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July 2016 to February 2017

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Fr Reuben conducted an open air service at Radwell on 24 July 2016 near to the likely site of St James' Chapel, Radwell.

Felmersham Wedding
On Saturday 30 July 2016 Julian Purser and Sarah Hollands were married at St Mary's Church, Felmersham by Fr Reuben Preston.
It was a themed wedding in the 1950's style.

St Mary's Church -
Patronal Flowers.
Blue is the colour for St Mary and the Lily is her symbolic flower.

Bringing the harvest home c1947

Bringing the harvest home 2016

Skipper Butterfly
Photographed by
Sarah Royal

Heritage Carrots
These six different varieties of carrots were grown by
James Gell who was the vegetable judge in the Autumn Show 2016

During the 69 years between 1947 and 2016 wheat yields per acre have increased from an average of 1 ton to more than 4 tons per acre.  A typical grain capacity for this size of trailer is approximately 16 tons.


Autumn Show Trophy Winners
Clockwise from top left:
Peter - Best in Show;
Alison - The Rose Bowl;
Anne and Pam - The Amy Rootham Cup;
Simon and Peter - The Show Plate.

Rodney Rolls into the parish and parks at The Sun. Residents of Felmersham were pleasantly surprised to see this steam road roller arriving in the parish.

An Autumnal Sunset
photograph by
Janet Welsh

Farewell to Churchyard Tree
A second horse chestnut in the churchyard has been felled due to safety concerns over the hollow trunk at the base of the tree. The tree was felled by Heritage Arboriculture Ltd. Replacement Hornbeam trees, planted several years ago, are already well established.

Approximately 50 people and ten children attended a Remembrance Service at the Parish War Memorial.

This oak tree along The Old Road is still clinging onto many of its leaves, even in mid December. Oak trees tend hold onto many of their leaves until winter winds clear them.

New Classrooms arrive
On Thursday 17 November 2016 four new classroom modules arrived at Pinchmill School on articulated low loaders. They were craned into position and when completed they will provide two new classrooms and toilet facilities.

Grinning and Bearing it!
This bear was put up for auction at the Village Quiz held on Saturday 26th November and raised 100 for Village Hall funds.
Top photo: Wendy making her debut as an auctioneer. Bottom photo: Grinning and bearing it!

A working party at Pinchmill School making Christingles for the 'Christingle at the Crib' service

A cluster of 6 speed signs (one is masked by a tree) have sprung up near the church, possibly due to the recent mild weather!

Frosty morning on the bank of the River Ouse.
Photograph by
Gordon Lang

Felmersham PCC has recently been looking at ways to celebrate and publicise the 800th anniversary of St Mary's Church. The Borough Council have publicised the event by painting the anniversary date on the roads in Felmersham!
With a little help from KFS

John Lewis from Felmersham appeared in a recent BBC Two programme "SAS: Rogue Warriors" to talk about his uncle, Jock Lewis, who together with David Sterling conceived and formed the first SAS Regiment during the Second World War.


The FTTC Cabinet for the high-speed fibre broadband cable from Sharnbrook Exchange to Felmersham has been installed. The existing copper cables from the the cabinet to the home will still be used.
(FTTC: Fibre to the cabinet) February 2017

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