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Boxing Day Walk
Boxing Day walkers crossing the weir at Sharnbrook Mill.
Photo: Keith Rose  30/12/05
Richard Smith and Joanne Parkinson
On Saturday 3 December 2005 Richard Smith of Felmersham married Joanne Parkinson from Derbyshire. The candle lit service at St Mary's church Felmersham was conducted by the Rev David Mason. A reception was held afterwards at Woodlands Manor for the 70 guests. Photo: Roger Day
Mobile Library - New Times  

In future the mobile library will visit Felmersham and Radwell every other Thursday. For the actual dates telephone the Library Link Service (01234) 305383
Felmersham: opposite The Sun  
13:50 to 14:10
Radwell: The Green
14:20 to 14:30

Peter Maddox
After a recent history of heart attacks Peter, who lived in Macclesfield, died of a heart attack while bell  ringing. He will be remembered for his appearances on the stage with Pinchmill Players Theatre and for his bell ringing at Felmersham St Marys. 22/11/05

BRCC "Your Voice" Website is a website run by Bedfordshire Rural Community Charity with the aim of supporting public participation in the local community. It is hoped that the new website will encourage a greater interest in local affairs and provide a more effective way of linking individuals with their communities. Online comments about your community are encouraged.
Comments about Felmersham and Radwell can also be posted at and

Parish Council Object to Podington Windfarm Proposal

At a meeting of the Parish Council on the 1 November councillors were unanimous in their objection to the proposed Windfarm at Podington. They will be writing to the Planning Department outlining their objections.
During parishioners question time a meaningful discussion took place. There appeared to be conflict between the the BCC plan to make the Ouse Valley a protected area and the proposed Windfarm schemes at Podington and Harrold.


 Podington Windfarm Planning Application

Nuon Renewables have now formally applied to Bedford Borough Council for planning permission to erect nine 400ft turbines for their proposed wind farm at Airfield Farm.
Members of the public have until November 21 to lodge an objection to the Airfield Farm development.
Parishioners are urged to write to Mr Bailey at the Planning Department to object to the proposals. Now is the time to act and not wait until they are built and regret that you did nothing! 24/10/05

Bell Ringing at St Mary's
The monthly meeting of the Bedford District ringers will be held at Felmersham on Saturday 5 November, between 3.00 and 4.30 pm. 19/10/05

Notes taken at the Parish Council meeting - 11 October 2005
The new Radwell bus shelter has been ordered and it will be installed north of the Swan. Vandals were seen trying to set fire to the ceiling of the Felmersham Bus Shelter. The police were called but failed to apprehend the culprits. It is believed that one of the two youths had an Alsatian dog. 
The proposal to install additional Christmas lights this year appears to have hit the buffers! The play area at Radwell is still a possibility with the landowner offering alternative sites. There was no objection to the proposed demolition of a bungalow in Memorial Lane.
Strategy for Bedfordshire - Commenting on the draft document, Cllr Hartop was disappointed to note that there was no mention of the Bedford bypass link between the A6 (Sainsbury's roundabout) and the A428. He also suggested that the Ouse valley should be designated a preservation area.
Several Councillors were against a planned all weather access path running thro' the churchyard from the Lych gate to the entrance of the parish burial ground. The original proposal of gated access from Church End
to the burial ground, financed by FRCT, was voted out by the Council a few months ago. The council agreed to the planned path being extended within the burial ground. Updated 15/10/05

"Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning"

Village Hall Coffee Morning for Macmillan cancer relief raised £349.06 plus £17.16 from the Gift Aid declarations. Thank you to everyone who attended, gave donations and helped out on the day. Margaret Coomber on behalf of the committee.
Updated 13/10/05

Windfarm: New Pictures and More Turbines
The webmaster visited March, Cambridgeshire to see the newly installed Long Hill wind turbine. At 110 metres high it is 15 metres shorter than the proposed wind turbines at Podington. There is also a proposal to install 16 122 metre wind turbines at Nun Wood between Harrold and Bozeat. 29/9/05

Rev Gerry Sidebottom - An Obituary

The Rev Sidebottom passed away on Saturday 3 September 2005 fourteen days after celebrating his fiftieth wedding anniversary with his wife Hazel and their 3 children. Gerry was vicar of Felmersham from 1960 to 1982. 7/9/05

Felise (Phil) Helen Kingerlee- An Obituary

Phil Kingerlee passed away at her home in Marriotts Close on 14 September 2005, aged 81 years. 17/9/05

