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Ouse News is published by Felmersham Parochial Church Council and Sponsored by Chesham Insurance Brokers

Easter Thoughts - Rev David Mason
Father forgive them, they do not know what they are doing. Luke 23.34

Soon it will be Good Friday and Easter. Today we have heard of yet another killing. We are increasingly pre-occupied with terrorism, war and its consequences, and an apparent inability of people to be able to live in peace together. We see the truth in the saying that vengeance breeds vengeance. And this at a time, when science and technology have developed the world and its resources far beyond what was dreamed of in years gone by,

It seems that man is bent on returning to the dark ages, or even on the total destruction of the planet.

As Jesus was dying on the cross he uttered the words; 'Father forgive them, they do not know what they are doing.' We must wonder if those involved in acts of terrorism, in acts of revenge killing are so blinded by hatred that they cannot see that they are perpetuating the violence which drives the participants into entrenched positions which reduce the opportunities for the resolution of conflict and the achievement of justice.

Our world is now so small that we are all at risk from the acts of those whose hatred drives them to commit terrible atrocities as the seek revenge against those that they believe have wronged them. A relatively small group of fanatics are able to wreak havoc and cause the loss of very many lives as we have seen in New York and in Spain. We are alt at risk .I do not believe that there is an easy way to resolve the situation. But I wonder how much of our present predicament has been caused by a failure to live according to the great commandments given to us by our Lord. Loving God first, and loving our neighbours as ourselves must be the basis of living in peace in our world today. Peace cannot be achieved merely by the exercise of overwhelming military power.

When so few can cause such death and disruption we have to find other ways of dealing with conflict. I believe that we must return to following the way of life given by God through Jesus if we are to find the way out of the present very dangerous position that may affect each and every one of us. Easter is the time when we remember Jesus' resurrection. Let it be a time when we proclaim again the good news of Jesus, that he is alive and in the world today. Let us proclaim the gospel message, the only way in which we can all live together in peace to develop and share the riches of the earth that God has given to all of us. Let us proclaim again the love of God for all his people, and his wish for peace on earth and goodwill to all people.

Annual Meeting. The annual Parish Church meeting takes place at the Village Hall on Monday 26 April at 7.30pm.

Very Big Thank You - Judie Bennett
I have just completed 6 weeks of radiotherapy at Addenbrooks Hospital, which involved daily trips there and back. I could not have driven there myself and therefore was dependant on others for help. Many friends offered to help but this did not cover half the trips, then the community care group offered assistance and soon all was taken care of. To everybody who so willingly gave up his or her time to help me a very big thank you, I will be forever grateful.

Tesco Vouchers - Caroline Jones
Pinchmill Lower School is again collecting Tesco Computers for Schools vouchers. The vouchers are extremely valuable to School and in previous years have been 'swapped' for much needed IT equipment such as colour printers. If anyone you know shops at Tesco, doesn't want the vouchers or usually declines them, please let them know that the Pinchmill School Committee are collecting them and that the school can put them to very good use. Many thanks.

Ouse Meadows District Guides - Pat Keeble
Margery Evers has been appointed President of Ouse Meadows District for the UK Girlguiding. Margery has been associated with guiding for over 25 years and the appointment recognises her commitment to local guiding and the various units within the District wish her well in this new role.

Summer Fair - Village Hall Committee
The Village Hall Committee will be holding a Summer Fair in the meadow off Memorial Lane on Sunday July 18.

We invite all village organisations to hold stalls for the benefit of themselves - both to publicise their activities and to raise funds. Please get in touch with Janet Cook on 781373 as soon as possible with your suggestions for a stall so that they can be co-ordinated, or if you have any questions.

Last year we had a very enjoyable time with races, a tug of war, teas, Tombola and a barbecue. We hope to repeat this, with even more stalls and fun. More details next month!

Midday Supervisor
Pinchmill School Pinchmill Lower School urgently required a Midday Supervisor to work Monday - Friday between 11:45am and 1:15pm. Please contact Mrs G Peck, Headteacher for further details and an application form.

Coffee Morning - Jane Wells
The Church Coffee Morning for April, in aid of the Church Heating Fund, is at the home of Pat and Peter Hartop, on 3 April at 10.30am. Home made cakes, toiletries, produce and bric-a-brac for the bring and buy stall will be greatly appreciated. All welcome.

Next month's will be hosted by Richard and Jacki Phipps on Saturday 8 th May at 10.30am.

Dawn Chorus Walk - Ken Shrimpton
Felmersham and Radwell P3 Group are organising, within the parish, a Dawn Chorus Walk. Most of us will have heard the dawn chorus from our beds but here is an opportunity to hear it in the company of the P3 Group led by an expert in bird song recognition.

The event will be held either on Saturday 8 or 15 May. Time, date and details will be published in next months Ouse News. The cost will be 3 per person, which will include coffee and barbecue "breakfast" afterwards. The event is for Felmersham and Radwell residents only.

