Capital on the Nave arcading
showing evidence of previous painting

St Mary's Church
Felmersham, Bedfordshire
Wall Paintings

More details on Felmersham Wall Paintings are published in
Felmersham - The History of a Riverside Parish


Part of a Doom painting in Felmersham church
showing the weighing of souls

During medieval times the interior walls, arches and columns of our churches were brightly painted with pictures of saints, biblical illustrations, decorative schemes, patterns and warnings against sin. The illustrations were not primarily a decorative feature, but a pictorial method of getting the bible message across to a largely illiterate population. They were the medieval equivalent of the modern visual aid or cartoon strip.

Many of the figures were crudely drawn and their message was stark - live a sin free life otherwise you will be eternally damned. This message of Doom was normally painted on the wall above the chancel arch.....

Extract and photos taken from
Felmersham - The History of a Riverside Parish

Above: A C19 sketch of a wall painting in the north transept
           (By kind permission of the Cecil Higgins Art Gallery)
Below: A detail from the actual wall painting


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