Mayor's Visit
Mr Frank Branston, the Borough Council Mayor, attended the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 6 September for a short public meeting. He supported the idea of a Unitary Council and believed that the Borough Council would be an ideal choice for this role. It was one of the few authorities that balanced their budgets.
Bedford Borough Benefits Office was very efficient with a very low level of fraud where as neighboroughing Northants were the reverse. He was in favour of local authority trading and would consider running the Northants Benefits Office to the mutual benefit of both councils. His talk was followed by a question and answer session. There were 6 members of the public, 2 Councillors and 7 Parish Councillors at the meeting. 8/9/05
Long Hill 2MW Wind Turbine at March, Cambridgeshire

Chellington Centre Opens
St Nicholas' Church, Chellington enters a new phase as a Residential and Conference Centre. It is now available for use by youth, voluntary and community organisations, schools, clubs and societies. The photograph shows the new Ibbett Room with views over the North Bedfordshire countryside. The project cost £1.3m mostly raised through the generosity of Trust Funds. 9/9/05
Gerry and Hazel Sidebottom's Golden Wedding Anniversary
Gerry and Hazel were married in Derry Cathedral in 1955

Hazel and Gerry Sidebottom celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary at a special Service of Thanksgiving held at St Mary's church, Felmersham on Saturday 20 August 2005. A reception was held afterwards in Pinchmill Hall.
Gerry was vicar of the Parish of Felmersham and Bletsoe from 1960 to 1982, during which time their ministry was friendly, sociable and welcoming. Upon retirement from Felmersham, Gerry continued his ministry at St Paul's Church, Bedford from where a coach load of well wishers attend the service and reception. 20/8/05

Pre-School Official Opening
Pinchmill Pre-School celebrated its 30 year anniversary by opening a new purpose built school and play area. The photo shows Sally Carr opening the new premises named in memory of Fleur Tobutt. Sally was the first playleader when the Group started in 1975.
The project was funded by the local community (£13,729), Felmersham and Radwell Community Trust (£10K), Bedford Charity (£5K), Lottery (£5K), Garfield Weston Foundation (£5K) and the Co-op (1K). Also shown in the picture is Christine Callaghan, the current playleader, who played a significant role in the project. In her speech, Christine thanked all those who had helped and made special mention of Jeremy Carr, Martin Blizard and Don Stevenson. 12/05/05

Radwell Bus Shelter

There appears to be a consensus in favour of not erecting the new Radwell bus shelter on the village green. the site of the old shelter. As a consequence the Parish Council is to explore the possibility of erecting the shelter to the north of the Swan public house. 6/7/05

Car Stolen

On the night of Monday 4 July 2005 a car was stolen from Felmersham Road, Radwell and another was broken into on a previous occasion. 6/7/05

Garden in the Gutter
Nature is reclaiming the gutters of Marriotts Close and many of us will see this as a failure by the local council to properly maintain our roads and paths. However botanist and photographer Laurie Jones sees it as an opportunity to identify and photograph the diversity of wild flowers and grasses in the gutters. Laurie has photographed and identified 38 different wild plants in the gutters of Marriotts Close.
Garden in the Gutter.

Within 24 hours of publishing "Garden in the Gutter" two council workers were busy spraying weeds in the parish. Surely just a coincidence! Photo: Myosotis arvensis, Field forget-me-not.
Garden in the Gutter  

Annual Parish Church Meeting
At the annual vestry meeting Sally Carr and Paul Keeble were re-elected churchwardens.
At the AGM the vicar, the Rev David Mason, reported that the numbers attending Sunday worship have maintained the gentle increase of previous years. He thanked all those who contributed to the services and the maintenance of the building. He was grateful for the continuing support of the Rev Vicky Raymer. The revised Family Service had been running for some time and he would welcome any feedback. "I thank you all for your continuing support and encouragement, I enjoy my time with you, and value your fellowship and prayers. There are changes and challenges ahead, but I believe that if we all work and pray together we will cope with them well. New challenges bring new solutions, and also new opportunities. So let us look forward to the future of the Parish with confidence and faith."
Full text of report. 19/4/05 

Local MP Opens School Extension

Alistair Burt, the local MP, is shown opening the new library, art-room, ICT room and the extended classrooms at Pinchmill Lower School.
During the opening ceremony the school children entertained the invited guests with an exert from the Water Babies. 14/05/05

Felmersham Book Reviewed
Ken Shrimpton's book on the history of Felmersham and Radwell has been selected for a full page review in the national Journal of the British Association for Local History. The book was favourably reviewed by Robin Stanes who stated that although it was written primarily for local people it "merits academic attention". He says that if he were an inhabitant of the village or the area he would want to own the book and use it well. 24/2/05
Details on how to buy a copy of the book.

