The Commemorative Quilt
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Membership details:
Janet Cook 781373

Ouse Valley Quilters was formed in 2006 by a number of ladies living in Felmersham and Radwell who are interested in acquiring or developing quilt-making skills.
Currently the group meet in the home of members on every other Thursday evening between 7.30pm and 9.30pm. However if the membership increases sufficiently they will hire Felmersham Village Hall.

The Group welcomes new members who are either beginners or seasoned quilters.

Quilt worked by Anne D.

The group is led by Janet Cook who has proved her skills by winning national championships twice. She has been teaching patchwork for the past 18 years.

The first project undertaken was an A5 folder to keep some of the requisites needed for quilting. Members then made a quilt for themselves using individual designs.

Quilt worked by Karen

In 2007 the group undertook a community project to make a commemorative quilt for the restoration of the church organ. (See photo on left.)

The quilt repeats the colours in the Millennium Window and uses the motive of the Heritage Lottery Fund (who helped finance the restoration) and the shape of the church building.

Quilt worked by Janet

Lines from two favourite hymns of a former vicar, the Rev Gerry Sidebottom who died in 2007, are also included.

Members who made the commemorative quilt are:
Anne Atkinson-Clark. Janet Cook, Barbara Curry, Georgina and Karen Chandler, Pat Keeble, Mary Pickin and Di Stephenson.

Quilt worked by Pat

A case for displaying the quilt in St Marys Church and the cost of materials used were donated by Richard Horsford of Radwell in memory of his wife Daphne and son Paul.

The quilt will be dedicated by the Archdeacon, the Venerable Paul Hughes on 20 April 2008.

Quilt worked by Mary

Members of the group also made lap quilts (see photos) for the ladies of the church choir to use during the cold spells in a very draughty building!

Quilt worked by Anne A-C.

The group are always prepared to learn new patchwork and quilting skills are are happy to welcome new members who are either beginners or seasoned quilters.

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