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Felmersham school photo
c1937. taken in the old school opposite the church.

An old Taylor's mustard jar found in Felmersham churchyard compared with  a modern jar.

A painting of the
Rev David Mason
presented to him on his retirement as the parish priest for  Felmersham and Radwell

Winter sunset over
The Grange

Sharnbrook wooden frame turret clock, c1680.
On display in Felmersham church.

Winter teasels in Felmersham Nature Reserve

Reeds in the Winter Sun

These snowdrops are easing their way through the snow to tell us that "spring is on its way!"
Frosty River
by Helen Rose
This photo won first prize in the Winter photo competition
One man and his Dog
by Laurie Jones
This photo won second prize in the Winter photo competition
Frosty Berries
by Keith Rose
This photo won third prize in the Winter photo competition
Mothering Sunday at St Mary's Church. Bouquets
and traditional simnel cake before distribution to mothers
Violets along the hedge row in Baker's Lane.
Baker's Lane is the Bridle Way that links The Old Road with the "Concrete Road".

Spring Morning
Photo by Gordon Lang

Pussy Willow

A new seat in Harrold/Odell Country Park. It features otters at one end and a heron at the other.

Photographed taken after morning service, St Mary’s Church on 15 April 2012.
See right panel for details.

From left to right:
Revd Sam Denis, Revd Dr Vicky Raymer and Revd Tom Sander.
Both Tom and Sam are former students of Westcott House, Cambridge where Vicky is a Tutor.
The service also included the baptism of Isoebell Smith by the Revd Tom. 
Photograph: Adam Smith

After long periods with no rain, we had 13 consecutive days of rain causing flooding at Felmersham and Radwell

Benjamin Just and Hannah Burton were married on 5th May 2012 in St Mary Magdalene Church, Wethersfield, Essex.

A particularly severe hail storm on 15 May. The hail stones drifted against the rectory wall.

This year, in and around the parish, there are a lot of fields growing rape. This view was taken from the three fields bridleway between Radwell Road and Pavenham Road.

Peter Rose (of Felmersham) married
Catherine Seymour
on 5 May 2012 at Greyfriars House near Guildford.

The Rev Tom Sander was locked in the stocks during the Jubilee Celebrations held in the Village Hall on Saturday 2 June 2012.

Marriotts Close Jubilee Street Party held in the Village Hall. Photo of the loyal toast by Caroline Jones

Members and helpers of the Thursday Cub after their Jubilee Tea in the Committee Room. Photograph by Celia Hulatt.

Members of Felmersham and Radwell WI recently visited Kathy Brown's garden at The Manor House, Stevington.
(Photo: Hazel Pearce)

Poppy and Bee
(Photo: Gordon Lang)

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