Winter News from David and Rita Hope
Many will remember Dave and Rita Hope from Radwell. They now live in Oregon, near Portland, USA. 20/2/05
Click here for news update 

Appointment of the Rev Robert Evens

The Rev Robert A. Evens has been appointed Priest-in-Charge of Sharnbrook and Knotting with Souldrop. Within the next 2 years or so Felmersham will join the group of parishes to form the new joint benefice of Sharnbrook with Felmersham, Souldrop and Knotting. At which point the Rev Evens will be appointed vicar of the joint benefice. Meanwhile Rev David Mason will continue in his role as Priest-in-Charge of Felmersham. 8/2/05

Janet Launches Website

Janet Cook of Felmersham has launched a new website. Janet is a textile artist living and working in the North Bedfordshire countryside. She started making quilts in 1988, after being captivated by Mennonite quilts in Canada. Traditional techniques gave her ideas for experimentation and this led to her devising her own methods which enabled her to express ideas, concerns and emotions in her own particular way.

Above: Opus Sectile II - A collage of designs based on the
700 year old Great Pavement in Westminster Abbey, London

Footpaths to Fitness

Footpaths to Fitness is one of two walks leaflets recently produced by David Cardy. It aims to make exercise more enjoyable by identifying ten walks within the parish. Each walk is given a name together with the distance and time taken to complete the walk. David has also indicated those walks which should be safe from traffic at night, so that exercise can be maintained on shorter winter evenings, and also those routes suitable for running or jogging.
Village Loops, Hardwick Hike, Radwell Run and Felmersham Triangle are just a few of the names given to the walks.

Footpaths and Photographs gives details of the rights of way in and around Felmersham and Radwell together with photographs showing points of local interest.
Currently the walks are only available from To download a copy go to Walks Leaflet - Downloads.  10/04/05

Radwell Bus Shelter Hit

Radwell bus shelter has been hit by a vehicle causing the top half to slew 2 inches.
The repair work may involve most of the shelter being dismantled or even replaced.


New Organ Blower Unit for St Mary's

More on the Church Organ...
Robert Shaftoe of Pavenham is shown fitting a new organ blower unit to St Mary's church organ. In the recent past there have been several occasions when Pam fforde, the church organist, has struggled with a blower that was unable to supply adequate air pressure.
The installation of a new blower is the first phase in the planned restoration of the complete organ.
The blower case was made by Robert who besides being an organ repairer is also a cabinet maker.
The old electric blower was installed in 1936, previous to which it was pumped by hand. 30/3/05

Parish Graffiti
The Parish Council is concerned about the graffiti and damage to the bus shelters especially since they have recently been redecorated. Please can parents advise their children against participating in this antisocial behaviour. The Parish Council does not wish to know that "*** is Gay"!

Report on Annual Parish Council Meeting - March 2005

Recycle bags - bag renewal is not automatic. The Highways Dept. has cut back brambles, etc. to the road boundaries outside the speed limits. Flood signs indicate flooding months after the event, unsuspecting motorists are unnecessarily directed to take extensive diversions. Christmas lights were paid for by the WI (£150) and private donations. A crash barrier has been erected on a corner along Carlton road to prevent vehicles crashing into a 20ft drop.
Council annual expenditure approx £8000, income £9278. Vital Village Parish Plan questionnaire will be available in April. P3 reported otters at Harrold and they now have 13 members. Reports were also given by the school and village hall committee, these will be published later on
Parishioner questions: David Cardy tabled a number of issues together with photos and asked the Parish Council to take action. He deplored the state of the footpath connecting the three bungalows in the High Road with Grange Road. He says that it is now impassable forcing elderly people to walk on the road when posting letters etc.
A complaint to the Standards Board for England was made against a member of Felmersham Parish Council. After investigation the Ethical Standards Officer found that no action was necessary.   3/3/05