Bedfordshire Parish Paths Partnership (known as P3) is a partnership between Beds County Council and the local Parish Councils. The purpose of the partnership is to promote the enjoyment of the countryside through the active involvement of local parish groups. Felmersham and Radwell P3 Group consists of 12 members and is led by Carol Stork (Tel: 782769) New members are always welcome

Mill Theatre, Sharnbrook - Theo Gibbs
CABARET - Kander & Ebb's Smash Hit Musical: Friday 14th - Saturday 22nd May. The tumult of 1930s Berlin brought to you via the glitz and glamour of the Kit Kat Club. Memorable songs include `Wilkommen', 'Don't tell `Mama', 'Money', 'Tomorrow belongs to me', and the famous title number 'Cabaret'. Don't miss this exciting and thought provoking show. Tickets available from: The Village Trader, Sharnbrook, your local booking point; *Central Box Office, Bedford 01234 269519; '`The Castle, Wellingborough, 01933 270007; (*Credit/Debit cards accepted.) Party Bookings: Please phone: Alison Bean 781372 10% discount on 10 or more, excl. Charity performances.

PLANT SALE Saturday 17th April 12 noon to 4 p.m. PERTENHALL VILLAGE HALL
At least 13 Professional Stalls (Specialised Nurseries from around East Midlands etc.)
Clematis, Unusual Perennials, Shrubs, Auriculars, Alpines and Grasses etc.
Refreshments available Entrance 1.50 (ample parking)

Parish Plan - Parish Council
About 50 people attended a public meeting on 25th February to find out about Parish Plans and discuss the possibility of producing one for Felmersham & Radwell. They heard that this scheme differs from previous parish appraisals in that its purpose is not just to talk about desired changes and improvements but to get on and implement them. Funding is available to ensure that the whole parish is consulted and all views are taken into consideration before it is produced.

At the next meeting a Steering Committee will be to formed which will take the project forward to applying for a grant. That grant will then be used to move on to a consultation phase and through to completion of the Parish Plan. This might take about a year but hopefully soon after this the implementation of the various individual plans begins.

If you did not attend the last meeting but are still interested in the idea then please look on www.felmersham.net website for details of the presentation. Alternatively contact Peter Hartop, Mike Thomas, Maggie Spoor or Chris Poulter who will be happy to provide more information. If you want to actively participate then please call Peter Hartop on 782165 to discuss this further.

The Ruth Rankin Memorial Sunflower Competition - Candace Rankin
March 12 saw the opening of this year's Sunflower Competition and we would like to remind everyone that Entrance Forms and Starter Packs are still much available until 16 April. We especially welcome the Radwell folks as they were underrepresented in last year's event.

You will note that I have taken the sentimental liberty of naming this year's competition in memory of our dear old cat that died peacefully on 28 Feb. As you regular readers will know, Ruth participated in her own unique style each year, which usually got her disqualified on some basis of misbehaviour or cheating. But she was also her happiest self sitting in the greenhouse with me for hours watching me potter and pot up compost for the competition; we had many a philosophical discussion together in the greenhouse.

We used to comment on the fact that some times the puniest, sickest little spring seedlings ended up tougher than the earlier robust ones, or how important it was to keep imagining how fabulous a plant would eventually look like even when the seed seemed like it would never germinate; or how the beauty of the pasture behind Adina never failed to entrance us in early morning sunlight.

In today's busy world, it is often your cat that you share your deepest thoughts with, and dear old Ruth, age 18, has held many a family member's sorrows, joys, celebrations, and contemplations. She always was excited to know how many folks were signing up for the Competition each year, so in her memory please stop by soon and get your pack - a heavenly meow can be heard as you carry away your seeds.

Community Care  -  Michael Thomas
The Link-Up Scheme comes to Felmersham and Radwell. This is an initiative that aims to help the more elderly and vulnerable members of the Parish by fitting door chains, door viewers and other home security devices to enhance the safety of their homes. When these safety devices have been fitted, information and advice is given on avoiding distraction burglaries and bogus callers.

The Bedford Police Partnership Trust's 'Bobby Scheme', have been extremely supportive with the project and have given training to the Link Up volunteers, of which The Felmersham & Radwell Community Care are members. The Bobby Scheme, Link Up Scheme, and ourselves are working together to provide a complementary service for our Parish.

All our Volunteers are fully insured by the Care Scheme insurance policy, and have been CRB checked and carry identity cards.

If you would like to have further information regarding this scheme, which is free of any charges, please contact us on 07693 225875 and leave your message with the operator, who will pass your request on to our Duty Officer. They will let you know the name of the Link Up Volunteer who will be calling you to arrange an appropriate time to visit.

Felmersham & Radwell Brownies  - Pat Keeble
This year Brownies all over the country are celebrating 90 years since formation. The local pack will be joining other packs in Ouse Meadows District in a Barbecue and Sing Song evening in June.

Recently we have achieved the Surprise Yourself Challenge by planting a tree within the village confines and getting mentioned on the B.B.C. Look East weather map for a Thinking Day greeting to all Brownies in East Anglia.

Last term all Brownies earned their Toy Makers badge by making an Owl Puppet, a Mobile made from things that you would throw away and a soft toy Whale.

We are planning to get together in September with other Brownies from the District for a Circus Workshop.

The unit is thriving and up to full capacity with a small waiting list, as we now take girls from Carlton & Harrold due to their units closing.

As you can see we are a very busy unit and are always looking for adults to help with running the pack. Anyone who would like to bring a new skill to teach for an interest badge or test a badge, or maybe join us during one our pack meetings should ring me on 782134.

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