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Felmersham & Radwell Neighbourhood Plan Referendum
Please Read
Felmersham and Radwell residents can vote on the Neighbourhood Development Plan on Thursday 23 June 2022 at the Village Hall, The Old Road, Felmersham, MK43 7JD
The intention of this paper is to explain the potential outcomes in the event of either a majority in favour or a majority against the Felmersham & Radwell Neighbourhood Development Plan.
The Felmersham & Radwell Neighbourhood Development Plan has been prepared over 4 years by a group of local volunteers and Parish Councillors. The plan is based on consultations with the residents of the villages and took into account various planning factors. This means the two areas proposed for small scale development received support in the consultation exercises held with local residents. The Plan was written by residents from the local community who know the area, rather than the Local Authority (Bedford Borough Council).
In the absence of an adopted Neighbourhood Development Plan the responsibility for all planning related matters in the village would be retained by Bedford Borough Council and the usual consultation processes. There would be no Neighbourhood Development Plan policies to take into account, for example, to guide development, design features and the provision of open space.
Neighbourhood Plan adopted at Referendum:
In the event of there being a majority of residents in favour of the Neighbourhood Development Plan, it would be adopted by Bedford Borough Council. This would mean:
  • Bedford Borough Council must have regard to it and add it to their policies (i.e., new homes would be built where the majority of residents agreed in response to the consultations).
  • Small scale growth can bring many benefits; it can complement and add to the existing stock, broaden choice and it may also help maintain existing services and may even support the introduction of new infrastructure, facilities and services.
  • New development would enable new amenities and new areas of open space to be provided as set out in the Neighbourhood Development Plan.
  • Felmersham & Radwell Parish Council would receive 25% of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) contributions that developers would be required to pay to Bedford Borough Council as opposed to 15% if the plan is not adopted. This is money paid directly to Felmersham & Radwell Parish Council for use on amenities and infrastructure in our village.
Neighbourhood Plan unadopted at Referendum:
If the majority of residents vote against the Neighbourhood Development Plan, it would not be adopted by Bedford Borough Council. This would mean:
  • Felmersham & Radwell Parish Council and its residents would have no influence over the level of new housing in the period to 2030 and the design of the houses.
  • Current proposals for new amenities and public open space could be changed.
  • Contributions from developers direct to Felmersham & Radwell will be limited if planning approvals are given by Bedford Borough Council i.e., 15% not 25% of the CIL Levy, thus more money will go to Bedford Borough Council rather than come to Felmersham & Radwell Parish Council to be spent in the community.
Please use your vote on Thursday 23 June 2022 to give your opinion on future development in the Parish Council area.

Important Public Notice re St Mary's Church

An application has been made to the Diocese for the following changes:

Pew removal and floor reinstatement in stone at east end of the nave and removal of one pew at south west end with floor reinstatement in stone. Pews to be remade for movability. In addition, a box seat in the south west corner of the church for social purposes and storage.

The changes are marked in red in the plan (the top of the plan is facing West)

Plan of pew rearrangement

Full details are on display in the Church and the two documents are also available to view: the Public Notice and the (50+ page) Schedule of Documents. A view photographs of the church have been omitted from this version to improve online viewing . Any comments need to be submitted by Friday 24th June 2022.

Auction of Promises

The Auction of Promises held at The Sun on Saturday 14th May raised over £1160.00 for the Felmersham and Radwell Village Hall. The small but enthusiastic crow dug deep into their pockets to produce this magnificent total.
Hannah Just, on behalf of the Village Hall Committee, thanks everyone who donated, placed bids and supported this event.

St Mary's Church Services

The calendar below lists just services in Felmersham and those online
A list of all services in the Benefice are in the Pew Notes

Key: (CW) = Common Worship ; (BCP) = Book of Common Prayer
[Z] = Service is in Church and also online ; [ZOOM only] = Service is only online

The current pattern of services alternates weekly between Felmersham and Sharnbrook

To access on-line services marked [Z] or [ZOOM only] in the calendar above

For Services click this link the password is 079014

Hall of Friends is a friendly online chat: with password 019892


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