Felmersham Radwell Community Trust - Progress Report

Details of the origin, establishment and objectives of this Trust are given in the Community Trust page, and this note is to advise of progress to date.
Grant payments from the Trust have been agreed, or made, to Pinchmill Pre-School, for completion of their new purpose-built accommodation to be opened this month, and to the Parochial Church Council for essential tree-lopping in the churchyard area; also for helping to pay for an audio-loop system in the church.
Other projects falling within the Trust's objectives are under discussion, and a fresh report will follow when there is more to tell about them. - Jeff Stokley, January 2005

Christingle at St Mary's

Children taking part in the Christingle service at St Mary's on Christmas Eve. 24/12/04

P3 - Working for You

Peter Hartop with Marigold and John Sykes, members of Felmersham P3 group, who with other members set out on Sunday 27 November to staple chicken wire onto the steps of parish styles. The intention is to reduce the likelihood of walkers slipping when climbing the style. Two years ago a walker in the parish slipped whilst climbing a style and seriously cut her leg.
The style is typical of the many well maintained and marked styles in the parish. 29/11/05  More on P3

Cantamus Concert

The Cantamus concert held in St Mary's Church on 10 December 2005 raised £200 for the church organ fund.

Drawing by Tamsyn Stephenson
Felmersham & Radwell Art Club
There are quite a few painting and drawing enthusiasts in and around Felmersham and Radwell. Some come together informally and in varying groupings in great hope and expectation of improving their skills! One such gathering was on the weekend of 16th and 17th October when a very accomplished artist and teacher, Frank Halliday, led a watercolours workshop in the Village Hall. Fortunately we were blessed with splendid ‘Indian summer’ weather – so, with just a brief demo indoors from the master, we were able to go to an outdoor location on both days.
The workshop was a great success – beginners and improvers alike found that Frank drew them forward, beyond their comfort zone and into more ambitious efforts. Frank saw improvement in everyone’s work and complimented all on a good standard of work.- Pete Stephenson  24/10/05

Frank Halliday on his coaching rounds, here helping Margaret Jones, with Noel Horrell looking on and from left to right: Lesley Gani, Hazel Pearce, May Mills and Margaret Coomber, just within ear-shot of the booming Yorkshire accent. Photograph taken at Radwell by Pete Stephenson

Swansholme painted from Dropshort by Pete Stephenson

Crime Figures

Crime figures for Felmersham and Radwell May to October 2005.
Crime in Felmersham
In the six month period there have been three recorded criminal damages - two to property and one to a motor vehicle. Three recorded assaults and in each case the alleged offender and injured party were known to one another. One dwelling burglary reported (this was a domestic incident) and one fraud.

Crime in Radwell
A theft of a motor vehicle and a theft from a motor vehicle have been reported over the six month period.
Nuisance and Anti Social Behaviour
After previous contact with residents and the Parish Council Pc Rob Smith has tried to spend as much time in the area to ensure that local and visiting youths cause as little disruption to the residents as possible. Three reports of nuisance youths have been recorded in the Felmersham area. Two of these relate to the bus shelter and one to the grounds of Pinchmill Lower School. In each case an officer was sent but no youths were found.

A vehicle was stopped in Bedford and with the assistance of information received from a resident of Felmersham the vehicle and occupants searched and subsequently arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply. As yet, there is no outcome. Residents should remain vigilant and report any suspicious vehicles or persons to the Police.
There are reports of vehicles causing an obstruction in Grange Road near the junction with The High Road.
Our Beat Manager is Pc Rob Smith Tel 01234 275175

New Felmersham and Radwell Discussion Group Launched
Clive Just writes -
Many people are oblivious of the proposal to build a wind farm close to Santa Pod. There was public meeting held in Podington and the response was fairly positive - further details can be found on There is also a strong opposition group who can be found at published an item to stimulate debate however there is now another forum to air your views - I have started a discussion group on Yahoo. To subscribe visit or send an email to Everyone is welcome, in fact encouraged, to join.
In the Files section there are two files containing photo-montages which should give an indication of how the farm would look from two different locations.
However this group is not just for the wind farm - that was the trigger to start it.- it is there to discuss any other aspect of village life. Do join the group, email your opinions or comments. 1/9/05

Thunder Storm Hits Felmersham
On the evening of 31 August 2005 an electrical storm hit North Bedfordshire. The photograph shows lightening striking just beyond Felmersham Church.
End of an Era. Felmersham Cricket Club circa 1900 - 2005

Felmersham Cricket Club team played their last match, against Pavenham CC on Sunday 18 September 2005, before merging with them to form a new club. Various names have been suggested for the new club including Crowlands Cricket Club.
In the early 1900s they were known as the The Toff Team and they played in the meadow on the Sharnbrook side of the river. On occasions they were umpired by Squire Green. 1/10/05

