Events Diary and Calendar
Go to
and use the Calendar on Felmersham Forum Group

There can be nothing more upsetting to any organisation than to find that their event is double booked with another event in the parish. So what can we do about it? If, before organising an event, we all made use of the Felmersham Forum Group Calendar we could hopefully avoid double booking of dates.

How to access Felmersham Forum Group:
Click onto If you are a member then sign in, if your are not a member, then join the Group. On the left side of the Home Page there is a Menu headed “Home” at the bottom of the list of choices is “Calendar”. Click onto this and publish your event in the Calendar

Like all new technologies the Calendar comes with bells and whistles, so if you wish, you can programme it to automatically email details of the event to members of the Group on a day of your choosing! So why don't we all give it a try and avoid double booking of events?

You can also access the Felmersham Forum Group through The menu at the top of this page has a “Groups” entry on the right hand side.
Hover over it and select "Felmersham Forum Group" on the drop down menu.

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Revised: August 20, 2013