St Mary's Church
Felmersham, Bedfordshire
Photo Archive
Revd Lionel taking a communion service in a barn at Radwell on the Feast St James, July 2019.

There is some evidence to suggest that the barn is built on the site of the former church of St James, Radwell.  

Parish Communion - Revd Reuben Preston

Parish Communion - Revd Reuben Preston

Baptism of Lucan by Revd Reuben

Baptism Service - Revd Reuben

Wedding - Arrival of the bride

Wedding - The bridal party

In July an open air communion service is held in Radwell near to the likely site of St James' chapel.

Revd Reuben reads the notices at the open air service in Radwell

The main altar is used for the Patronal Festival.
Revd Reuben assisted by the Revd Dr Vicky Raymer.

The Patronal Festival procession around the
Church of St Mary

Christian Fellowship - Coffee is served after morning service.

The Christmas Crib Service

The Christmas Christingle Service

Children play-act Jonah and the Whale

In 2017 the open air service took place in a barn, considered to be the site of St James' Church, Radwell. The service is held annually at Radwell on the Feast of St James.

The baptismal candle is handed to the baptised child after her baptism during the Easter Eucharist Service 2018.

Revd Reuben blessing Felmersham Bridge as part of the
celebrations to commemorate the building of the bridge
200 years ago. 1818 - 2018.
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Page last updated: 22 November 2019