New Playing Field and Hall Car Park
A feasibility study is being carried out by Sport for England and other interested bodies. 6/7/05
Celebrating Ten Years in the Ministry

On Sunday 10 July 2005 the Rev David G Mason celebrated his tenth year in holy orders. Before coming to the ministry David practiced as a dentist in Bedford and was a dental consultant at Bedford and other hospitals. After ordination he served at Biddenham and for the past seven years as a non-stipendiary priest at Felmersham. A special service was held at St Mary's followed by refreshments. David's wife, Ann, also takes an active role in the church at St Andrews in Bedford.

Following the recent reorganisation of the parish with Sharnbrook Souldrop and Knotting, David will be appointed team vicar with responsibility for Felmersham. 11/7/05
On Sunday 10 July the bells were rung for David's 10-year Anniversary Service in the morning and also at 5 pm for the National Ringing to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the end of World War II. 13/7/05

Village Hall Improvements
Pinchmill Village Hall Committee has recently installed a new toilet for the disabled. It also plans, over the next few months, to completely refurbish the committee room. The work includes replacing the ceiling and lighting, making changes to the kitchen/bar area and redecorating.

Local Clergy Reorganisation  
On Tuesday 14 June 2005 the Rev Robert A. Evens was appointed Priest-in-Charge of Sharnbrook and Felmersham and Knotting with Souldrop. Within the next 2 years Robert will be appoint Rector of a newly created joint benefice of Sharnbrook and Felmersham and Knotting with Souldrop.

Meanwhile the Rev David Mason will continue to have special responsibility for Felmersham.

On Sunday 19 June the Rev Evens (pictured on the left) conducted his first service at Felmersham.

Parish Council Meeting Report - May 2005
The Parish Council meeting was attended by our Community Police Officer, Rob Smith following several incidents of vandalism and yobbish behaviour. Residents were urged to report all future incidents to the police.
The Chairman, David Cook and Vice Chairman, Mike Thomas were re-elected for another year but both stated they would not seek re-election.
The damaged Radwell bus shelter is beyond economic repair and will be demolished. Suitable alternative structures will be sought which will be more in keeping with the surroundings.
The County Council have refused permission to erect direction signs to the Village Hall.
A meeting with the Borough Planning Officer regarding the potential new recreation field in return for the erection of 2 dwellings had been encouraging. However, the planners wished to have evidence that the parishioners were in favour of the proposal (the Parish Plan Questionnaire will specifically address this point). Sport England are also advising on requirements.
The Parish Plan Steering Committee reported that the Questionnaire was with the printers and will be distributed to all households in the parish shortly. - Peter Hartop 11/5/05

More on the Red Kite

It has been seen soaring over the former cricket field.

Eco School
Pinchmill School is always keen to develop links with the community and to this end has registered with the Eco Schools scheme. The aim of this is not only to make children aware of their environment but also to take active steps to improve the surroundings of the school and take care of the locality in which they live. The first task that they have undertaken is to clear the path from Memorial Lane from weeds and litter and plant flower bulbs around the school. The school hopes to be awarded the Eco Schools Green Flag at the end of the year but to do this will have to provide evidence that they are aware of their surroundings and treat them responsibly. Joan White, Chair of Governors. 23/3/05

Annual Litter Pick
Maggie Spoor writes: We had a good turn out of people and as well as the usual collection of old tyres, car batteries, TVs, etc., well over 60 bags of rubbish were collected in and around the two villages. Thanks to everyone who took part for working so hard - particularly the youngsters from Radwell - Matilda Boswell; Zara, Oliver and George Matthew-Bennett; Simon, Rachael, Stephen and Rhea Pearce-Roberts and Charlotte Facey. (I hope I've got all these names right!)

