Church Banner
St Mary and Jesus

Small Piscina
in Memorial Chapel

Lectern - 1950
Designed by
Prof. Albert Richardson

St Mary's Church
Felmersham, Bedfordshire
Church Furnishings

Further details on church furnishings are published in
Felmersham - The History of a Riverside Parish

Victorian Pulpit, 1895

The old wooden pulpit was replaced in 1895 by the above stone pulpit standing on seven columns of polished Aberdeen granite. Designed by Mr Highton, the Bedford architect who designed St Mary's Church, Cardington.

Folding Oak Bier
Purchased by the churchwardens in 1893

Parish Chest, 1628

Nave Altar
In memory of Margaret Alleway 1926 - 2002
A generous benefactor to this parish

Font, possible date, 1220/1240

The top of the font was raised with a course of stone and the blind tracery added in 1895. Wooden Cover - restored by Fred Turner

Early English Double Piscina
A relatively rare example


Sanctuary Handle or Sanctuary Ring

Fixed to the South Door. Used in early times by fugitives to claim sanctuary.



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