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Heating Oil Groups
2 Discount Schemes

Purchase your central heating oil
as part of an oil group and
save money!

By making a bulk purchase of central heating oil, normally a tanker load of 4500 litres, it is possible to make savings on the cost of heating oil. Oil companies will give a discount if they can deliver a tanker load of oil to several addresses in the same community. The aim of the two group schemes is to take advantage of the discount.

Felmersham Heating Oil Group
  The Heating Oil Group and the Felmersham Forum Group share the same group. So membership of one automatically gives you membership of the other. To be a member of the Heating Oil Group go to: Felmersham Forum Group and follow the joining instructions.
How it currently works
  Several times during the year Danny sends an email to members of the Heating Oil Group asking if they wish to purchase oil. If you want oil then use the "Reply to Sender" link in the footer of Danny's email stating how much oil you need (500 litres minimum). Please do not use the "Reply to Group" link in the footer or the "Reply" button in your email client, if you do, then your oil request goes to the whole group. Alternatively you can use Danny's regular email address which he includes in his email.

If you need your oil tank topping up before Danny sends out his email, go to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/felmersham, sign in, and click onto "New Topic" (you must be signed in to see this link). Write "Oil Order" as the subject of your message and state how much oil you need in your message and "Send" it. Danny will pick this up and he may then start another group order.

If you have any questions or need advice then please call Clive Just on 781967.


Radwell Heating Oil Group
Radwell also has a Bulk Buying Syndicate for Heating Oil which is co-ordinated by Paul Keeble (782134) and Val Horrell (782140) but it is managed differently to the Felmersham scheme.
Currently the Group has around 20 members who join together twice or three times a year to purchase oil in bulk and therefore get a competitive price. When an order is about to be placed residents are asked whether they want a set amount oil (say 400 litres) or approximately how many litres they need for a top up. Generally 15,000 to 18,000 litres are ordered by the syndicate.
Each householder is invoiced by the supplier (usually Conquest Oil Company) and the householder pays the bill. It is reckoned that a saving of 50 a year can be obtained from the average bill by buying in bulk. New members, who live in Radwell, are welcomed and should contact either Paul or Val.
Felmersham Forum Group and the Heating Oil Group are completely independent of, and have no connection with, felmersham.net
The felmersham.net webmaster is therefore not responsible for any messages published on these two sites.

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