ernest who has taken a fulltime theological appointment at Cambridge. 21/08/06

Increase in Parish Precept

Parish Councillors voted for a 31% increase in the parish precept for 2007 - 08. Reserves are low and the 3 year, fixed priced, grass cutting contract comes up for renewal in 2007. The income from the precept will rise from £9.5K to £12.5K. Council chairman Peter Hartop stated that even with this rise the parish rate will still be one of the lowest in the Borough. There was one abstention. 8/11/06

Lieutenant P J Manton MC

During the Second World War battle for Caen, 20 year old Lieutenant P J Manton MC - a tank commander, was wounded while rescuing comrades from the battle area. He was taken to Bayeux Military Hospital where he died from his wounds. For his bravery he was awarded the Military Cross and is buried in Bayeux Cemetery. Lieutenant Manton, was born and lived in Pavenham. 8/11/06
Jubilee Lawn Bollards
The Parish Council requested the County Council to install bollards on the perimeter of Jubilee Lawn. Over the summer visitors were parking their cars on the Lawn interfering with the leisure use of the Lawn. It is hoped that the bollards will, in future, prevent car owners from parking on the lawn.

When the Lawn was first created bollards were installed. 8/10/06
Parish Plan - The Next Stage

Approximately forty parishioners attended the Parish Plan meeting on the 27 September 2006. Peter Hartop, Chairman of the Parish Council and the Parish Plan committee, explained that a total of 37 issues had been identified from the responses to the Parish Plan questionnaire.
In order to address these issues the meeting divided itself into 7 action groups and each group will address the issues within their grouping.
Each group was assigned a member of the Parish Council who would act as the conduit between the Council and the group. Peter is shown in the photo with an action group in the background. 28/9/06

Devonian Wedding
Kitty Warburton of Felmersham
married Dale McCrea of Bridford, Devon
on Saturday 2 September 2006.
The Newton Abbott Registry Office ceremony was followed by a
Blessing at St Thomas Becket Church, Bridford.
The couple are honeymooning in the Scilly Isles. Photo Liz Conibere

Parish Council Notes - Meeting held on 5 September 2006
Contractors are to remove the stumps by Felmersham bus shelter. A site meeting is to be arranged with interested parties to discuss further work.
Some parishioners and councillors objected to the white painted stones and various ornamentation on the grass verge outside the entrance to Stone Pits, Carlton Road. On the plus side the owner cuts the grass. A letter will be written.
Cllr Cook reported that of the 210 trees he planted in the parish last year almost half had died in the dry weather. The Brownie tree on Jubilee Lawn is to be better protected.
Individual councillors are to act as co-ordinators for the various areas of the Parish Council: Cllr Pipe - Highways, Cllr Cook - Tree Warden, Cllr Hartop - Grass Cutting, Cllr Poulter - Radwell, Cllr Thomas - Parish Burial Ground. Others will be added later.
Councillors were concerned about hedges and trees overhanging paths and roads. All overhanging vegetation should be trimmed back to the boundary, the worst offenders will be contacted. Councillors were also concerned about cars parked on blind corners.
The travellers who parked in Daisy Bank Pick-nick Area have been moved on. They left a large amount of rubbish which has been cleared.
Councillors discussed the sale of land at Felmersham Bridge.
Heavy rain in Memorial Lane caused erosion of the highway, this has been repaired. A property in The Old Road was also flooded, the County Council are on notice to rectify the problem. 6/9/06


Land Adjacent to the River For Sale

Land with frontage to the River Ouse near Felmersham bridge is for sale with a guide price of £16,000. Sale is by formal tender by 12 Noon 14 September 2006.
WI Celebrate 85 Years
Felmersham and Radwell WI celebrated their 85th birthday with an anniversary luncheon on Sunday 20 August 2006. Afterwards members and guests were entertained by Muse and Music.

The photo shows Hazel Sidebottom, a member for over 40 years, cutting the birthday cake with the Wendy Williamson the WI president.

Photo: Peter Hartop
New Parish Council Chairman

At the Parish Council meeting held on 4 July, Peter Hartop was elected chairman and Marjorie Pipe Vice Chairman of the Council. Peter thanked David Cook, the retiring chairman, for all the hard work he had put into running the Council during his term in office. Mike Thomas, the retiring Vice-Chairman, was similarly thanked.
On taking the chair, Cllr. Hartop said he would like to see the Council organised such that each councillor took responsibility for a department (ie Highways, Planning, Finance etc). Each councillor would then report on the progress of various issues within their responsibility to the full council. He also suggested renaming "Parishioners Questions" to "Parishioners Talk-time" however the same guidelines would apply. The councillors endorsed these arrangements.

What on earth!
The photo shows two P3 Group members, Marigold and John Sykes, holding a couple of unusually large natural curiosities. They were found whilst the P3 Group were clearing the parish footpaths and styles of scrub and undergrowth.

Yes, but what are they?

Visit the P3 Group stand at the Autumn Fair to find out. The Group will also be holding a treasure hunt and a competition to identify images taken from the parish footpaths.

More on P3.     10/08/06

Felmersham Wedding

On Saturday 29 July the marriage of Elizabeth Barbara Bryant to Richard Martin Papé at St Mary's Church, Felmersham.

Obituary - Colonel Peter Francis, RE
Peter Francis remembered by Nigel Booker

Felmersham Wedding
On Saturday 24 June
the wedding of
Nigel Giffiths
Karen Jane Gravestock at
St Mary's Church,

The reception
was held at
Old Warden.



Old Warden Wedding
On 9th June 2006
Sophie Gani
of Felmersham
Stewart Firth
Shuttleworth House
Old Warden.

