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Poppies and wheat growing together in a field next to Felmersham Nature Reserve.
June 2011

Nature Area in Felmersham Churchyard. Ladies Bedstraw.
July 2011

Wild flowers in Baker's Lane.
July 2011

Pinchmill School on a nature walk. July 2011

22 School buses waiting at Sharnbrook Upper School.

Felmersham's Sun Pub
in full Bloom. July 2011

The Wedding of Lauren Doyle to Harry Ferdinando at
St Marys Church, Felmersham
on 16 July 2011

Anoushka Feiler win People's Choice receiving most public votes in the small garden category. She was presented by the RHS with an engraved crystal vase and a framed notice to mark the occasion.

Sun Potato Competition.
First place Eric "the mash" Barford (centre).
Second Andy Sharpe & Lesley Walker "The Spuds" (right).
Third Kevin "King Edward" Lovell (left)

Summer wild flowers
on the grass verge between Milton Ernest
and Thurleigh.

Mostly a combination of Ragwort, Common Knapweed and Wild Carrot.

The river Ouse at Pinchmill. The river is almost choked with rushes.
Photograph: Gordon Lang

The wedding of Marc Beddall and Natalie Keech on Sunday 28 August 2011
in St Marys Church

The removal of the horse
chestnut tree in the
churchyard has opened up
a new view of the church.

Congratulations to Pauline Turner who won this year's Autumn Show Plate with 7 first prizes and one third.

Water tanks in the allotments designed to catch and store water.
Photograph: Laurie Jones

A Back to Church Sunday service was held on 25 Sept 2011 preceded by a continental breakfast and followed by coffee at the Sun.

Commencing in October the north facing section of the churchyard wall is to be repaired. The area has already been cleared of vegetation and levelled

Bell Ringing
If you are interested in becoming a bell ringer please contact Revd Tom Sander 781 773 or turn up to a practice night on Wednesdays 7.30 - 9 pm.

Spider waiting for
its next meal!
Photograph: Gordon Lang

Graham Mayo and Christopher Ingles are shown repairing the dry stone wall in St Mary's churchyard. They are based in the Cotswold.

Part of the restored Felmersham churchyard wall

Kathryn Margaret Spoor married
Andrew Stuart Moss
on Saturday 5th November

Felmersham Grange prior to conversion into two dwellings in the late 1960's

On Monday morning 28 November parishioners witnessed the first deep white frost of the winter. Photograph: Gordon Lang

On Monday morning 28 November parishioners witnessed the first deep white frost of the winter. Photograph: Gordon Lang

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