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A Trinity Close Garden Spider
Viewed from the underside
The Garden Spider is the UK's commonest 'orb weaver spider'. Their webs (spirals with radial threads) are built out of sticky silk.

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness....
A shaft of sunlight pierces the autumn mist at Felmersham bridge.

Autumnal mists over the Ouse Valley, Felmersham.
Fisherman can be seen arriving for a days fishing in the River Ouse.
To commemorate the centenary of the start of the First World War the Parish Council has paid for cleaning the Felmersham and Radwell War Memorial. The photograph shows Churchwarden Jane Wells presenting a cheque for 600 from the congregation of St Mary's Church, Felmersham to Rev'd Thomas Sander on Sunday 19 October 2014. Tom is leaving to become Vicar of Markyate and Flamstead.

The Sun public house in Felmersham has a new sign, it was painted by Sebastian Blore-Rimmer, a local artist, who works in the old chapel at Stevington. He runs it as an emporium where he makes jewellery and sells a variety of interesting stuff.
In this painting by T Bartlett we see 4 men fixing the weather cock on Yelden church spire. One man is sitting on a board which has been passed through two small windows in a spire. He appears to be steadying the fourth ladder which is resting on the board. Health and Safety 1896! On the 17th April 1718 William Dickens fell while pointing Keysoe church steeple. On his way down he hit the tower battlements and broke his leg and foot and, before hitting the ground, he managed to ask the Lord for mercy three times. He survived and passed away 41 years later in 1759 at the age of 73. In response to concerns over speeding in Radwell, the Parish Council has successfully applied for a 20mph speed limit in Moor End Road and The Green. Remembrance Sunset
" the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them."
The sun sets behind Felmersham church on 7th November 2014
Remembrance Sunday
This commemorative display records the names of ancestors or loved ones who have served in the armed services, and in some cases, it gives military details.
Photographed in Felmersham Nature Reserve by Sarah Royal
Photographed in Felmersham Nature Reserve by Sarah Royal
Happy Christmas.
Advent candles in front of the c1425 Chancel Rood Screen.
Young Robin
by Sarah Royal
Winner of the Autumn Photographic Competition entitled "My Felmersham" or My Radwell"
Town Lott Allotments
Snow Plough
A sketch by *Sheila McCulloch of a horse drawn snow plough in Felmersham parish circa 1939.
  On Monday 29 December 2014 Nicholas Tanday and Brittany Jane McKenzie were married at St Mary's Church, Felmersham by the Rev'd Denis Vickers.


*Shelia McCulloch 1920 - 2014 was an author of children's books and lived in the parish when she drew this sketch.

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