3/7/06 Photo: Lesley Garni

Parish Plan Report
Felmersham and Radwell Parish Plan Report has been delivered to every household in the parish. After a short period of time, to allow the report to be considered, a public meeting will be called for parishioners who would like to be involved in implementing the recommendations. The aim is to set up a series of Action Groups to move the Plan forward.
If you feel passionate about any of the issues contained in the report, and you would like to be involved, then the Steering Committee will welcome you to the proposed meeting.
Webmaster Comment: I have read the Parish Plan and I think it is excellent, the Steering Committee are to be congratulated. I especially like "The Issues" section of the report, it is well set out and not burdened by statistics. Well done. 28/5/06
Felmersham on Anglia TV

Clockwise top left: Ann Greenish, Paul Keeble (Churchwarden), Victoria Webb (Anglia TV), Rev David Mason (Vicar).
Anglia TV News included a short item about the organ restoration and the Heritage Lottery Fund grant in their Maundy Thursday broadcasts. Ann Greenish played the organ at short notice during the previous day when Anglia's presenter, Victoria Webb filmed the programme in St Mary's church.
Bedford on Sunday included an article in their Easter Sunday newspaper including a comment from Robert Llewellyn, HLF's manager for the East of England supporting the project.
Paul Keeble 3/5/05
Beating the Bounds

The band of rain forecast for Rogation Sunday afternoon didn't disappoint. On schedule, it bucketed its drenching cargo on our resolute walkers. Wet clothing? Yes! Dampened spirits? Never! Such is the sheer grit and determination of the Felmersham P3 Group and their supporters. 21/5/06

Notes taken at the May Parish Council Meeting.
1. Four members of the Parish Council have considered the Proposed Playing Field Development Brief, the meeting adopted their response which will be sent to the Planning Department.
2. A report from the Village Hall committee requested that the P.C. consider cutting the playing field grass more frequently because of difficulties in finding debris during the weekly safety inspection. Playing field mowing costs: £50 per cut.
3. The new Radwell bus shelter cost £2792 including VAT. VAT is recoverable and the insurance claim will contribute towards the costs. It was agreed to put a seat on the site of the old bus shelter also to remove some of the concrete, replacing it with grass.
Next meeting: 4 July 2006. 3/5/06

Four Family Walks starting at Felmersham Church
Four walks have been specially devised to meet the needs of parents with young families and may also be suitable for people with limited mobility. They are circular walks starting and finishing at St Mary’s Church, Felmersham.

The walks are relatively easy going with either no stiles or a limited number of stiles. Some of the walks are usable all the year round whilst others are only suitable during the summer. Click here.
Organ Lottery Grant
Felmersham PCC has secured a lottery grant to repair the church organ. The total estimated cost of repair is £42,000, of which £15,000 has been raised locally by concerts, coffee mornings, grants and a bequest. The funding gap will be financed by the Lottery grant.

Work is expected to start in January 2007 when the organ will be completely dismantled. All the organ components will be cleaned, repaired or, if necessary, replaced.

The bellows will be transported to Nicholson's workshop and the 130 year old concertinaed lamb's leather will be replaced. This is a very expensive element of the work. More on the organ. 18/3/06

Nature's Pigeon Pie
A Sparrow Hawk in Tithe Barn making short work of a recently caught pigeon. Over the years families of pigeons have roosted on the church and tower, blocking gutters and creating mess. In recent years the pigeon population has declined. This incident, photographed by Mrs Gray, may provide the explanation for the demise of the church pigeons.
More on Santa-Turbo
Photomontage comparing the scaled height of a Podington wind turbine with Podington Church and Hinwick House
The wind turbines currently being built at Burton Latimer, Northants are 100 meters high with a 70 metre diameter rotor. The proposed Podington turbines will be 125 metres high with a 90 metre diameter rotor. Planning applications are likely to be made for 16 turbines (410 feet high) at Nuns wood on land between Bozeat and Lavendon and 10 turbines (410 feet high) at Petsoe Manor farm about 2 miles east of Emberton.
Who said the Podington turbines were not the thin end of the wedge? 3/3/06

Strengthening our Community Spirit
Approximately 100 Residents of Felmersham and Radwell attended a Cheese and Wine get-together to informally discuss strengthening  community spirit and to explore the potential for suitable social and fund raising events. If the enthusiastic response to the meeting is a guide then clearly community spirit is alive and well. What the Village Hall committee is seeking to do is to translate this community spirit into the more tangible community participation. This objective is worthy of our support.  9/1/06

Image Gallery on
A few of the images published on the front page of are shown on this new page. Works best with broadband. 9/2/06

Windfarm - Update
Bedford Borough Council planning officers are in the process of evaluating the Environmental Statement submitted by Nuon.
It is understood that the application will be put to the planning committee in the next couple of months.
People can still write in to object or support the planning application. 24/1/05

National Agenda for Change Meeting

Mr Tony Lindsay (Senior Education Officer, Education Strategy) Beds County Council gave a presentation on the Government's "Core Offer" within the context of the "National Agenda for Change in Education" and how this will impact on Pinchmill School. Approximately 40 people attended the meeting held on 24 Jan.

By 2010, all children should have access to a variety of extended services in or through their school including all the year round 8am to 6pm quality childcare.

All schools have many facilities that could, and often already do, benefit their local communities. These facilities include sport halls and fields, IT, playgrounds, classrooms, libraries, assembly and dining halls and numerous other physical facilities and educational resources.

The extended schools agenda builds on the existing provision to ensure that schools open their facilities to their local communities. This can be during school hours and/or before and after the school day and at weekends and holidays.

Not only does greater access to school facilities benefit local communities, it also benefits schools themselves, not least by helping make them even more the 'hub' of community life.

The meeting split into groups to discuss and make suggestions based on the extended schools agenda. 25/1/05

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