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November 2018 to June 2019

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                   Neighbourhood Plan - Issues and Options Consultation
On Saturday 27 October 2018 a "Drop in" session was held to engage with parishioners as part of the consultation process for the Neighbourhood Plan.
Parishioners were asked to complete a Questionnaire in October 2016 and the results have been processed into a second consultation which has been delivered to every household in the parish. It is important that this second Questionnaire (Representation Forms) is completed . It will provide the evidence needed to produce a very powerful and legal document which will be used when planning for the future of our parish until 2035. Issues and Options Consultation: Forms.   Summary

St Mary's Church, Felmersham
Floodlit for the Festive Season
This year the church is floodlit with the latest LED floodlights paid for by parishioners in response to an appeal to give funds to upgrade the floodlighting, the effect is stunning. On behalf of the parish thank you to all those who donated.

Christmas with a Twist
On 23rd December the Sunday Service was devised and taken by Mariana. It was a series of Christmas readings and songs with opening and closing prayer by Rosemary Drewery. The photo shows Mariana (centre) with her brother and sister and the two donkeys which appeared in the service.

Calves during the July Heat Wave
With the onset of winter the summer heat wave is but a distant memory. The photograph on the left was taken from the Old Road on the 26th July 2018 and the field is parched. However it is now fully recovered and has returned to its customary green (see photo on right).

Great Spotted

photographed by
Sarah Royal
in Felmersham Nature Reserve

Photograph taken from Pavenham Golf Course by Sarah Royal

Video taken in Radwell by Linda Rance

A Frosty River Ouse
photographed by
Sarah Royal

A Frosty Field
photographed by
Sarah Royal

A Giraffe
photographed in Sharnbrook
by Sarah Royal

Three Tornado Flypast
On Wednesday 20th February 2019, 3 Tornados from RAF Marham overflew former RAE Bedford at Thurleigh as part of a final farewell flight. Tornados are being withdrawn from the RAF after 40 years service.

Olney Pancake Race
The Annual Olney Pancake Race was held on Shrove Tuesday 5th March 2019. Marquees are erected on the town centre car park where freshly cooked pancakes are served. The race is followed by a well attended church service.

Messy Church
In March 2019 the children in Messy Church told the story of Noah by creating the above display board. Messy church is held after school in the Committee Room on the first Wednesday of each month. For details contact
Sue Whitehouse.

Felmersham Bridge Sunset
The sun shines through Felmersham bridge before setting. Photograph taken by Sarah Royal


Irises also known as flags on the bank of the River Ouse at Felmersham

May sunset 2019

A Colourful Representation of Creation by children at Messy Church

Spring-sown Kale benefiting from recent rain
and warm spring sunshine, May 2019

This 1915 Steam Engine manufactured by Chas. Burrell & Sons Ltd of Thetford was photographed outside the Sun Public House, Felmersham.
June 2019


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