Red Kite Seen In Parish
Four stalwart Felmersham golfers braving a cutting northerly breeze on the 11th green at Pavenham Park Golf Course were given a rare treat at around 11am on Tuesday 08 March. A large raptor soaring effortlessly from the direction of Felmersham came to see us, having established

we were not worth scavenging and having satisfied its curiosity, glided away back towards Felmersham Hardwick. The raptor was the unmistakeable Red Kite, a first sighting in these parts for the four of us, although last year we saw many in the Chilterns around Wallingford and in the Rockingham Forest area. Anybody else seen this magnificent bird over the skies of Felmersham? Text and photo by Peter Hartop 8/3/05

Brownies Ninetieth Birthday

Felmersham and Radwell Brownies celebrated the 90th birthday of the UK Brownies by plating a tree on the Jubilee Lawn. The plaque was donated by Felmersham and Radwell Parish council. The Brownies raised £446.27 at their recent Tsunami Coffee Morning.
More on the Brownies   16/3/05

At the Parish Council March 2005
Cllr Pipe reported the findings of the sub committee appointed to investigate the feasibility of making a car park and playing field opposite Pinchmill Hall in return for a small housing development in the same area. There is a need for a new playing field to provide a recreation and leisure facility and car park that belongs to the parish rather than leasing the present field. The Parish Council proposes to continue supporting the planning process. The Radwell proposed playing field has been put on hold until a safety audit of the 24KV overhead cables has been carried out in May.
Cllr Pipe's proposal for two new signs to be erected at strategic points directing visitors to the school and village hall  failed to find a seconder. It was reported that the County Council has a policy of non proliferation of road signs! [This is the same council that is responsible for the excessive signage on the A6 approach to the Clapham bypass. - webmaster] Road signs are being damaged within the parish and they are expensive to repair. The problem is to be investigated.   3/3/05

Felmersham joins the National Byway Cycle Route
The National Byway (Britain's Heritage Cycle Route) is a 4,000 mile (6,436km) signposted leisure cycle route round some of Britain's most attractive and lightly-trafficked rural lanes.
It provides safe and easy to follow cycle routes which are enhanced by over 1,000 places of interest and historic merit. The Felmersham route takes the cyclist down Hunts Lane and over Felmersham bridge. More details...... 11/2/05

Quarter Peal Celebration
On Sunday 26 June a Quarter Peal was rung at St Marys to celebrate the licensing on the 14 June of Rev Robert Evens as Priest-in-Charge and Rev David Mason as Priest with Special Responsibility for Felmersham.
Ringing Details: 1260 Changes of Grandsire Triples
1 Alex Nash
2 Robert W Jones
3 Ivor Dickin
4 Colin M Payne
5 Maureen H Hall
6 Ken Wildman
7 Pat Albon (C)
8 Bob Churchill     13/7/05

Shelter Razed
Radwell Bus Shelter was hit by a lorry causing irreparable damage. The shelter has been razed and the photo shows how its removal has opened up Radwell Green. 16/6/05

Festival Weekend Success

"The Skye Boat Song".

One of the floral arrangements at the Flower Festival held in St Mary's Church using the Concert song titles as the festival theme.
The Concert was given by Hemingford Ladies Choir which was also held at St Mary's Church, Felmersham on Saturday 11th June as part of the village Festival weekend. The successful Festival events were organised by Lorraine Shrimpton and Pat Hartop.
Approximately £1200 was raised for Cancer Research UK (provisional figure).
Perch Heights garden was also open as part of the National Garden Scheme and teas were served in the Old School House by the WI. 13/6/05

Crocus Walk

On Sunday 6 March Debbie Gavin and Anne Airton celebrated Mothers Day by organising a 2½ mile Crocus Walk in aid of Breakthrough, the breast cancer charity. 60 adults and 20 children enjoyed the walk on a pleasant winter's afternoon. It is estimated that approaching £1000 will be raised in sponsorships.

Top: Start of the walk.
Right: The winner of the best dressed bra competition proudly holds his presentation shield.
Photographs by Graeme Dawson


Swan Launches New Web Site
Stewart and Louise McGregor have recently launched a new and comprehensive web site for the Swan Inn at Radwell. Menus can be download in PDF format so that customers can browse at leisure before arriving at the 300 year old stone and thatched inn. The Swan has great character, with low ceilings, wooden beams and a inglenook fireplace. Customers can dine in a really cosy and unique atmosphere.  27/2/05

Tsunami Appeal Coffee Morning
The coffee morning held on Saturday 12 February in Pinchmill Hall raised £446.27 towards the Tsunami Appeal. Pat Keeble wishes to thank all those who took part and supported the event. 12/2/05

Church Attendance Up
Average Sunday church attendance at St Mary's Church for the year 2004 was 30 people. This average figure excludes attendances at the major festivals (Christmas, Easter & Patronal).

Parish Rate Increase
The Parish Council has increased the parish rate precept for the year 2005/6 by 3.75% to £8300. A proposal by Cllr Hulatt to maintain the precept at the current level failed to find a seconder. 5/1/05

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