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January 2002


Edited by Clive Just.  email:  OuseNews@bigfoot.com

 Rev. David Mason

A month ago I wrote wishing you a Happy New Year in respect of the Church’s year which, I hope that you recall, began on Advent Sunday. This month I wish you a Happy New Year with regard to the New Year that you are more used to. I am writing this piece just before the Christmas Festivities begin, already the Church has been decorated, the School has had its Christmas production, and has also contributed to the Carol Service. I give thanks for all the hard work that all who contributed put into each of them. Both events were enjoyable and gave us much food for thought. I also thank all those who contributed to the collection of presents for the school in India.

I will not dwell on the events of last year as I spent some time discussing them last month. Sufficient to say that for very many people it was a difficult year, and the world will never be the same place again

As we move into the New Year we look forward to the year to come. In June we will be hosting the visit of the Bishop to Sharnbrook Deanery, the Bishop will be visiting all the Deaneries in the Diocese as part of the celebration of 125 years the existence of the Diocese. In July the Bishop of Bedford retires. He has been a great help to us, among very many others, and I am sure that we will miss him. There will be further news about both these events later in the year. In February we will be able to see a short glimpse of the Village on Television, further details later in this month’s News.

It is in hard and difficult times that we begin to realise that we are not as all powerful and independent as we thought that we were. The weakness and vulnerability of even the greatest power on earth was all too evident on 11 September. Jesus came to earth all those years ago to bring the good news of how mankind could live at peace with each other, in the ages since disciples have continued to spread the gospel message to all nations. But still the powers of this earth resist. Still men imagine that they are superior and that God is irrelevant, and still mankind suffers the ravages of living, or of trying to live, without God, putting themselves in God’s place. Let us hope and pray that out of terrible events in America and the consequent reactions to that violence there comes a re-realisation of the futility and danger of trying to put ourselves above God, and of denying his love for us. Let us pray and work for the coming of God’s kingdom upon this earth, for it is only when this happens that we will have true peace and prosperity through the whole world. It will only when we realise that we all have a duty to love God and our neighbour and seek to obey and live by the great Commandments that we will all be able to fully enjoy the great gift of life that God has given to each one of us. I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year, and pray that it will be a peaceful and successful one.

Foreign Coins Wanted -  Stephen Hill

Coins of the countries which have converted to the Euro will shortly cease to be legal tender in those countries. You can still cash in your notes at UK banks, but they do not handle coins. Your horde of old coins will be useless to you, but will represent a gift to the European Central Bank. To avoid this waste, Sharnbrook Deanery are organising a collection of foreign coins which Christian Aid will be able to convert into useful money. If you have foreign coins you would like to donate (and they do not have to be coins from Eurozone countries), please deliver them to Stephen Hill at 46 Marriotts Close, Felmersham, (781604) to David Mason in Church any Sunday morning, or to any member of the PCC.

The Village -  Rev David Mason

Last Autumn a team from Anglia Television visited and filmed the village for a series to be shown at the beginning of this year. The series will be televised on Tuesdays at 730PM beginning on the 8 January. It is not until the final episode that you will see the village, and then I believe that it will be only a fleeting visit. Watch on 12 February to see if you catch sight of some familiar places. Included in the programme that night are ‘Bedfordshire tour and quad bike, Delft, and Lowestoft.’

  Christingle Service - Gillian Whiteway

Many thanks to those who supported The Children’s Society at the Christingle Service at St Mary’s, and helped to make it such a memorable occasion. We raised £224.43, which will go towards helping homeless and neglected children. Particular thanks go to Mrs Peck and her pupils, especially the readers at church, who did a great job.

Goodwill Christmas Appeal - Rosalind Templeman

I would like to say an enormous thank you to everybody for the fantastic response to the Goodwill Christmas appeal. I was overwhelmed by the number and variety of presents . Thank you for the imaginative ideas and the trouble you took. I know that the children at the Bapatla home are going to be thrilled with their new things. Thank you also for the generous donations. If anyone would like more information about Goodwill, then please do not hesitate to contact the administrator, Peter Davis at 63 Denford Road, Ringstead, Northants NN14 4DF, or email him at gwillhomes@aol.com

Small Ads

Have you got the ironing blues? If so, phone Sue on 782 654
Free to good home.. 2 Tabbycats, good pets, Owners moving. Contact 782 654
Free Horse Manure, for collection from Corn Close. 
Phone 782 666

Central Heating Oil - Clive Just

Several residents in Radwell have been part of a oil buying consortium for many years and have saved significant amounts of money. Would anyone in Felmersham be interested in joining one? Typically what happens is that at regular intervals each member is asked how much fuel they need, these individual requests are amalgamated and ordered from whichever company offers the best price. All orders are delivered in one trip saving the fuel company time. You pay the oil company directly. If you are interested or have any questions please call me on 781967 or email me: clive@easy.com

Wooden Hill Treasure Hunts - Darren Flint

A Wooden Hill Treasure Hunt is something completely new and exciting for the people of Bedfordshire in 2002. A passport to adventure, full of fun and laughs, creativity and lateral thinking, this is an entertaining way to explore the beauty of the Bedfordshire countryside.

Each team, armed with Action Backpack’, Polaroid camera will he let loose to solve ten crazy clues. The participants are the stars of the treasure hunt and will feature in every photograph getting up to all sorts of mischief. All the answers will be there and you don’t have to be Miss Marple or Sherlock Holmes to return to base and claim the booty.

This is an excellent opportunity to see the sights, meet the locals and record the evidence with hilarious results. Throughout the event we will show participants what the County has on offer, some of it well known, other parts so far off the beaten track even the locals don’t know about them.

It is ideal for any celebration, including, birthdays, family reunions or work ‘get togethers’ and can he undertaken by all - young and old, locals or visitors. If you do have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on 01525 716806 or visit www.woodenhiIl.org.uk

OuseNews Editor

For the past couple of years OuseNews has been distributed free to all houses in Felmersham and Radwell. A sum of money had built up over the years which was used to fund it. along with income from adverts. The money has nearly all gone now so we need to reconsider funding. Should we revert to charging? Have more adverts or fewer adverts? Would anyone be prepared to print or sponsor an edition — it costs about £40? Should the Parish Council contribute? Your comments would be appreciated - contact details are on the back page. Why not send your comments to Soapbox on 
www.felmersham.net  as well.

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