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This page takes a closer look at one or two landscape photos published in Ken Shrimpton's book  "Bygone Felmersham and Radwell". It magnifies the images with some surprising results!


Both images are taken from Figure 1.12

The top view is of Grange Road with Cartref on the left and the Sun Inn on the right. Next to Cartref is the The Old Bakery which in 1934 was also a shop. The board above the obscured door advertises the shop and the shop window is on the right. Next is the bakery with attached outbuildings.
The building behind the bakery has been replaced with Cassiobury (in Pavenham Road) and next to this is Bank Top. The thatched building attached to Bank Top no longer exists. Gladstones is hidden by the Sun Inn.
In the background, centre left are The Slip cottages now known as Magpie and Lilliput. Centre right is the (extended) The Cottage and the two Harrowdene Farm Cottages

The three thatched cottages shown above were eventually made into one cottage and then converted into a bungalow, by Bert Hulatt. It has in recent years been known as Snowdonia; 7 The High Road and currently Stone Cottage. Behind Stone Cottage are Primrose and Victoria Cottages and The Row.

The Post Office c1934.
See Figure 1.47
The Row with lavatories at the rear? The building on the left is the Post Office, mid 1950s.
See Figure 1.08

See Figure 1.06. An enlarged view of The Old Road and Church End looking West, mid 1950s

Bygone Felmersham and Radwell
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