Fresh Eggs for sale




Closed for the winter. Will open again on Wednesday 5 March from 2.00pm to 4.00pm in St Marys Church

Many allotment holders have surplus fruit & veg which often goes to waste. Some people may have surplus eggs they would like to sell. Likewise, there are some very talented people in the village who make cakes, jams, honey, cards, gifts etc.
The idea is for the person providing the produce/gift item to choose the price they would like it purchased for and the shop take a percentage of the price.
No perishable items will be stored in the church so if not sold they must be collected or they will be given away.
It is planned to have fresh bread on sale every Wednesday afternoon why not come along for your bread and a cup of tea and browse amongst the items for sale in the shop.
The "Made with Loving Hands" Shop is a trial and, if successful, the plan is to move the shop to a more permanent location in the future. It is a church project with no monies going into a private business.
Please email if you would like your produce etc, to be sold in the "Made with Loving Hands" Shop.

Shop helpers arrange the hand made items.


The Bishop of Bedford, Rt. Rev'd. Richard Atkinson opened the "Made with Loving Hands" Shop on Wednesday 28 August 2013


Page last updated: 20/12/13

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