Radwell Gravel Pits viewed from Moor End, Radwell

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October 2008 - felmersham.net Online for 10 years

Gold finches and a Green finch feeding in Di and Pete's garden Laneast. Nov 08

We will remember them...
Nov 08

The colours of autumn
Nov 08

The end of an era -
the Swan at Radwell is for sale. Nov 08

St Marys Church
Angels on the medieval screen.
circa 1440 Nov 08

Sun Public House, Felmersham
The restaurant is now open.
Nov. 08

Christmas Candles
St Marys Church, Felmersham.
Dec. 08

The Carol Service on Sunday 14 December was very well attended. Mince Pies and a glass of port wine were served after the service. Dec 08


Christmas lights
in Trinity Close.
Dec 08

28 walkers and two children took part in the annual P3 Boxing Day Walk, shown here walking across Pavenham golf course. Dec 08

Six Ringers Beer Mat.
John and Betty Powers were licensees of The Six Ringers in the early to mid-1960s. Betty Powers raced cars at Brooklands

Frozen River Ouse.
Felmersham 1991.
Inset freeing an ice flow in 1926
Main photo: Gordon Lang Jan 09

Emma Mills married Steve Bullen on 3 January 2009. With Emma and Steve are the bride's parents May and Laurie Mills. Photo: May Mills

Dog Walkers in
Felmersham Nature Reserve.
Lt to Rt: Roy Payne, John Longstaff and Louise Lang. Photo Gordon Lang. Jan 09

Snow scene
Felmersham Church.
Feb 09. Photo: Paula Turvey

Winter sun rise over
Felmersham church. Jan 09

P3 Group walking to Pavenham for Brunch.
Photo Carol Stork. 8 Feb

P3 Group at Pavenham & Felmersham C. C. Brunch.
Photo Carol Stork. 8 Feb.

The Just family enjoying
the snow.
Photo Clive Just

Felmersham Memorial.
5 Feb

Church End. 5 Feb

First Light. 5 Feb

Felmersham Churchyard.
5 Feb

Snow Cottage! 5 Feb

The High Road. 5 Feb

Ducks and geese in Campbell Park, Central Milton Keynes

New Houses - New Vista
Dwellings built in Memorial Lane, Felmersham. Feb 09

Snowdrops in
Felmersham Churchyard. Mar 09

Ouse Reflection by Gordon Lang
Mar 09

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