Summary of Questionnaire Comments

The unattributed comments in each section of the questionnaire have been processed and the five or six most commented-on issues in each section are reported on this page.

Objective 1: Housing
Comments not yet processed.

Objective 2: Our Infrastructure
The top six areas of concern are:
1. Broadband
2. Traffic
3. Footpaths
4. Parking
5. Road Crossing
6. School Buses

1. Broadband was commented on approximately 182 times and every comment was negative regarding the speed. This issue is currently being addressed and should be improved by September 2017.

2. Traffic. After broadband the speed of through traffic in The High Road, Felmersham and Moor End, Radwell were the main issues. The speeding issue in Felmersham is being address by the Parish Council with the introduction of a 20 mph speed limit throughout the village. However with a speed limit in Moor End of 20 mph, speed was still an issue in Moor End. Some suggested average speed cameras were required and a few thought speed monitoring was the answer. Speed bumps were definitely not required. Traffic was considered to be a hazard, at the school, during school start and finishing times.

3. Footpaths
Many respondents thought the Parish needed more footpaths. Serval said there was a need for a footpath from Felmersham to Sharnbrook Upper School giving students the opportunity to walk to school and provide parishioners with a safe means of walking to Sharnbrook. Whilst others thought a footpath from Radwell to Milton Ernest would be beneficial. Within in the parish footpaths were proposed in Moor End, Pavenham Road and the High Road from the junction of Grange Road to Memorial Lane. Pedestrians were also at risk walking along the Old Road during school starting and finishing times.

4. Parking
This was an issue in Pavenham Road, the School and Village Hall, Church End, The Sun and on the path at the junction of Grange Road and The High Road.

5. Road Crossing
Crossing The High Road near the bus shelter, especially at peak periods, was seen as a major safety problem for both children and adults. Several suggest a pedestrian crossing. Speeding traffic did not help in this regard.

6. School Busses
School busses and lorries are a risk to motorists and pedestrians at peak periods. They travel too fast.

Objective 3: Environment and Heritage
Comments not yet processed.

Objective 4: Recreational, sporting and community facilities
It was interesting that there were very few comments added to this section of the questionnaire. Strong support was given to all of the community facilities listed, with all being used occasionally by residents. Having said that, the mobile library was only used by a few but on a regular basis, and to a lesser extent the community bus service (The Villager).

People enjoy living in the Parish, feeling part of the community and enjoying the rural atmosphere and the ease of access to the countryside.

As far as issues are concerned, it is a case of carrying out a follow up questionnaire to areas raised by a minority through the comments made in order to gauge support for such initiatives.

Issues for further investigation of support:

Facilities for children and youth of the Parish

Additional community groups, such as garden/allotment club, conservation of wildlife and other societies such as a drama group

A playing field for adults for activities such as cricket and football

A Community building for meetings etc in Radwell

A community shop

Objective 5: Business and Employment
It was interesting to find out how many people work from home or operate a business from Felmersham and Radwell. The response was excellent from residents and brought to light how many people depend on key services, such as broadband. Residents feedback regarding broadband and its inadequate performance was overwhelming.

The villages of Felmersham and Radwell are attractive because of the rural aspects. However, because of the good train links to London this attracts commuters to the villages.
The villages have a good selection of Trades and Services that cover lots of different capabilities.
The main employment groups in the village are:
Building & Maintenance Services i.e. Electrician/Plumber etc.
Animal Care
Public House
Home Office

The questionnaire results clearly stated that going forward the majority of residents believed that the future employment opportunity would come from Leisure & Tourism.
The residents also responded positively to the new Leisure proposals; however, they do not want this venture to impact on the peace and quiet that they enjoy. But recognise that jobs created would potentially be beneficial.
In addition, the need for a Shop and Community Hub got a very positive response and The Sun pub was highly regarded as our top community asset and village employer.

Issues to address in the future:
Broadband - Fibre is coming but required urgently
Leisure proposal
Community Hub for meetings, networking etc.

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