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January 2015 to June 2015

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Building the new bridge at Templars Way, Sharnbrook

The bridge arches are in place - January 2015

View showing the old bridge abutment

Tinkers setting up camp along Carlton Road, Felmersham,
winter circa 1939

A vestry screen and activity area is being built at the west end of St Mary's Church, Felmersham.

Felmersham Jackdaws


Jackdaws congregating on the church tower, at sunrise, before setting off to spend the day feeding.

"Frosty Bridge"
Photograph by
Gordon Lang

"Frosty River"
Photograph by
Sarah Royal


Felmersham snow scene 30th January 2015


Post Office Ltd are moving the Post Office in Church Lane to a new location at Nisa Local, 26 High Street. The present Sub-Postmistress, Mrs Katie Hayes, will retire in April when the changeover is made.

Winter is the time for hedge trimming. This hedge is being cut next to the "three fields" footpath between Pavenham Road and Radwell Road.
Take a look at the
Claus Octopus.

Felmersham Lace
Two examples of Bedfordshire lace made in Felmersham plus two wooden bobbins which appear not to have been much used.

Sarah Royal photograph this heron resting in a tree in Felmersham Nature Reserve.

Flying Hot Tub!

Gypsies camping along Carlton Road 1939

A new vestry has been built and floor space created by removing 3 pews in St Mary's Church, Felmersham.

A night time film set was recently created outside Corn Close, Felmersham.
The photograph shows the film crew in action during the filming of a snowy night scene.

Partial Eclipse
This photograph of the start of the particle eclipse was taken by Angie Bessant in Pavenham Road
20 March 2015.

While everyone was star gazing at the solar eclipse, there was another rare sight in St Marys Close - a flying hot tub! The tub was being lifted from the back garden, over the house onto a waiting lorry. Caught on camera by Danny Mariner.

These two Gadwell Ducks were caught on camera by Sarah Royal at Felmersham Nature Reserve. They nest in low numbers in the UK and they are on the RSPB's Amber List of species.

This William III sixpence dated 1697 was recently found in Felmersham.

Felmersham Bus Shelter
Felmersham and Radwell Parish Council recently repainted and retiled the south facing roof of Felmersham bus shelter.

Felmersham Wedding

On Saturday 16 May 2015 at St Mary's Church, Felmersham the marriage took place between
Kathryn Templeman and Morten Rindsig.


Nick Tandy (Right)
Oliver Gavin (Centre)
 Nick Tandy with wife and daughter celebrate at The Sun

The Revd Robert and Caroline Evens were presented with a hand made garden seat by Sharnbrook church and a hand made coffee table by Felmersham church both were made in Oak by a local craftsman.

Ian Coomber writes: Felmersham can be proud that two people with close ties to the village have triumphed at this weekend's Le Mans 24 hour race. Arguably one of the most prestigious motor races in the calendar, it is a gruelling test of man and machine. The event was won overall by a Porsche 919 hybrid driven by Felmersham resident Nick Tandy, Formula 1 star Nico Hulkenberg and New Zealander Earl Bamber.
The leading class for road-based cars was won by a GM Corvette CR7 team led by Oliver Gavin (below, centre), son of Michael and Debbie. The latter victory was one of the hardest fought ever seen at Le Mans as the Corvette swapped places throughout the night with the leading Ferrari, only for the Ferrari to break in the closing stages.

Felmersham Ringers

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Beau is a Winner

Francesca Robinson's dog Beau was judged to be "Best in Show" at the Scruffs Dog Show held in Felmersham on Saturday 20 June 2015. Beau was also judged to be "The dog the judge would like to take home" and came second in its "Scruffs Class". In addition to the Dog Show there were various stalls and teas were served in the Village Hall Committee Room.

Deborah Hulatt  and Simon Slater were married at
The Mill House Hotel, Sharnbrook
on 23 May 2015.
Also in the photograph is their daughter, Alexi, the granddaughter of Geoff and Celia Hulatt.

Oliver Gavin and his family celebrate Oliver's win in the Le Mans 24 hour race. His team won the leading class for road-based cars driving a
GM Corvette CR7.


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